Learning to be brave and decide! (Part 2 of The Courage Series)

What I’ve learned from Creativity and Deciding!

If there is one thing I’ve learned about myself in the last year or so it’s that almost anything becomes possible once I set my mind to it and decide to go for it. I’ve taken on so many new experiences not only this year but in the last couple of years that have gotten me to where I am now. All have involved deciding to take on at the time something new. If I had not done so then who knows where or who I’d be, perhaps still me but a little more different, a little less brave/open. It’s not always so easy though, and realizing that much of the time what held me back is in agonzining over decisions, going back and forth between truly wanting to try and bowing out in hopes of gaining more information or clarity. 8ba8ba23c5c41649d489c666dd87b3f4 I’ve driven myself crazy in this process- the hemming and hawing involved in making next steps; second guessing/going one way or the other then back again is exhausting; dwelling on the uncertainty looming in the air at times has seemed like an effort in futility.

What has proven valuable- despite uncertainty- is indubitable power in deciding to do something even if you’re unsure. If guessing at what’s unclear is no help then the one that does and can control is our own decisions, which can either mean being brave in the chance of uncertainty or sticking to what we know and is familiar. Which although is safe, doesn’t really allow you or I to grow. If I had stuck to the familiar and in giving an example say in creativity then I would have never learned how enjoyable baking, or knitting or even doing pastels would have been. By deciding, however, to at least try these experiences I’ve learned and grown so much all of which I wouldn’t have if I stayed in my room.

There’s also a quote I’ve seen and have around my desk that reads:

“If it excites you and scares you at the same time, it might be a good thing to try”.

I find it a great inspiration to help in continuing to be brave and open to new experiences and decisions- both those with great certainty and uncertainty. I think of it every time I’m attempting to write something new; explore a new insight; try something new and especially in sharing my experiences or thoughts with someone else. All of which can seem exciting or scary to me at any given moment depending on how I chose to look at it but by taking I’ve been able to stop worrying and figure out how to move forward. *In full admittance* this is a work in progress for me that has been both inspiring and un-nerving at times but knowing there is only one way to go from where I stand and that’s forward with patience and courage has helped- also the quote mentioned above works well too.

Be brave, bold and determined,


Introverted Butterfly

Today’s Quote for the Week

“You Miss 100% of the Shots You Don’t Take!”~ Wayne Gretzky

Sitting here, reflecting on everything I’ve felt and that’s happened in the last week. Simply taking stock of what I’ve been feeling and all that’s been happening this past little while realizing that I’ve had nothing to lose when it’s come to putting myself out there. Which has been a big obstabcle I believe in holding me back from being braver and putting myself and my work out there more often or taking advantage of great opportunities. Literally I’ve been mulling over the what-if’s and the worst case scenerios of what could happen when I haven’t even allowed those things to happen yet.

Man, why do our minds always take us in that direction? 

It’s always the “worst-case” scenerios, what if it was just “this happened.” No, best or worst, but looking at it as either way the outcome was exactly that- an outcome-, and what you take away from it is a lesson. Whether you feel like being a little braver next time or discover that maybe you need a bit more practice before trying again. At least, at this point you know better and can learn. Really, it’s impossible to learn if you don’t try. So now, as I’m writing on this I realize that was the meBlog Logo 3ssage all along- right under my stinkin’ fearful nose. “You never know til you try.”

I can guarntee you won’t get any clearer idea of where to go, what to do or how to improve next if you always mull things over. Where you will get some value and insight is by simply trying. I can’t tell you how many new things I’ve tried- including this blog-, and have both gotten better through trying, while learned a lot from the experiences. So it’s worthwhile, and you won’t know how to practice and improve unless you try. All things take practice- that’s a given fact, what they also take is the courage to try. Suddenly, this quote that I’ve read so many times makes sense in a whole new way.  No long is it just interesting but now it’s a realization, an “ahhh, I see” reaction.


How’s that for some Friday motivation for you!

This post is for everyone out there who inspired me to try something new, for that I thank-you, and who continues to inspire me to keep trying new things.

Hope you find this helpful, and as motivational as I did.

Introverted Butterfly

Revisiting Your Sense of Adventure

Sometimes being stuck in the same routine and places can be tiring. You find yourself in somewhat of a groundhog day routine, longing for something new and out of the ordinary. Whether it be some sort of adventure or a simple escape that allows you to IMG_2044reflect on your own thoughts can bring in a welcome REFRESHER to our lives and allow us to get out of our routs. For me, this was going somewhere at a completely DIFFERENT pace than I’m used to, giving me the chance-once I returned-to appreciate how lucky I am that mine is so simple and laid back (compared to this pace). One thing, I must say is that after returning from my adventure is that I’m still readjusting to the routine back home in disbelief that A) the trip happened so fast B) how exciting it was and C) that I’ll be forever grateful for the experience. I always enjoy going places that are outside my comfort zone to see how well I do and what I can learn from venturing out into the new and different experiences it might bring, but I always come to appreciate even more so the comfort of home and familiarity of my own routines that much more. IMG_1950So, not only do you end up un-sticking yourself from ruts but coming to appreciate the familiarity of routine that much more. To sum up, it’s good to get out of your comfort zone every once in a while and expand your world- in the end, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to LEARN and GROW!

Introverted Butterfly

On Trusting and Knowing

It seems sometimes that those two insights can be the hardest to follow (knowing and trusting OR is it trusting and knowing) either way they can be hard to follow – especially if there is a lot of uncertainty or you’re starting a new adventure/venture. What’s powerful though is having  a phrase or favorite quote to help one stay present and grateful often something simple works well-.A favorite quote of mine is from Cheryl Strayed’s book Wild that reads:

“To believe that I didn’t need to reach with my bare hands anymore. To know that seeing the fish beneath the surface of the water was enough. That it was everything.” (Strayed,311) .

The quote to me illustrates how powerful it is when you realize that simply knowing can be enough, and one doesn’t always need to grasp for more understanding. When I first read this quote in her book it hit me on one of those truly deep and powerful moments as you realize that the author got a huge “aha” from realizing herself the power of that particular moment and at that instance it changed everything for her. Then, again when I watched the movie for the first time you could see the emotion being acted out. It became  an emotional “letting go”. Letting go of needing to know of what might come next or always knowing what a particular thing means. Something that I have to practice often in my own life to stay present and grateful for who I do have, as I find myself constantly wanting to reach for fish under the surface, constantly trying to grasp an understanding instead of trusting and simply knowing it’s there and it’s real as being  reassurance enough not to worry and reach or always have the need for more. Having this in my back pocket to drawn upon has allowed me to relax, worry less and go with the flow more. It also is a helpful reminder to me personally as I move into different or uncertain situations that you don’t always need to grasp for more, below the surface, sometimes simply knowing that it is real, true and there is enough to trust that everything will be okay.

Is there any particular quote that has helped you get through or trust that everything’s going to be alright?

Introverted Butterfly

Quote from: Strayed, Cheryl. Wild. New York, USA: Vintage Books, 2012

Saying YES instead of NO!

Being Open to NEW Experiences!

This is relatively NEW concept for me that I am still learning to embrace, but already accepting this openness that life has to offer has shown me tremendous benefits. For someone who was barely brave enough to reach out for help or get out of her very set routines to make new connections, try something NEW and different or explore new places, I am now embracing the excitement of NEW. Rather than dreading what’s to come by feeling anxious, that has now begun to be replaced by (get this) the excitement of the uncharted, unexplored and un-experienced. You might like to try it… it’s much more easier on your psyche and you’ll be surprised as how FUN and EASY it is, you’ll want to continue on the YES track. Now, note chances are if your intuition is telling you clearly “no” then it’s probably something you should think twice about saying yes to. But as in most cases, if it is the right opportunity and there is no big red flags going off, then really the only thing stopping you is your own fears and yourself. So what do you say…

Would you -or are you already- willing to trying out YES more often, while being YOU?

Introverted Butterfly