Learning to be brave and decide! (Part 2 of The Courage Series)

What I’ve learned from Creativity and Deciding!

If there is one thing I’ve learned about myself in the last year or so it’s that almost anything becomes possible once I set my mind to it and decide to go for it. I’ve taken on so many new experiences not only this year but in the last couple of years that have gotten me to where I am now. All have involved deciding to take on at the time something new. If I had not done so then who knows where or who I’d be, perhaps still me but a little more different, a little less brave/open. It’s not always so easy though, and realizing that much of the time what held me back is in agonzining over decisions, going back and forth between truly wanting to try and bowing out in hopes of gaining more information or clarity. 8ba8ba23c5c41649d489c666dd87b3f4 I’ve driven myself crazy in this process- the hemming and hawing involved in making next steps; second guessing/going one way or the other then back again is exhausting; dwelling on the uncertainty looming in the air at times has seemed like an effort in futility.

What has proven valuable- despite uncertainty- is indubitable power in deciding to do something even if you’re unsure. If guessing at what’s unclear is no help then the one that does and can control is our own decisions, which can either mean being brave in the chance of uncertainty or sticking to what we know and is familiar. Which although is safe, doesn’t really allow you or I to grow. If I had stuck to the familiar and in giving an example say in creativity then I would have never learned how enjoyable baking, or knitting or even doing pastels would have been. By deciding, however, to at least try these experiences I’ve learned and grown so much all of which I wouldn’t have if I stayed in my room.

There’s also a quote I’ve seen and have around my desk that reads:

“If it excites you and scares you at the same time, it might be a good thing to try”.

I find it a great inspiration to help in continuing to be brave and open to new experiences and decisions- both those with great certainty and uncertainty. I think of it every time I’m attempting to write something new; explore a new insight; try something new and especially in sharing my experiences or thoughts with someone else. All of which can seem exciting or scary to me at any given moment depending on how I chose to look at it but by taking I’ve been able to stop worrying and figure out how to move forward. *In full admittance* this is a work in progress for me that has been both inspiring and un-nerving at times but knowing there is only one way to go from where I stand and that’s forward with patience and courage has helped- also the quote mentioned above works well too.

Be brave, bold and determined,


Introverted Butterfly

Following Your Heart and Doing What Inspires You

Insights from a Creative soul, her journey so far and tips for starting a new endeavour!

In reflecting on my year and it’s exciting start- the Creative Challenge (2017) I’ve learned
a lot about what it means to be creative, how to become inspired and essentially make the best out of our lives. To name just a few thoughts on how overwhelmingly successful the process has been but none ring quite as true as the thought “Do img_1953what inspires you”. After all this idea has been the catalyst for this whole journey and beyond as the endeavours a part of it all have come from that search for inspiration and taking on interests that I’ve always wanted to try but have let my own fears- of failing- and perfectionist instincts take over.

When I’ve gotten out of my own way, and let my heart vs. my head led the possibilities became endless. Case in point: Half of leading up to trying baking I was making assumptions that working in the kitchen would be too scary or I’d burn it down or even trying would lead to disaster. Before eveimg_1948n beginning at that point in my mind it would not work out… until I did it. Which lead down a series of discoveries and realizations all starting with “I can and I will”. When we follow our hearts, and choose endeavours that inspire us nothing can become a disaster. I’ve learned this through the Creative Challenge, these experiences are what we make of them, not what they make of us.

Here’s something else to keep in mind…

You will know by the feeling in your heart and if you put all your heart into it there’s no for it to not be a success. For me this translates to butterflies in the stomach, a sudden burst of energy or confidence, curiosity and most times when I can’t stop thinking about the experience then I know I’m on the right track. It’s that meant to be feeling that makes trying all worth one’s while.


The best way to approach such experiences is not through planning, plotting and prodding every last detail (although some planning may be involved) but to plan some and let the rest work itself out. Be patient with the process and TRUST that in time everything else will come to be. By doing so you end up stressing less, being more open to other possibilities and enjoying the journey many surprises. It’s made creating more of a adventure than and an openness to try many other experiences.

Stayed inspired and curious,

Introverted Butterfly

On Brighter Days

Also experiences, opportunities and connections!

Here is how I see the value in sometimes spending my time or going for opportunities. In that there will be those rare experiences that only happen once or you know will be once in a lifetime. The ones not to miss, sit out on or cast aside. Also the ones you remember the rest of your life long after that time has pasted and you are looking back on it in nostalgia. The only way to get there though, is through an openness to whatever comes your way. For me, I have learned to be open to them, exhausted by the end of a week/time, but glad I was there to be a part of the experience than well-rested and remorseful. That’s just my humble point of view.

It’s also harder to write on such things if you’ve never ventured outside your door. To me- the girl who used to think that life happens when these sorts of experiences find you- now knows that the opposite is true. Indeed, that happen when you chose to participate in them and life, putting yourself out there and trying new things. Be prepared to be tired at the end of it all, learn things you didn’t know before and as always more about yourself. As I believe that each opportunity holds those three things or one of those three things for us to find within it. All you or I have to do then is go for it- with little hesitation, some openness and acceptance for whatever is meant to happen. That’s all.

To sum up, although I may be tired at the end of this crazily busy week and have felt like curling up in my sheets and sleeping through the weekend. I donot regret planning the things I did because luckily this time I survived being on the go, had a blast doing so and finally felt like I had great chances to connect with close friends of mine, and build on those connections. These are the things, that make life interesting, full of colour and writing on as I mentioned. Much more so than sitting at a desk, waiting for these chances to come and magically appear.

Butterfly’s Radiant Reads-Part 1

Let It Out- A Journey into Journalling;  By Katie Dalebout

I don’t normally try to write book reviews but it is not often that I come across a great inspirational book that both really relates to my experiences the way this has,and has helped me as much in getting through all the chatter in my head and believe me there was a lot. This book though has done just that. So why keep it’s inspiration to myself when I can pass along the good vibes!

“Let It Out” is written by Katie Dalebout.  A writer- who like me- started out blogging about wellness as a way to express herself and document her attempts in healing and changing her life for the better. Having tried many methods IMG_1615and countless struggles, frustration and disappointment in other treatments she then discovered that to heal the outside you need to begin by healing the inside which starts with your thoughts.

Which is where journalling came in and “a journey into journalling.” Upon reading that I was pleasantly pleased and excited. “You mean there’s someone else out there, who believes in the magic of journalling as much as I ?!?” I thought to myself. It must have been a sign to give this book a chance!

Filled with so many amazing insights, tools and relatable experiences that with each new one I’m agreeing along with her or having an “aha” moment myself. This one is a book not to miss.  It also didn’t take me long to begin marking pages down and trying to remember important passages before they left my mind in order to get out of my funk and back into the habit of journalling.

Don’t worry though, if you aren’t the avid journal yet. It’s a great resource for first time journalers too or any one really willing to write themselves out of a funk (I believe that’s even one of her tools- Write Your Way Out of a Funk). There are lots of tools for both avid and beginner journalers. Here are just some of my favourites so far:

  • The Morning Dump
  • Dream Decoder
  • The F Word Throwdown (not the F word you’re thinking of)
  • The Situation Stepback
  • A Letter to My Condition

And what’s great is you can flip to any one of these exercises when you need it most without worrying about missing some important part early on.

Honestly, I can not say enough wonderful things about this amazing book. It has been my favourite read of the summer so far, I am continuously finding new insights and inspirations to keep positive. So I highly recommend trying it out for yourself if you are up for the journey- that is.

Best of luck, and happy reading!

Introverted Butterfly

Introverted Butterfly’s Feature Blog

According to Greta (https://healthyliving894.com)

So not too long ago I got noticed by another fellow blogger, who just like me is being brave and putting themselves out there ,in the world wide web, in a positive way. It seems that in a world where positivity is rare, but all the more important to spread whenever we bloggers can, it’s good to recognize those who are making an good impact on others through what we share online. Which is why I always enjoy checking out the author of According to Greta (Greta) or ATG, as she sometimes puts it. Whose goal is to:

“Bringing inspiration and motivation- connecting the world! © 2016”

In particular, I enjoy coming across interesting inspirational quotes on her blog that give me something to reflect on throughout my day or that are true to what I’m experiencing. Here are a few of my favourites, amongst many more profound quotes on her blog:

“I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.”~ Pablo Picasso.


For anyone feeling intimidated about trying to do something new can look-up this quote on ATG’s blog and also find it amongst interesting information on the person who said it for further understanding on the meaning of a particular quote.

A second favourite is from Oprah:

“Breathe, let go. And remind yourself that this very moment is the only one you know for sure.”~Oprah Winfrey (from According to Greta)


I particularly enjoyed the write-up to follow this one that the author included on how to appreciate the moments which gives readers something more to reflect on with regards to the quote and suggestions on how to do just that- appreciate the moment-.

Don’t be mistaken though, According to Greta/heatlhyliving894.com is a lot more than motivating quotes. She also writes about inspiring individuals, articles on how to live positively, and my favourites on how to blog right- Blogging 101 articles-. As someone recently new to the world of blogging who wouldn’t want a helpful resource such as advice from someone more experienced then you.

So whether you are looking for inspirational stories, motivational quotes or helpful articles on blogging or other topics. Head over to According to Greta at healthyliving894.com to find it all there and more positivity!

Introverted Butterfly approved Blog Logo 3

Here also is her About Page:


“According to Greta is an inspirational and motivational blog that covers interesting stories, tips, tricks and trends. Greta Lamfel is the Editor in Chief. She is a Freelancer, Business Owner and Blogger. Her favorite quote is one one she created herself, “If there is good and bad in all of us; yin and yang, then shouldn’t forgiveness be the key?” She understands the importance of work-life balance and therefore likes to travel when she gets the chance”

Quote for the Week:

“A person who never made a mistake, never tried anything new.”~ Albert Einstein

I came across this quote while scrolling online and it struck a chord with me. One which rung out “That’s right. It’s so true.”  Even more so as I reflected more deeply into Albert Einstein’s wise wisdom I found this particular one (the Quote of the wonderfully-inspirational-thoughts-for-the-day-19Week) fit in nicely with what I’ve been up to and learning from this week. Which is more fun and experiences in baking.

My aim in baking has simply been to learn and have some fun while doing so along the way. I really (rarely) put any attachments to the outcome -other then it being edible-on my projects when I start because I know it is still somewhat of a new experience for me. By doing this, I have become more open to trying new things and recipes. Embracing my errs into the “So. that happened” category, learning and moving on.

IMG_1443As with anything new, it’s always a bit nerve racking to try for the first time because you don’t quite know how the recipe will turn out but I’ve learned as long as you follow the recipe as best one can, it will be okay. With each recipe, there seems to be less nerve and intimidation- and more trust. I believe this can be true for any new experience we get ourselves into. The more I tried and learned, the more willing I was to try different recipes (such as these Banana Chocolate Chip cookies), even some with my co-chef.

I know we all would rather not have to make mistakes but some are more fun to experience than others, and having an openness towards whatever happens means if something goes awry it’s less likely to ruin the entire experience.  So you make a mess- clean it up; too much banana didn’t ruin the recipe, the cookies just turned out a little differently (although too much of other things might, always try to follow the recipe as best you can). Most importantly have fun and be open to new suggestions and moments of learning. Which is what you’ll find when you let go of the need for things to turn out just so or to turn out perfectly.

Baker’s Best:

Introverted Butterfly

Finding Your Own Personal Anthem (for the Day)

Have you ever had one of those days where it seems like everything around you is go…ing…so…sl..ow? Or like everything is either frustrating, or impossible bringing you right down in the dumps? Then you hear a song on the radio that seems to be helping brighten your day by somehow lifting your mood

If you’re into sports analogies, it could be like the song coaches play to amp up players before a big game to help get them in the right mindset. For the rest of us or those who aren’t quite so sports oriented consider the song (whatever it may be) as your personal anthem or cheer that gets you out of the blue on a dreary day, or perhaps when you feel like things can’t get any better or you’ve made a mistake and play the “what an idiot” game. We’ve all been there, when every mistake replays in our heads and everything we’ve done right has slipped our consciousness. This is the song that changes that, and can help you reclaim your day and perspective. To stop dwelling and begin turning things around.

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Today’s Quote for the Week

“You Miss 100% of the Shots You Don’t Take!”~ Wayne Gretzky

Sitting here, reflecting on everything I’ve felt and that’s happened in the last week. Simply taking stock of what I’ve been feeling and all that’s been happening this past little while realizing that I’ve had nothing to lose when it’s come to putting myself out there. Which has been a big obstabcle I believe in holding me back from being braver and putting myself and my work out there more often or taking advantage of great opportunities. Literally I’ve been mulling over the what-if’s and the worst case scenerios of what could happen when I haven’t even allowed those things to happen yet.

Man, why do our minds always take us in that direction? 

It’s always the “worst-case” scenerios, what if it was just “this happened.” No, best or worst, but looking at it as either way the outcome was exactly that- an outcome-, and what you take away from it is a lesson. Whether you feel like being a little braver next time or discover that maybe you need a bit more practice before trying again. At least, at this point you know better and can learn. Really, it’s impossible to learn if you don’t try. So now, as I’m writing on this I realize that was the meBlog Logo 3ssage all along- right under my stinkin’ fearful nose. “You never know til you try.”

I can guarntee you won’t get any clearer idea of where to go, what to do or how to improve next if you always mull things over. Where you will get some value and insight is by simply trying. I can’t tell you how many new things I’ve tried- including this blog-, and have both gotten better through trying, while learned a lot from the experiences. So it’s worthwhile, and you won’t know how to practice and improve unless you try. All things take practice- that’s a given fact, what they also take is the courage to try. Suddenly, this quote that I’ve read so many times makes sense in a whole new way.  No long is it just interesting but now it’s a realization, an “ahhh, I see” reaction.


How’s that for some Friday motivation for you!

This post is for everyone out there who inspired me to try something new, for that I thank-you, and who continues to inspire me to keep trying new things.

Hope you find this helpful, and as motivational as I did.

Introverted Butterfly

Get Moving to Get Motivated

Let good energy in and bad energy out. 

Have you ever found yourself in a funke or sitting with some stagnant energy that you’re finding hard to shake or get inspired to do something, anything to get rid of that heavy energy off your shoulders, so your day come move from unproductive to productive?

I know I have and it seems to effect my whole outlook on the day. It’s that lathargic, don’t feel like doing anything slum we all get in that seems connected to everything.  If I’ve not feeling that peppy, motivated or good about myself it’s harder to write something of that nature, or anything for that matter. And when I feel like I can’t write then that energy seems to easily transfer onto other feelings of have of myself as having anything worthy of thinking or feeling. Essentially, finding myself in a very unqiue funke (again). It seems until I’ve done something to move that energy or take action, my focus as well seems hard to find at these times. umbrella-871633_1280

So now comes the fun, helpful seemingly easy part that might help answer the question of “What can I do?”

The answer- anything! Anything that gets us moving and active to work through whatever is holding us back in that stuck place. Sometimes, it takes going out and getting what you can done, done or as I’m learning something as simple as going for a walk. After all, it seems the weather is warming up as Spring finally comes, and is encouraging to get out and about. We might as well take advantage of it, as the act of movement itself can help you move past whatever may be holding you back. I’ve read it in countless books, from many people and can even attest to this myself as well (yes, I actually do intend on trying this technique as well). When feeling stagnant or down there seems to be no greater cure than walking it off rathering then continuing to let it drag you down.

Don’t believe me… try it for yourself- as will I in the next little while- and let me know how it goes!

Introverted Butterfly

Going Away to Return to You!

A Lesson on Self Discovery and Being Open to New Experiences!

It is so interesting when you chose to go away somewhere-whether it’s through travelling to another place or country; taking a short trip or retreat- that you can learn so much about yourself and how comfortable you are of stepping outside your comfort zone. Just that alone can teach you about who you are, what you are capable of doing and how far you can grow, just from one or maybe more than one IMG_1392experience.

And this is how I felt having set intentions before going out on my own retreat hoping that I could realize them or even better see them through to come to some sort of understanding about why I needed to set those ones specifically. At the same time I was open to whatever else came of this journey that I agreed to go on knowing this was one of the experiences I decided to gift myself with- stuck in a rut and in need of a way to get out-. What happened following then surprised me (but pleasantly). I discovered so much more about who I am and who I am becoming throughout the course of this journey, but more importantly how much I had grown throughout the seasons (not just during but before). That I needed to give myself credit for that, and embrace this new exploration into who I am. Almost like a reclaiming of the self, amidst this discovery of believing myself as a worthy person and special enough for this journey. I became even more in tune with my inner truth and what makes me special by finding out who I am. With that in mind, I now believe the trick is-whenever you are going away or trying a newoman-570883_640w experience- is to be open to where it can lead and what you can learn from. Some times stepping outside or inside places (as it turned out for me) that aren’t in your comfort zone can teach you so much more about yourself then you’d ever believe. So not only by setting intentions on what you want to get out of a particular experience you can make the best of it, but by being open to anything else that might come up in the process it can surprise you and allow you to grow even more. Or as I discovered sometimes the true you just needs to be rediscovered in the process of going away to come back to oneself.

Truly Yours,

Introverted Butterfly