Discovering Podcasts for Inspiration on Tough or Uninspiring Days

 Plus! My Top 5 (so far) Favourite Podcasts and why they have helped me and can help you! 

It seems inevitable that in life it’s not always going to be this fun, smooth, happy-go-lucky ride. There of course will be days where everything is going our way; the sun is out and shining; we’re well rested from a productive yet tiring day; our favourite outfit is clean and therefore ready to wear; and things are going well at work. On these days, it’s so much easier to take on the world and tackle challenges both big and small. Yet there are other days when we are feeling overwhelmed, things aren’t going our way and there is much more to take on.

Which means even the slightest little struggle or extra consideration can seem like too much. Be it criticism or an adjustment to routine1_123125_2121330_110520_dailypodcast_tn.jpg.CROP.original-original.jpg which may prove possible to handle previously suddenly seems like too much at times. For me it is often this trifecta of circumstances both external and internal struggles that contribute to the feeling of being overwhelmed. Often habit is to look deeper into what has caused my distress, and may take some time to uncover the deeper issue but it’s also best to take a break from all that thinking sometimes and just relax. What I’ve found destressing or relaxing is simply putting on a good podcast to tune out those obsessive thoughts, get out of our own heads and gain a new perspective on ourselves. While reading can be effective too I’ve found some insights are better understood heard. I’ve gained so much just from listening in on the advice the Podcast hosts have given to others regarding similar questions I’ve asked myself or experiences I’ve had to make my way through wondering “if I was the only one”. Well friends, through some of the most relatable and wonderful podcasts that the answer has been found and it’s a resounding “No. Indeed we are not the only ones out there struggling”. These podcasts and their episodes are proof of just that.

So without further ado…

Here’s a list of my top 5 favourites (so far):

  1. Dear Sugar Radio (ft. Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond)
  2. Millennial Podcast (ft. Megan Tan and others)
  3. The Lavendaire Lifestyle (ft. Aileen Xu)
  4. Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert (ft. Elizabeth Gilbert and others)
  5. The Lively Show (ft. Jess Lively)

To check them out, search on your phones podcast function or I believe you can also find them online or under the iTunes store. Many of these I’ve found on Pinterest list pins under the Pins/Lists titled like “Best Podcasts for…” fill in the blank. So definitely check there if you are looking for more inspiration. Here’s also the links to their podcasts online:

Happy Listening,

Introverted Butterfly

Leaning into the ease and flow of life

Insights on easing into flow (of life)- unsettling feelings and all

I’ve noticed something recently, which is sometimes that even the goodness of having most things settled in life- for example: happy in our careers or pursing passions we love and having friends that truly care for us- can be quite a shock if you aren’t used to those good vibes. We may wish for such things and provide great contentment but if you are used to looking for or having conflict this transiton too can seem even the slightest bit unsettling. When there’s nothing iminent for our minds to obsess about it may seem too good to be true. I suppose that’s where the saying came from… when good happened to appear in one’s life it seemed unbelievable and so too good to be true.

Here’s an interesting thought… what if we actually begin to believe in the good and it’s not too good to be true? Can you imagine how that could change your whole outlook? I couldn’t until it occured to me that these moments may also be fleeting- meaning not lasting forever- so with that I tried my best to appreciate it now. And by believing this in a positive manner you’ll quickly realize as I did that what you have is already more than enough. It also may not always mean that you love every aspect of what’s going on to me this seems unrealistic, there are always going to be days when this practice is harder than other, when there may be moments that aren’t as wonderful as you’d like them to be.


God grantimg_1289 me the serenity to accept the things I can’t change. The courage to change the things I can. And the wisdom to know the difference!

How this practice works (in my experience): Instead of dwelling on those things that aren’t so perfect or good you focus on what is good- say if things seem difficult, focus on what isn’t; or going through a challenging time perhaps focus on the support you have or tools that may help versus. what definitely won’t help (complaining about the problem). By putting energy towards what you do have you are not only inviting more good in but not letting the negative ruin your day. It took a bit of mind training for me to figure out how to cut the habit of complaining out of my life, and how to focus on the good or other activities that I enjoy more (than work and complaining) but each opportunity to put this in practice it’s gotten easier as time went on.

Final tip: Try journalling to release those negative thoughts in a safe place before they have a chance to take over your thinking.

For now,

Introverted Butterfly

Question: “How do you know when you’re ready for change?”

My thoughts on it based on past experiences

It seems from experience,  you may never know how ready for change you are, until the day it happens. This is what can make it challenging, to prepare or plan, even in the most obvious of circumstances there is still something to that change out of our control. So the only way to be ready then is to look back and realize that what made you ready was getting through the change and being brave enough to take on more endeavours in the future.

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The “Everything Happens for a Reason” Theory

And My Theory on it:

Blog Logo 3So, here is the thing. As the saying goes, everything happens for a reason. Whether we know that reason or not; have chosen the “why” or “how”. Things happen anyways and often we may never know why. In these cases, the recommended advice is to accept that as we are changing and our perspective widens on how we evolve into who we are there will always be those times that completely flumix us. For no other reason, other than that “well that it happened”, not much we can do. Coincidence or not, a stroke of luck, some important insight or the awareness of getting through after a particularly stormy patch all lead to where we need to be now. To understand that nothing comes into our lives for no reason, other than to test us on this theory is one of the wonderful ways life can be interesting (yes), and challenging at times (definitely). So we can show exactly how accepting we are of what is going on. After all, the best test is one not on theory but in actual practice. It can be all well said and done, but until we truly have the experience of knowing; guessing means nothing and gets us nowhere.

Yet still sometimes it seems quite challenging to do when things get rough or rocky. As best I try to embrace that, with the best of my abilities in situations which are new to me, or it’s circumstances way WAY beyond my control it can be really difficult. I can acknowledge that there is no point in fighting this fact, but end up trying to go against it anyways, not quite ready to let that next step of awareness go.


This is where I’ve been. Somewhere stuck in the middle of trying to figure things out meanwhile putting my best efforts forward to move forward day-by-day on my own while in the process of waiting for answers. Which really comes down to needing coIMG_0336ntrol. A tricky habit-let’s say- I’ve been working on loosening for most of my life.

Knowing reasons, and explanations has been particularly helpful coping strategy to have in my back pocket. I’ve always figured that by doing so I’d have some control over what is happening and assured that everything is alright.  Whether it’s who I chose to let in my life, where it goes, how I handle things and even how to cope in certain uncertainities. This not so “helpful” strategy has gotten me through, but at a cost. Like many things, it’s taken a while for me to realize where my anxiety was hidden, which was within that need of control/trying to control outcomes. I am willing to work on this, though, because spending any more time theorizing the “what ifs”, the “whys” and “how comes” has gotten me nowhere. That’s not entirely true, it’s actually set me back quite a bit from where I once was. Therefore,  I need to break up with needing too many answers, carry on without my anxiety and take everyday for what it is, as it is, without looking back in the wrong direction.

Hope this helps you, as it has helped me!

Truthfully Yours,

Introverted Butterfly

The Blogger’s Journey

An Message on Perspective and Staying True

Hello All,

It seems over the past little while I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting on my writing, the journey it’s taken me on and how I’m planning to continue on with it. Yeah… some deep thinking here. Anyways, I’ve come into the conclusion that as a blogger it can be tricky at times  to write what best reflects this particular blogger but also try to make it relatable to others or hope it is on some level. Perhaps others have felt this too from time to time, that as much as it can be about your experiences there are others experiences and perspectives out there to be considered. To me, this means trying to be as authentic as one can be ,in my own experiences while being aware- even though I may not write about it- that others may not experience things the same as I do or have those same experiences to relate to as easy. I suppose the best one can do is write what’s true to you, meaning writing for yourself first and others second. Acknowledging that your perspective may not be the only one out there but can hope there’s some part of it others may find helpful along the way. I also make the conscious choice to keep things as positive as possible. With so much negativity out there in the world I chose to add positivity to our collective consciousness rather than more negative/bad vibes. This is how I chose to create my impact: add good vibes out there. It doesn’t mean I’m not aware of what else is happening, I just don’t want to add to it.

Blog Logo 3 For me, there is no other way to write than what it true, and often positive or ending on a positive note. So I’m going to accept this fact.  It might not always come easily but as long as I try to understand it then I think all will be well and helpful in times of conflicting feelings. After all, this experience is as much about me as it is for you. I’m writing my own insights- whether they are relatable or not-, and experiences to help me continue to grow and be inspired. There may be times when it’s message is just a simple reminder for me to get out there or there may be others that we can all learn more from. What’s important is that I stay true to my experience and authentic in my voice.That’s my goal, and believe what I’ll work on carrying through with this project.

Thanks all for continuing to tune in.

Introverted Butterfly


Your Own Personal Mediator

I find that perspective is one of our greatest tools to becoming level headed and gaining understanding. Yet when we need it most in the midst of uncertainty and tumultuous emotions it can be tricky to grasp. As our judgment becomes clouded by a mirage of emotions and sometimes the only side we can see is our own, taking a step back is often the last thing on our minds. But is the best thing to do in such cases. Trust me, I’ve been there -many times- and can speak from all experiences. I know the feeling of being torn between what our head is advising us to do and our emotions urging us to act on, immediately you become caught in a tug of war with both sides. It doesn’t matter that the storm may pass or eventually you’ll be able to think more clearly because then and there it seems what is happening is the end all be all. Consider this, though, as my own logic shows during these times, that the feeling of being overwhelmed, stressed or on edge never lasts very long. Before you know it, life and you have moved on. The feeling is no longer, suddenly that reaction wasn’t worth it.


Perspective. When the heart is pulling you one way and your mind the other way. Either willing to back down, it’s the mediator that proves to be helpful in settling many disputes. When all the shots are done being fired and there’s nothing but smoke in the air. It’s there sifting through the rubble finding and allowing you to see the thoughts that still remain, and whether there’s a conclusion still insight.

eyes-with-glasses-clipart copy

Whatever’s left, you should try to follow. These are the irrefutable truths that both head and heart can’t argue, and hold the key to revealing how you truly feel about a situation. Conveniently, though, they have neglected to bring these to your attention. So allow perspective to present them to you by giving yourself the time and space to settle down, and take a step back from the chaos in your mind. Allow it to come into whatever’s troubling you before jumping to any rash conclusions, decisions or actions. You’ll hopefully find the outcome much better if you try this technique first before acting on impulse. Allow your mediator to do it’s job and be open to any new insights that may come your way. Be you, and follow what is right.

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Don’t Go Changing (or do…)

Accepting Change as a Process and Taking it Day by Day

Firstly let me say that getting comfortable with change is a process that occurs by taking things day by day and accepting things as they are-even when they aren’t as ideal or perfect as we would wish them to be-. With that said, it’s not easy and might never be totally worry-free especially if it is a change we had little say in. One thing I’m finding helpful is learning to accept change rather than spend exhaustive energy on trying to fight what I can’t change. A big learning curve and process for someone like me who doesn’t always take well for change, but is finding it a worthwhile thing for my well-being (and you never know, you might find the same for yours).

The alternative is fretting about it until we’re blue in the face and creating for ourselves an uphill battle like trying to paddle up a river with a strong current- in the opposite direction-. We’ll only end up in the exact same spot but using up all our energy. The only thing we can change is how we chose to look at things- perspective- and what is right in front of us- the present moment-. That’s all. As the expression goes: “worrying won’t rid yesterday of it’s problems, but it will rid today of it’s strengths.” It is indeed  this message that I’ve been reminding myself of lately in the midst of change. When I am feeling like change is catching up to me or happening too fast and I feel myself struggle to deal with it I go to practicing the art of focusing on the day and tasks at hand. One thing at a time, and one day at a time I’m getting through. Amongst all this, I am gradually finding a more positive way of looking at the world and day by day it gets easier to accept the six letter word we all dread- CHANGE-.

To all those out there who ,as we all do, struggle or occasionally feel overwhelmed by our constantly changing world. It’s okay, everything will get easier if you take it day-by-day, and appreciate what is right in front of you while it’s still there. Before long it won’t take you much convincing to believe that it’s going to be okay. So keep calm and carry on.

Introverted Butterfly