Discovering Podcasts for Inspiration on Tough or Uninspiring Days

 Plus! My Top 5 (so far) Favourite Podcasts and why they have helped me and can help you! 

It seems inevitable that in life it’s not always going to be this fun, smooth, happy-go-lucky ride. There of course will be days where everything is going our way; the sun is out and shining; we’re well rested from a productive yet tiring day; our favourite outfit is clean and therefore ready to wear; and things are going well at work. On these days, it’s so much easier to take on the world and tackle challenges both big and small. Yet there are other days when we are feeling overwhelmed, things aren’t going our way and there is much more to take on.

Which means even the slightest little struggle or extra consideration can seem like too much. Be it criticism or an adjustment to routine1_123125_2121330_110520_dailypodcast_tn.jpg.CROP.original-original.jpg which may prove possible to handle previously suddenly seems like too much at times. For me it is often this trifecta of circumstances both external and internal struggles that contribute to the feeling of being overwhelmed. Often habit is to look deeper into what has caused my distress, and may take some time to uncover the deeper issue but it’s also best to take a break from all that thinking sometimes and just relax. What I’ve found destressing or relaxing is simply putting on a good podcast to tune out those obsessive thoughts, get out of our own heads and gain a new perspective on ourselves. While reading can be effective too I’ve found some insights are better understood heard. I’ve gained so much just from listening in on the advice the Podcast hosts have given to others regarding similar questions I’ve asked myself or experiences I’ve had to make my way through wondering “if I was the only one”. Well friends, through some of the most relatable and wonderful podcasts that the answer has been found and it’s a resounding “No. Indeed we are not the only ones out there struggling”. These podcasts and their episodes are proof of just that.

So without further ado…

Here’s a list of my top 5 favourites (so far):

  1. Dear Sugar Radio (ft. Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond)
  2. Millennial Podcast (ft. Megan Tan and others)
  3. The Lavendaire Lifestyle (ft. Aileen Xu)
  4. Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert (ft. Elizabeth Gilbert and others)
  5. The Lively Show (ft. Jess Lively)

To check them out, search on your phones podcast function or I believe you can also find them online or under the iTunes store. Many of these I’ve found on Pinterest list pins under the Pins/Lists titled like “Best Podcasts for…” fill in the blank. So definitely check there if you are looking for more inspiration. Here’s also the links to their podcasts online:

Happy Listening,

Introverted Butterfly

Disconnect to Connect

IMG_0875Disconnecting from Technology and Tuning Into You

With so many platforms of technology all trying to provide quicker, more instant ways of trying to keep us connected to each other wherever you or I are, the true form of connecting often gets replaced with things like Tweeting, texting and every other social media update in the sun. So caught up in getting the latest update from Friend A we end up missing out on making time or enjoying the opportunity getting to know Friend B better. I also find that a similar effect happens to our own individual thoughts, as we are constantly looking for the next update on this person and that, always wondering what their thinking we lose sight of our own thoughts.

For me I find that when I’m home it’s hard not to tune into the latest episode of this show, or check the latest social media update/updates 1,000 times. Acutely, aware of it’s power I know it is for me often a double edged sword- one where I can keep up with friends and family far away in distance through it’s platform but at times replacing connecting this way to actually making plans with those I can or sending follow up emails. It also is a huge distraction for me, as I can easily lose sight  of my own unique way of thinking, writing and ideas- an important part of being a creative person and writer. Hence the importance of tuning out technology, and tuning into you.

By disconnecting, we essentially truly are allowed to tune into who we are, what we thinking and why. You don’t need to go somewhere special or far away to enjoy the benefits. I believe it can be something as simple as going outside for a while, -without your phone and computer- taking in the fresh air and sunshine or appreciating the people you are with in that moment without worrying about those who are not there. Doing this you are allowing your heart to be open to present opportunities and experiences or simply allowing your own heart to speak.

Give it a try, the world won’t end if you do and you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to re-connect with yourself and simply BE YOU!

Introverted Butterfly