Following Your Heart and Doing What Inspires You

Insights from a Creative soul, her journey so far and tips for starting a new endeavour!

In reflecting on my year and it’s exciting start- the Creative Challenge (2017) I’ve learned
a lot about what it means to be creative, how to become inspired and essentially make the best out of our lives. To name just a few thoughts on how overwhelmingly successful the process has been but none ring quite as true as the thought “Do img_1953what inspires you”. After all this idea has been the catalyst for this whole journey and beyond as the endeavours a part of it all have come from that search for inspiration and taking on interests that I’ve always wanted to try but have let my own fears- of failing- and perfectionist instincts take over.

When I’ve gotten out of my own way, and let my heart vs. my head led the possibilities became endless. Case in point: Half of leading up to trying baking I was making assumptions that working in the kitchen would be too scary or I’d burn it down or even trying would lead to disaster. Before eveimg_1948n beginning at that point in my mind it would not work out… until I did it. Which lead down a series of discoveries and realizations all starting with “I can and I will”. When we follow our hearts, and choose endeavours that inspire us nothing can become a disaster. I’ve learned this through the Creative Challenge, these experiences are what we make of them, not what they make of us.

Here’s something else to keep in mind…

You will know by the feeling in your heart and if you put all your heart into it there’s no for it to not be a success. For me this translates to butterflies in the stomach, a sudden burst of energy or confidence, curiosity and most times when I can’t stop thinking about the experience then I know I’m on the right track. It’s that meant to be feeling that makes trying all worth one’s while.


The best way to approach such experiences is not through planning, plotting and prodding every last detail (although some planning may be involved) but to plan some and let the rest work itself out. Be patient with the process and TRUST that in time everything else will come to be. By doing so you end up stressing less, being more open to other possibilities and enjoying the journey many surprises. It’s made creating more of a adventure than and an openness to try many other experiences.

Stayed inspired and curious,

Introverted Butterfly

Persistence Pays Off

The Post I’ve Been Meaning to Write

So here’s the thing. Sometimes we need to write something/anything just for the sake of getting it off our minds, or in my case just for the sake of keeping up writing which would be the previous post. This one though, I’ve wanted to approach this subject and post for a while because despite all odds I’ve managed to continually build on my writing and presence somehow out in the great wide web by no other means (that I can explain), then sticking at it. When times got tough, I continued to expand my thinking and when things came naturally I never took them for granted. Either way, I continued to write and it paid off.

Persistence that is. It goes right along with practice, patience and pleasure. Doing something just for the sake of doing it, for your 0f432bd6b30cb31ba391972b24ca46adown enjoyment. Which I suppose if you always write with those thoughts in mind then it’s always paying off because its payoff is the enjoyment of writing. Not in the outcome or recognition but its pleasure. This is also the model I’ve been somewhat following throughout this journey. Writing what feels right in my heart and because I enjoy sharing any insights that come my way not for the recognition other than my own, or popularity or even extra attention. Just from a place of wanting to do this, sharing my passions and observations with whoever else is out there, and as a learning experience because we all know there is lots to be learned out there.

So when good comes out of it, or I catch a break from all this effort
I’ve put into what I’m doing it’s like an extra cool bonus gift (like the buy one get one free effect or purchase this and receive this as free although not really-). The encouragement woman-1195270_1280and support I get helps along the way when I get discouraged but I don’t always rely on that for all reasons to continue writing. Essentially, what I’m try to say is I do it for myself most of the time. To get my thoughts out there or set reminders (a.k.a. the notes to self category) of encouragement for me to go back to when I need a dose of my own words which has been helpful. In this sense, my persistence has always seemed to be payoff in that the reward was writing and doing it for myself. Sometimes, it good to celebrate other successes along the way to show your appreciation for whatever feedback you receive back and as a nice way to recognize your own efforts. So, here I am saying that it also feels good that I’m making an impact out there and am reaching all sorts of people. As you’ll find in anyway we put ourselves out there sometimes the reward is just that we’ve done that much, and anything else that comes from it is a bonus as hopefully every once in a while that persistence pays off and recognition comes your way.

*Author’s note: So thank-you for allowing me to write this, and celebrating this for myself.*

Introverted Butterfly

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One Simple Thought/Truth

The One Simple Truth Rule:

It appears all along that as I’ve been sending out this messages and considerations to all of you at the same time there’s been an even more important underlying thought. This idea is usually the last one I’ll leave you guys with as I’m concluding my insight or topic for a particular post- such as “be yourself” “follow your heart” “take chances” or “appreciate life”, those sorts of ideas. Amid, writing and continuing to hopefully to spread positive messages I’ve always wanted to share one of my new truths – this is true, I have a whole page in a notebook with ideas on this- but hadn’t gotten to know how. It’s almost like the tip of the tongue phenomenon where the idea is there I just couldn’t explain it to you (I understood it clearly, but explaining it to others got tricky) until recently (today actually) when I realized that it didn’t need  a big elaborate explanation, since the main point is simply this:

My own simple truth rule is whatever is going on, or whatever your reading, learning, understanding or experience there is always something we take away from it- a lesson, underlying message, experience, reassurance or some underlying feeling. This take away is the simple truth, what we know in our hearts to be right and even as simple as what the underlying message is at the end of a post. It’s as simple as that. No long drawn out explanation or complicated process. What it is, has been here all along right under my nose and has guided me to follow my heart and speak it when writing on this blog- the very question I ask myself of when writing: “What is the main message?”  is disguised as the “simple truth”.

Having discovered this for me I now encourage you to seek it more in your own lives and see what you can find… and what answers one may find right under our noses.

Seek yours and discover how simple following our hearts is.

Introverted Butterfly

Finding Our Place (in a Friendship, amongst friends) Part 2

Finding my place as a friend, and realizing that has been a powerful self actualization for me, and can be for anyone tricky at the same time when we are just trying to figure out ourselves what makes us a worthwhile person- is it my listening? One may ask my advice? Showing up? Showing that I care? All questions that make finding answers or certainty in relationships difficult and doubting- some we may never quite get the answers to but if we know our place within it can be to feel more at ease on the outer side. I believe that us as introverts find this particularly challenging in what seems like a world/society that thrives in extrovert and those who pose confidently in who they are. If we don’t know who we are as individuals, it can be tricky to know who we are/what we bring as friends… You can’t be confident in the one without being confident in the first without getting lost in who you think that person wants you to be. And while, we or anyone cannot be everything for one individual, who we can be is our authentic selves the version of us that  our truest friends would want us to be. This comes from firstly knowing ourselves (thyself) and then finding our place(s).

Knowing thyself, allows us to let others know us in a truly authentic way. It may seem simple but it really is an empowering piece in believing your worthiness and the value you have as a friend. So, here’s a couple steps in finding our way:

  • When we truly value and know ourselves it becomes easier to figure out what we bring as friends, in groups or relationships. NO longer will we need to pretend to be anyone or anything else- other than us-.
  • We also by discovering our strengths, may find undiscovered interests and passions- use these to help you become more comfortable being in conversations (with conviction)
  • Lastly, all this is well and good, but only if you’re in the right company (and this most likely varies for each individual) but the underlying message is people who bring out the best in us and know how encourage that (intentionally or not).

Introverted Butterfly

Accepting our paths and Building on Our Strengths

Figuring out who we are, or what we are meant to be doing can be such a tricky and daunting task (if we make it that). Already out there, the world is influencing who we are without anybody really realizing it. This true, as we continue to be bombarded with images, ideas and notions of what society expects everyone to be like. The trick is to tune into your heart, and listen when it points us in new and exciting directions, or when suddenly your drawn to a particular passion or thing out of the blue. That (my friends) is no coincidence, everything happens for a reason, and there’s significance behind every new opportunity. Your trick is to ask yourself “curious questions”, and figure out what that reason is specifically for you (after all, it is a message only you can decipher and make sense of). This is all part of our journey and discovery into who we are, and what makes us (well) us. Therefore, since each of our paths are individual to us, there can be no “normal” or “expected”- how can those notions exist if we are all different, learn differently and grow at different paces.

Yet, we continue to compare ourselves to one another and find reasons to point out how differences can be such a burden by focusing on where there is weakness. Navigating the world can be such a tricky exploration as all of us are just trying to figure out how we can fit into it’s place. I believe what is most important, is showing each others strengths, and the gifts every one of us have to offer. I’ve had to learn this myself in my very own journey and realized the power in harnessing what I do have rather than on what I wish I had.Just_Be_Youthumb By not letting what sets me back or dwelling on my weaknesses define who I am, I’ve begin reaching my full potential and accepting who I am (whole heartedly). Yes, I’m not perfect, and have lots to learn still, BUT I’m willing to continue to grow and explore without letting how others have labeled my different view on the world define me. Here is the true message:

“Don’t let your limitations- or what we believe to be limitations- define you and stop you from reaching your full potential. Follow your heart, dreams and continue to realize out how amazingly special you are. It is one small part of who you are, there is so much more to who you are that makes you, YOU!”

Embrace all the wonderful traits, strengths and aspects of who you are. Explore those gifts and let them guide you to your true passion- and BE YOU!

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Introverted Butterfly

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Finding Time for Fun and Family Time

There is nothing better for getting you out of a funk like family (in a lighthearted way). After feeling a little blue and heavy (oddly enough I don’t know why) I was in need of a really, really good lighthearted time which remained a mystery to me. Having spent way too much time dwelling on everything wasn’t getting me anywhere fast and in the right direction. So, in need of a different approach and fun I hesitantly decided to get away for the weekend with family. I dreaded going and convinced myself that mopping around was what’s best (it clearly wasn’t). It turns out that what really was best- my remedIMG_0301y to the blues- was right in front of my very own nose- spend time with family, gain different perspectives, relax, have fun and let loose and take in the unconditional love, support and acceptance you can  receive from family was also an important part of the remedy. Yet all unrealized until I got there. That was what I needed most to remove the funk!

The lesson here then remains that often what we most need is what we occasionally are trying to push away or avoid the most- fighting the message the world is trying to tell us. In truth, sometimes when we have a solid feeling that “oh, this doesn’t feel right!” or “I’m fighting this, but I don’t know why?” it’s often our heart telling us that whatever “it” is, that’s what we need most or should take time out to reevaluate our next move. For me, it was fun and time with family. As I have said before, when we are following our hearts, they will never guide us wrong, and once you tune into your intuition there is new awareness that allows you to ask curious questions as to “why” you are feeling a certain way. So, if you are feeling stretched out and way into our heads; seek out someone or people you know who can help lighten the load and show you  what matters most.

To having fun, finding support and refreshing our psyche!

Introverted Butterfly

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Creating an Experience

I feel that there is something so magical when every bit of timing comes together into one point or place. It’s a feeling of realizing that the waiting, wondering and hoping has all been worth it. Now sometimes, that does take a bit of work and waiting (as I am learning) but in the end it seems to be worth it in waiting for the right opportunity to present itself. What it comes down to is simply putting that thought or inspiration out there– and from your heart, rather than your head– when we do that it’s hard to go wrong because our heart will always lead us to the right moment- whenever/wherever it may be. Remember, if at first you don’t succeed; try, try again and look closer- the time may not have been right, or at the right opportunity. Ask yourself. Is there AP_perseid_meteor_shower_nt_130809_16x9_992something I could have done differently? By asking ourselves these questions, we come across answers to help plan better and here is where the planning really pays off. When you know that it was your hard work that made the experience, those moments and that time happen by allowing everything to come together in the right moment, then you bring the magic forward and create a truly memorable experience for all. One thing I have to add is creating these experiences doesn’t have to be a huge time commitment or filled with elaborate plans. It can be something as simple as hanging out, watching movies or the stars (in this case). As even I am still learning to take it into account. By making it simple, you leave little room for their worries and chances are  if you are willing to make it easier for others then they may be more willing to say “yes”. Lastly, If it is important to you and something you really want to do, make it happen~ no excuses! You’ll be thankful that you did and allowed the experience to happen or in the least tried (and didn’t regret not trying). Final inspiration: Don’t be afraid to put suggestions out there, you never know where they might lead!

Introverted Butterfly

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Answer to a Question:

“What does keeping your options open and open communication mean?”

For a while I’ve been toying with this question, probably since the first I heard the advice of keeping something “open” as if it’s as easy as holding a door open with a wedge or opening a can/jar of something (which I admit isn’t always easy, depending on your grip) but at least can be straight forward. Turn a certain direction, wait for a pop and viola it’s open. So upon hearing this particular action verb (“open”) in a deeper context perplexed me- perhaps because I envisioned that what I thought was being open was more like “ajar” or “closed”- as if you’re not following that path then the alternative current action would be that it’s/your actions are closed. Anyways, after investigating for further understanding or some clarification I learned that in this deeper context can either mean “open- meaning the lines of communication still back and forth going between two people” or “open- being honest with how you are feeling and yourself” which after some inner soul searching it also means for me to listen to what your heart is saying and trust that. *Darn* I thought “there’s that tricky “T” word, popping back up again. Something, I’m sure we all struggle with- being honest with ourselves, being with what your feelings are essentially all comes down to trusting your heart!?!

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