When in doubt… knit it out (or whatever works)

A look inside creativity as a helpful outlet

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about creativity and how it’s helped make the everyday routines, structures and schedules of life more interesting, especially as I’ve been taking a gentle hiatus from writing and focused on other creative endeavours. Whether it’s been more baking, or in learning to knit or most recently in pastel work I’ve come into great insights on how pursuing these interests has helped add something to look forward to in day-to-day life and how each endeavour is it’s own creative adventure.

There are two main thoughts that each experience seemed to have in common for it to be helpful and worth continually pursuing. The first is it simply has to inspire me, and somehow aid in my curiosity to learn and explore as a outlet but with that said it also has to work for my own individual purposes and makes sense to me. Which varies depending on how I chosen to approach it. These are the initial thoughts I had going into each new month and being open to what it’s brought. Upon closer look I’ve discovered that diving in these creative projects there’s a third bonus and that is taking up any of these; whether it be knitting, planning next baking days or finding my confidence in using pastels; has not only given me new ways to be creative but acted as incentive to get through the week.  I can go into work knowing that my reward for getting through is awaiting me at home. Almost like my own version of saving and planning for future trips, only instead of trips it’s projects to look forward to and plan.

This creative adventure has led me to some wonderful pastimes and ways to cope when things get long, tough or tiring without going far from home.  I’ve gotten a new lease on my life and found excitement in what I do everyday to help make it more exciting when at the moment I’ve felt unprepared to travel far again. Keep in mind, that it doesn’t have to be creative adventures for you that’s just what worked for me. It could be anything you are involved in whether once a week, or twice, everyday or every few weeks that helps make where you or I are at more interesting, manageable or fun while we wish and dream for grander adventures far away.

That’s it for now,

The Curious Creative and Introverted Butterfly (P.S. It’s good to be back!)

How to Not Let Your Job Define You!

Part 1: The Backstory.

Have you ever been asked “what are you up to?” or “how’s work?” and equipped with your average answer thought that it was okay until another’s response comes up? It puts perspective and comparison in our minds, which is always out there, in all facets of life. The latest for me seems to be in hearing what others are doing and was becoming envious of their enthusiasm towards what they do. Somehow after that mine always felt lacking when it came to job progress and updates. To fill this gap of inadequacy in my own mind  I’d often find a way to make it sound like my job had something interesting going on or that something interesting had been happening. Even if it meant creating something as an added spin to my second pre-programmed responses “the usual” or “not much”. While it seemed an okay response for me eventually I realized there were always those one or two times where I allowed myself the chance to really stop and think about how I was answering and if it was one true to me. Quotes-Dont-Compare-Yourself-to-Others-e1376604960911

For some reason, the answer always came up as “no” to those questions. Perhaps it was knowing in my own heart, that it just wasn’t an answer I’d like to produce or that in my mind the job that pays didn’t seem good enough anymore. Left with the sinking feeling that perhaps the honeymoon period had worn off and a yearning for something more taking the place I knew there must be more out there for me. After all I knew how I wanted to feel, which was enthused, excited, passionate about what I’m up to not bored, dissatisfied and stuck. Most importantly I wanted some exciting to share with family.

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