“It’s not what you are doing or where you are, but who you are with that matters most”

Thoughts on travels, making the most of days off and planning adventures

For the longest time all I ever wanted to do was to escape any present or impending work week drabs by going off to some far away places and destinations, where my worries and stresses about life and any other concerns could be long forgotten. The travel bug had bitten again and I was falling for it.  This was what the word “adventure” meant in my mind and therefore the only way to have an adventure or feel that sense of care-freeness a part of going away was to travel far.

Until I found someone (special) equally as curious, open and willing to explore as I am that taught me  “adventures” can take many forms and that sometimes it doesn’t matter where you are or even what we are doing as much as it’s who you are with that helps make any day an adventure. Simply experiencing those things together and making our own adventures close to home has led to incredible days and inspiration for future adventures and projects. So for now I am happy helping to create and explore places closer to home with inspirations to go a bit further in broadening our horizons. All in all  maps-pin-624x351it really doesn’t  matter because those days were made into adventures by us just spending time together and seeing where the day could day take us.

The final insight and a summing up: To remember wherever you chose it to be- as far or close as you like- it’s who you are with that matters most, from there adventure will follow and you’re bound to have a good time.

*Thank-you for showing me that we don’t need to travel far to find adventures, and that what makes adventures great is us.*

Introverted Butterfly

Quote for the Week:

“A person who never made a mistake, never tried anything new.”~ Albert Einstein

I came across this quote while scrolling online and it struck a chord with me. One which rung out “That’s right. It’s so true.”  Even more so as I reflected more deeply into Albert Einstein’s wise wisdom I found this particular one (the Quote of the wonderfully-inspirational-thoughts-for-the-day-19Week) fit in nicely with what I’ve been up to and learning from this week. Which is more fun and experiences in baking.

My aim in baking has simply been to learn and have some fun while doing so along the way. I really (rarely) put any attachments to the outcome -other then it being edible-on my projects when I start because I know it is still somewhat of a new experience for me. By doing this, I have become more open to trying new things and recipes. Embracing my errs into the “So. that happened” category, learning and moving on.

IMG_1443As with anything new, it’s always a bit nerve racking to try for the first time because you don’t quite know how the recipe will turn out but I’ve learned as long as you follow the recipe as best one can, it will be okay. With each recipe, there seems to be less nerve and intimidation- and more trust. I believe this can be true for any new experience we get ourselves into. The more I tried and learned, the more willing I was to try different recipes (such as these Banana Chocolate Chip cookies), even some with my co-chef.

I know we all would rather not have to make mistakes but some are more fun to experience than others, and having an openness towards whatever happens means if something goes awry it’s less likely to ruin the entire experience.  So you make a mess- clean it up; too much banana didn’t ruin the recipe, the cookies just turned out a little differently (although too much of other things might, always try to follow the recipe as best you can). Most importantly have fun and be open to new suggestions and moments of learning. Which is what you’ll find when you let go of the need for things to turn out just so or to turn out perfectly.

Baker’s Best:

Introverted Butterfly

Today’s Quote for the Week

“You Miss 100% of the Shots You Don’t Take!”~ Wayne Gretzky

Sitting here, reflecting on everything I’ve felt and that’s happened in the last week. Simply taking stock of what I’ve been feeling and all that’s been happening this past little while realizing that I’ve had nothing to lose when it’s come to putting myself out there. Which has been a big obstabcle I believe in holding me back from being braver and putting myself and my work out there more often or taking advantage of great opportunities. Literally I’ve been mulling over the what-if’s and the worst case scenerios of what could happen when I haven’t even allowed those things to happen yet.

Man, why do our minds always take us in that direction? 

It’s always the “worst-case” scenerios, what if it was just “this happened.” No, best or worst, but looking at it as either way the outcome was exactly that- an outcome-, and what you take away from it is a lesson. Whether you feel like being a little braver next time or discover that maybe you need a bit more practice before trying again. At least, at this point you know better and can learn. Really, it’s impossible to learn if you don’t try. So now, as I’m writing on this I realize that was the meBlog Logo 3ssage all along- right under my stinkin’ fearful nose. “You never know til you try.”

I can guarntee you won’t get any clearer idea of where to go, what to do or how to improve next if you always mull things over. Where you will get some value and insight is by simply trying. I can’t tell you how many new things I’ve tried- including this blog-, and have both gotten better through trying, while learned a lot from the experiences. So it’s worthwhile, and you won’t know how to practice and improve unless you try. All things take practice- that’s a given fact, what they also take is the courage to try. Suddenly, this quote that I’ve read so many times makes sense in a whole new way.  No long is it just interesting but now it’s a realization, an “ahhh, I see” reaction.


How’s that for some Friday motivation for you!

This post is for everyone out there who inspired me to try something new, for that I thank-you, and who continues to inspire me to keep trying new things.

Hope you find this helpful, and as motivational as I did.

Introverted Butterfly