Discovering Podcasts for Inspiration on Tough or Uninspiring Days

 Plus! My Top 5 (so far) Favourite Podcasts and why they have helped me and can help you! 

It seems inevitable that in life it’s not always going to be this fun, smooth, happy-go-lucky ride. There of course will be days where everything is going our way; the sun is out and shining; we’re well rested from a productive yet tiring day; our favourite outfit is clean and therefore ready to wear; and things are going well at work. On these days, it’s so much easier to take on the world and tackle challenges both big and small. Yet there are other days when we are feeling overwhelmed, things aren’t going our way and there is much more to take on.

Which means even the slightest little struggle or extra consideration can seem like too much. Be it criticism or an adjustment to routine1_123125_2121330_110520_dailypodcast_tn.jpg.CROP.original-original.jpg which may prove possible to handle previously suddenly seems like too much at times. For me it is often this trifecta of circumstances both external and internal struggles that contribute to the feeling of being overwhelmed. Often habit is to look deeper into what has caused my distress, and may take some time to uncover the deeper issue but it’s also best to take a break from all that thinking sometimes and just relax. What I’ve found destressing or relaxing is simply putting on a good podcast to tune out those obsessive thoughts, get out of our own heads and gain a new perspective on ourselves. While reading can be effective too I’ve found some insights are better understood heard. I’ve gained so much just from listening in on the advice the Podcast hosts have given to others regarding similar questions I’ve asked myself or experiences I’ve had to make my way through wondering “if I was the only one”. Well friends, through some of the most relatable and wonderful podcasts that the answer has been found and it’s a resounding “No. Indeed we are not the only ones out there struggling”. These podcasts and their episodes are proof of just that.

So without further ado…

Here’s a list of my top 5 favourites (so far):

  1. Dear Sugar Radio (ft. Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond)
  2. Millennial Podcast (ft. Megan Tan and others)
  3. The Lavendaire Lifestyle (ft. Aileen Xu)
  4. Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert (ft. Elizabeth Gilbert and others)
  5. The Lively Show (ft. Jess Lively)

To check them out, search on your phones podcast function or I believe you can also find them online or under the iTunes store. Many of these I’ve found on Pinterest list pins under the Pins/Lists titled like “Best Podcasts for…” fill in the blank. So definitely check there if you are looking for more inspiration. Here’s also the links to their podcasts online:

Happy Listening,

Introverted Butterfly

Leaning into the ease and flow of life

Insights on easing into flow (of life)- unsettling feelings and all

I’ve noticed something recently, which is sometimes that even the goodness of having most things settled in life- for example: happy in our careers or pursing passions we love and having friends that truly care for us- can be quite a shock if you aren’t used to those good vibes. We may wish for such things and provide great contentment but if you are used to looking for or having conflict this transiton too can seem even the slightest bit unsettling. When there’s nothing iminent for our minds to obsess about it may seem too good to be true. I suppose that’s where the saying came from… when good happened to appear in one’s life it seemed unbelievable and so too good to be true.

Here’s an interesting thought… what if we actually begin to believe in the good and it’s not too good to be true? Can you imagine how that could change your whole outlook? I couldn’t until it occured to me that these moments may also be fleeting- meaning not lasting forever- so with that I tried my best to appreciate it now. And by believing this in a positive manner you’ll quickly realize as I did that what you have is already more than enough. It also may not always mean that you love every aspect of what’s going on to me this seems unrealistic, there are always going to be days when this practice is harder than other, when there may be moments that aren’t as wonderful as you’d like them to be.


God grantimg_1289 me the serenity to accept the things I can’t change. The courage to change the things I can. And the wisdom to know the difference!

How this practice works (in my experience): Instead of dwelling on those things that aren’t so perfect or good you focus on what is good- say if things seem difficult, focus on what isn’t; or going through a challenging time perhaps focus on the support you have or tools that may help versus. what definitely won’t help (complaining about the problem). By putting energy towards what you do have you are not only inviting more good in but not letting the negative ruin your day. It took a bit of mind training for me to figure out how to cut the habit of complaining out of my life, and how to focus on the good or other activities that I enjoy more (than work and complaining) but each opportunity to put this in practice it’s gotten easier as time went on.

Final tip: Try journalling to release those negative thoughts in a safe place before they have a chance to take over your thinking.

For now,

Introverted Butterfly

On Possibilities and Balancing Life

 How I’ve figured this out and managed to keep afloat

I believe that when you take chances, especially those outside your comfort zone that stimultaneously you are learning outside that space. The very comfortable cozy place where we never feel challenged, or able to move forward sometimes although feeling stuck, we come to rely on when it just seems easier, safer to stay where you are, without the risks and rewards that come with seizing the opportunities just beyond the familiar.

These are the possibilities that are and are not outside the ordinary, where all aspects of our lives can be included in the explorations, curiousities and endeavors that ensue. Not just happening in the grander scale but in the minute moments, day by day as we take chances with unforeseen risks and rewards. What I mean by this is there are work rewards and risks; such as changing jobs, getting promoted, taking on a challenging project, a new job. The same I believe can be said with individual personal risks– those that require us to make the decision on our own if we are single or that we do for our own well-being; it’s examples are similiar but slightly different to the ones in work rewards, in which you may create yoBlog Logo 3ur own projects, you may be moving because of your job or moving in general means getting a new job in your location. There are those which can be on a smaller scale such as: travelling, trying new things, learning new things, or finally following that passion of yours that you’ve been putting off. These are things, where the reward is great and the risks are hopefully small or easily recovered because yes you’ll learn from them but they won’t have a huge affect on your life in a negative way or another’s life.

Within this category- tucked away from harm or sometimes our awareness is the sub-category o
f “Relational/Relationship”, risks, rewards and possibilities. That can be understood in a friendship, romantic or in it’s early stages through the idea of connections. To me, this is one of the bigger most complicated areas to navigate as it’s challenges interlace within each of the other categories. As the possibilities expand in other areas of life so does that balance and there are to be found with each new change. Some you have to take away from other aspects of life or consider them like personal growth could lead to a separation between two people or perhaps stronger connection, things change in a work role or demands could take away extra time from personal relationships making it imperative to consider that aspect, in what’s best for both individuals in the friendship or relationship. This sense also is where compromise could come in. 

As you can see each comes down to what’s best for you and the real matters of the heart. As I believe it can strongly guide the direction we take in the world… if we let it. The only true difference here- in relationship/connection possibilities, is that your heart takes center stage. At least this is how it’s felt for me, like jumping on a roller-coaster having to brace for and then enbrace each coming twist and turn. As you are not only putting yourself out there for the risks/rewards but your heart as you become vulnerable in a totally new and unpredictable way. Yes, it’s a little scary at times, and uncertain but in the end, it seems most rewarding to me to just get out there and try, rather than the alternative, which is theorizing about these things while not really getting any closer to knowing how it feels. For me I’d rather say I’ve done and tried than not done it at all and stay safe.

How about you? What are your thoughts on possibilities, risks, and rewards? I’d be interested to know in the comments!

P.S. Sorry this blog is a little long, I had a lot to say-apparently-.

For now,

Introverted Butterfly