Sometimes Things Don’t Go as Planned

Writing on figuring it out, the good, bad and all things in between!

Well it’s been an interesting few weeks and months of self reflection, analysis and figuring a great many things out as my intentions of doing two blogs this year consistently keeping up with and track of each has gotten ahead of me. It has turned out to be quite the challenge to keep up with both. Also quite a bit of what my own life looks like has changed in the last little while- as I’ve been busy trying to figure out and figure my own self out. I’ve had to make tough decisions, some good decisions and some in between as circumstances have changed. Also my Creative Challenge has become the biggest source of inspiration these days and such I’ve dived head first into this project with a renewed excitement about creating another NEWish blog. This has meant that Insights, Interests and Inspirations hasn’t quite got the attention it deserves. At every moment I am either working on a creation, brainstorming ideas on how to work on it or learning from it, which has been great but time has been flying by and has left little free time to come up with ideas for Insights.

In the midst of doing there is also a whole lot of connecting, experiencing, living and in the process growing. Which is a whole lot of what this journey has been for me. I’ve been learning that in order to truly grow from our experiences- the ones we put out for ourselves and the ones that happen by chance- it sometimes takes some figuring out. It’s all a process of learning and growing in the end that takes some time and reflection. That’s life… apparently.

What this means for this blog:

Who knows? I am still figuring out. This has been something rolling around in my head for quite the while too. Is it the right decision to continue doing both? If not which one would I want to put more of my time into? And am I okay to worry less about one? Honestly starting this year, the Creative Challenge and blog I’ve been determined to make both work. Sometimes (or most times) the challenge of writing for both has got ahead of me and I’ve been more inclined to write for the Creative Challenge rather than try and think of insights I’d be comfortable sharing. There’s something about writing about a particular subject or experience that makes the writing easier. I’ve realized this too from past experiences.

To sum up here are my three thoughts:

  • Leave Insights, and post on a less frequent basis, taking the pressure off failing to post weekly
  • Merge Insights into the Creative Challenge, so it stays the same but with an updated focus
  • Lastly, try posting on a biweekly basis and see how that schedule goes.

At least for now this makes sense, for me at this time. Maybe later I can committee more to Insights again but for now my inspiration and curiosity is leading to further exploration in creativity. You can see what I’ve been up to there through this link: Creativity at Play Blog

Thanks for listening (and hopefully understanding), for now: Introverted Butterfly

Confessions of a Curious Mind

Signs we might be a…BOOK ADDICT!

Do you ever wonder into bookstores and/or libraries, finding yourself ogling at what lays in front of you like a kid in the candy store? Or on casual visits, where you are convinced that you are “just there to browse” find yourself at the checkout with another two or three books in your hand? Even though, deep down you know there’s a bigger stack at home, still waiting to be read!

book_guide_hero_booksIf so, you might be a book addict. Don’t worry, though, I believe or well I know I am one too. Reluctantly, I’ll admit that in the last little while I’ve gotten carried away with my book buying purchases and reading list. In fact, its happened several times while perusing the bookstores and library. It seems that us traditionalist-active-learners (or book addicts as loving family and friends may refer to us in an intervention-type manners) cannot help ourselves but be amazed at the very expansive array of information out there to be read, discovered and absorbed. For someone, who not only thoroughly enjoys the written word; is enticed by new ideas; but writes herself this can be a particularly dangerous outing for me. As I’ve developed a deep appreciation for those who have been able to pursue my craft and achieve my dream of getting published as an author. And I
suppose, that appreciation somehow made it’s then to their works the books themselves. For I am well aware of the time-consuming process that goes into crafting the perfect book or novel. Adb504395-c20f-4146-a191-f9a34eb5f69bs a writer I can appreciate the process, and as a reader the art of story telling. On that note you could consider it a sort of homage to those who walked before me or a justification for my own growing library and longing to be like them through reading. Which to justify further, by collecting these works one can choose to see it as one aspiring author-to-be supporting another.

To conclude, I’ll say that  although the library is great for and certainly more convenient at times. I am a sucker for buying my own books, as is my preference for the bookstore. My wallet may not always agree or bookshelves packed with books, but in the end there is no beating that new book smell and feel.

So, to my fellow readers, writers and book addicts: You are not alone. Read on my friends, and know there is nothing better than the smell of books at night!


Introverted Butterfly

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The Blogger’s Journey

An Message on Perspective and Staying True

Hello All,

It seems over the past little while I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting on my writing, the journey it’s taken me on and how I’m planning to continue on with it. Yeah… some deep thinking here. Anyways, I’ve come into the conclusion that as a blogger it can be tricky at times  to write what best reflects this particular blogger but also try to make it relatable to others or hope it is on some level. Perhaps others have felt this too from time to time, that as much as it can be about your experiences there are others experiences and perspectives out there to be considered. To me, this means trying to be as authentic as one can be ,in my own experiences while being aware- even though I may not write about it- that others may not experience things the same as I do or have those same experiences to relate to as easy. I suppose the best one can do is write what’s true to you, meaning writing for yourself first and others second. Acknowledging that your perspective may not be the only one out there but can hope there’s some part of it others may find helpful along the way. I also make the conscious choice to keep things as positive as possible. With so much negativity out there in the world I chose to add positivity to our collective consciousness rather than more negative/bad vibes. This is how I chose to create my impact: add good vibes out there. It doesn’t mean I’m not aware of what else is happening, I just don’t want to add to it.

Blog Logo 3 For me, there is no other way to write than what it true, and often positive or ending on a positive note. So I’m going to accept this fact.  It might not always come easily but as long as I try to understand it then I think all will be well and helpful in times of conflicting feelings. After all, this experience is as much about me as it is for you. I’m writing my own insights- whether they are relatable or not-, and experiences to help me continue to grow and be inspired. There may be times when it’s message is just a simple reminder for me to get out there or there may be others that we can all learn more from. What’s important is that I stay true to my experience and authentic in my voice.That’s my goal, and believe what I’ll work on carrying through with this project.

Thanks all for continuing to tune in.

Introverted Butterfly

A Lesson in Grammar

So here’s the thing. As I share this, I know that I’m not the greatest grammar expert and perhaps the funny coincidence I’ve come across is a lesson in being clear in what we write, so to avoid confusion. For myself, I know the rules and most of the time can do some editing myself but other times it’s trickier to do and I miss a rule or two. With that said I believe in this day and age is increasingly important not to forget how to properly type/write. As the use of cellphones and the fast paces of our lives make using abbreviations through text an easy way to communicate our messages. I somtimes worry that grammar can take a backseat to other things we find important such as replying promptly or being brief. However, there does seem to be those times when it pops up again reminding us it is always around regardless of whether we need to improve ours or not. If we are communicating with each other, whether in paper or person it is always going to be important to know it’s rules and how they affect what we say.  There is even something to be learned from it day to day. That is what makes our language so interesting.

As writer’s and even people in need of communicating clear messages it’s important to be aware of what we are saying and how we word it. Because unlike in person conversations, there is no tone of voice or body language that can hint at some extra feeling or meaning behind what was said. All there is, is a writer’s word to be taken as is. This is partly why I am so careful andpencil-190586_1280 pecular about what I write here. As I am beginning to understand how important it can be in giving the right messages and clear ones as a blogger but also someone connecting with other people.

When you (as the author/writer) do so it becomes less confusing for readers, and leaves little room for things to get misinterpreted. The clearer you are with your words the less confusing it can be for readers/receivers of messages. As simple as that. For now on, I’m going to be mindful of that. Knowing how important is it to send out clear messages with the right words.

Until we write again (or more so I),

Introverted Butterfly

Springtime- A Poem for this Season

Oh how excited I am for all that you bring

The sights, and the sounds the activity and energy

Happening all around, the new life that is allowed

To peek through the earth, signalling a time of rebirth

Rejuvination, new possibilities and imagination


It’s a time to awaken, to realize these things

Time to take charge, and take hold of the

Blessings they bring, So I open my wings


Blog Logo 3I’m so ready for Spring, and all the adventures it’ll bring

As I look up to the sky ready to fly

Spreading my wings wide, heading towards the light

This is my chance, as now is the time to take flight

All just seems right!

Introverted Butterfly©  April 2016

Word Challenge- Thirst

That need, that thirst it’s constantly there
When in the midst of doing something
Fulfilling that need is all I care
It’s like a desert in my mouth
Like a dream/destiny that can’t be figured out

An annoyance of sorts
An un-relieving itch
Want to attain more
Be like the rich

Thirst can be of liquid
Or it can be of fame
The desire
The feeling
It seems all the same

Thirst is a dry spell
One you can’t figure out
When the words don’t flow
And you just want to shout

Ahh! from the rooftops
Why can’t I figure you out
It’s a craving so primal
A craving so raw and real
Anyone and everyone at some
Point has known how I feel
What’s the deal?

Thirst is what drives us
What moves us forward
A thirst for more
A thirst for knowledge
A thirst for it all
Is a thirst, never to be attained

Done as part of a word from the blog unbolt. Here are the instructions and next topic:

1) open an ms word document (or any other editor)
2) set a stop watch or a mobile for 5-10 minutes
3) your topic is at the foot of this post.
4) fill the word document with as much wordage as you want, once you start writing, don’t stop
5) DO NOT cheat by going back and correcting spellings and grammar with spell check (this is only meant for you to reflect on your control over sensible thought flow)
6) you may or may not pay attention to punctuation and capitals
7) at the end of your post write down the number of words
8) do not forget to copy and paste the entire passage to your blog post with a new topic

New topic: Springtime

The Puzzle-Box Analogy

Figuring out the Pieces and Putting Them Together

When thinking of where to begin, it can be hard to find that place amidst many stories as we shift through all the experiences that make up who we are and what we’ve learned if you are yet to come across what lead you there or how. For many, this many not be as important but in writing, maybe even journalling it’s key, as I’ve found out.

Without coming across the lid of the puzzle it’s like trying to put it together without the pretty picture to guide you along. It can be particularly challenging in memoir. Where there is much sifting to be done in order to find this out. From my experience it takes a lot of soul searching, reviewing and remembering to find that one common thread to put everything together. Almost as if you are playing Sherlock Holmes in your own life- taking clues or common conclusions from each experience and piecing them together bit by bit (or piece by piece I should say) to form bigger sections linking everything together.

By exploring this idea a little deeper I’ve realized that the outline of our story/stories is just like the edges of a puzzle in that they help reveal the bigger picture. Sometimes it’s an overall lesson other times it’s lessons-different but similar- in each story gently reminding us of what we learned.

hand-982059_640Almost like the universe saying “Hey. Good job you’ve managed to put those two sections together. Now try putting it all together. 

For instance, I’m learning that mine is that it is okay to be me and take things at my own pace- that’s the way it always has been and will be. This is my jigsaw puzzle box picture (if one existed), and through learning this my jumble of pieces is slowly coming together, one after the one it’s all making sense. Once we realize this, then we’re no longer desperately trying to make sense of where they fit, but working around that understanding to help fill out the larger areas of our particular puzzle and more importantly our stories.

Therefore, our own moral direction, in which we came from, are going and might go is very similar to the vertical and horizontal of your puzzle, how big or small it is, and finally how many pieces you need to include around the outside.With everything in the middle-all the experiences, stories, mishaps and mistakes- are the pieces filling in the outline and allowing us to realize how we’ve been growing, what we’ve been learning about ourselves and how that wisdom helps us continue to navigate the world we are in now. It is no coincidence but an all important lesson that’s going to stick with us- and hopefully help in writing. Eventually, helping you realize your journey and the paths that guided you along the way. None of which make a whole lot of sense without the box’s picture to help you start. Hence the importance of the puzzle box, as our way of knowing in which direction to build our outline and fill in the missing pieces so our story makes sense.

I’m interested to hear about your puzzle box realizations or what you think yours might be… (so please feel free to comment below)

Keep puzzling away,

Introverted Butterfly

Writer’s Show and (Not) Tell

Have you often wondered what draws you or readers to certain authors or stories and keeps them there? Or what that means in terms of your writing or style? Me too. I’ve wondered how can I show you how hurt I was if I was too upset to notice what was around me? Or perhaps, I’m still too hurt, angry, or heartbroken to describe this scene but I want to get it out there so I know I’m not the only one feeling this pain, I want to relate to you. Which as it turns out, is not just telling readers about it but describing it to them. The advice I’m sure writer has passed down to writer for ages. Which is “showing not telling” the reader what’s going on. What does that mean exactly? You may ask, well here is my humble take on it, and on how it can apply to  writing.

For a while, I thought the best way to write memoir was to mainly focus on the lessons I’ve learned, and describe those from where I am now with some occasional detail. What I neglected to note was how effective it can also be using specific situations or experiences to put the reader where it’s taking place, and how by describing feelings, or your emotions through the use of detail can just as effectively illustrate the lesson you learned or help them understand some hidden truth by the end of what’s said. Putting them as close to what happened or what you remember noticing as you can- the smells, the light, the noise, your raw emotions-. Right in your shoes. The key is also using the right details at the right times- as sometimes using too many might not move the story along, but the right ones can help the story move along while showing them what it’s like to be you helping them feel, see or envision what you did so they can empathize with you. Otherwise, how are they going to believe you’ve been through it if you can’t describe it for them.

Example: “The sun peaked through the window just enough to shine onto her bed. Music was playing throughout the room “Hey there Delilah”,  this song made her stop and think of a friend. Then again, almost every song  made her think of her friend. It was the guitar  she liked the most in this one, with some other instruments. Simple, she thought, poetic, melodic. The perfect ode to a special friend. The sun continued to peak through the window as she wondered what her day would look like.”

My second belief is you can only understand what this means for you as you follow the pursuit of writing. You can read it for yourself, or say “hmm, interesting” but the right moment will come when you know how to approach putting detail into your style or writing in the  way that works best for you. We all notice things differently or different details at different times. Therefore, there is no right formula for putting detail into your story. The hope is then eventually that through detail they may get to the same conclusion or climax as you got to through relating their experiences and yours creating a little understanding of what it could possibly be like to be you putting them in your shoes. This can’t happen through telling them that it’s hard, what they’ll want to know is what made it hard, what was happening or in the environment that made you feel that way. That’s what gets people’s attention. If you can put them as close to the action or what’s happening as possible. A touching/heroic story of how you got through with good detail as if they were there when you were, can get them feeling those things on their own. So be bold and couragous with detail- for a better story telling and reading!



Introverted Butterfly

A Ode to Writing!

I often find myself sometimes torn between a love-hate relationship in writing, that’s not too hard to figure out why or explain. It’s simply this when I am feeling down about my progress or frustrated with going in no particular direction I’ve uttered into the world “arggg!!! I am done with writing!” or something like “I’m giving it up!” Utterances on how hard it is, how much I hate being stuck for ideas or worse sometimes not having many. To which family and close friends have asked the very poignant question: “Really… you sure about that?” or “Do you really think that’s what you want?”. It never is, you see. What I would like sometimes is for it to be easy, with a nice clear cut path in front of me. This is where and how you move forward next. But, alas, writing isn’t like that as I’m finding. It’s full of twisty turny points, ups, downs, pitfalls and yes moments of sheer frustration. Where one wonders: “why did I get myself into this mess in the first place?”
Well, as you’ll find out through my writing, we often don’t get ourselves into it, as it gets into us. For some strange, unexplainable reason it decides to grant us with this cursed gift. Sorry, writing sometimes it’s true that it seems one of those hard to give away. So much so, that in the midst of banging one’s head Graphic1 the keyboard or notebooks in frustration. We get mad at it like an old friend whose done something so very terribly wrong. Also much like an old friend, though, it remains loyal. From time to time politely reminding one that you really don’t treat a good friend that way. So we make amends with it, and for doing so sometimes it rewards us with inspiration and ideas we thought we’d lost. Just on the brink of giving up and feeling stuck forever, what we want to say finally comes to us! Alas, the torment is over! Time to move onward and upward, and just write…damn it!

Introverted Butterfly

The “Off Week”

Do you ever have one of those weeks when nothing seems to come together? From trying to create, think and follow through on certain ideas or work, to where to go next, nothing seems to fall into place.

Coincidentally, that has been this week for me. Normally even after a weekend off or a long weekend, I’m right back into the swing of things (that’s the expression, right), in writing, life and moving forward. Lately, it seems I can’t complete a thought coherently enough to put it out there or am stuck as to where to go next. As much as I try, it seems that the timing isn’t right on this one. Shame, really that my daily intention- which since realizing how powerful it can be in helping one achieve their goals- of writing hasn’t been able to carry out as I would have liked this week. I know sometimes we have to put all our hopes aside of being able to come through and carry on as we would have liked things to be for what was, but this particular time it’s tough. I’ve never quite come across a dilemma in my writing since making it an intention as perplexing as this. This off week has really made me question a lot of what I’ve been thinking lately. Like “am I really cut out for a life of writing?” “is pursuing this the right step?” and most importantly “what if I get stuck at this place in the future or what if it’s already happened”.

If I’ve learned anything about myself through this project though it is that I’m not prone to giving up so easily. Also through I’ve learned from many sources that you can’t think that way either. If you want to move forward in a positive place, you have to think positively. Because if you begin dwelling on negative possibilities, then that’s what you’ll attract/get. Which makes sense in a way, almost as if you’re asking for more of what you don’t want by wishing it away. The solution then is to think only of what you do want. So with that in mind, I shall try to practice and wish for a successful week of writing in the week to come. With this week pretty much behind me, next week I wish for better and more natural writing. I wish for an abundance of ideas, rather than dwelling on the scarcity which seems to have plagued me this time around. More importantly, I wish to have better faith in my writing and trust in my ability when it all isn’t coming so naturally.

With new hope and inspiration,

Introverted Butterfly