“It’s not what you are doing or where you are, but who you are with that matters most”

Thoughts on travels, making the most of days off and planning adventures

For the longest time all I ever wanted to do was to escape any present or impending work week drabs by going off to some far away places and destinations, where my worries and stresses about life and any other concerns could be long forgotten. The travel bug had bitten again and I was falling for it.  This was what the word “adventure” meant in my mind and therefore the only way to have an adventure or feel that sense of care-freeness a part of going away was to travel far.

Until I found someone (special) equally as curious, open and willing to explore as I am that taught me  “adventures” can take many forms and that sometimes it doesn’t matter where you are or even what we are doing as much as it’s who you are with that helps make any day an adventure. Simply experiencing those things together and making our own adventures close to home has led to incredible days and inspiration for future adventures and projects. So for now I am happy helping to create and explore places closer to home with inspirations to go a bit further in broadening our horizons. All in all  maps-pin-624x351it really doesn’t  matter because those days were made into adventures by us just spending time together and seeing where the day could day take us.

The final insight and a summing up: To remember wherever you chose it to be- as far or close as you like- it’s who you are with that matters most, from there adventure will follow and you’re bound to have a good time.

*Thank-you for showing me that we don’t need to travel far to find adventures, and that what makes adventures great is us.*

Introverted Butterfly

Thoughts on Graduating and Transitions

Transitioning from one role to the next can be tough, and even tougher still to figure out which path to travel next. The beauty of transitions and new stages in lifeis that you have that choice. There are many stages of transitioning and experiences we go through, all important and varied. But one of the larger ones is after finally concluding our academic career and feel ready to move onto to big steps and dreams. Which is why today, I am mainly going to focus on graduation- the most common one this time of year-.

Yes, the road ahead can seem like quite the long one and there are many questions to answer along the way, but here I’ll offer my best advice looking back on how I handled it and what I’m continuing to learn as I figure new pieces out.

When learning within classroom walls is what we’re used to most it can be hard to imagine what else may be in store for us. It can be overwhelming in the first little while as the transition takes place but as you start to figure things out and some questions get answered you can get a feel for what may come ahead. For me, anyways, it was learning in new ways. Now I am learning about myself, how I interact amongst the world and what it is really like out there- actually experiencing life, people and how it works, along

Background-Of-Graduationwith tons more lessons. Which is rather exciting. Secondly, that feeling of being overwhelmed by what’s ahead can be totally normal. Once you get over the nerves you’ll see that it’s your time to create your own path, set your own goals with measurable steps, and perhaps rediscover or to even more finally follow your passion. One of my favourite parts is realizing that I can do, what I’ve always wanted to- which is write and continue to learn as much about the craft as I can.

It can be tough at first to do this, and that’s some courage and curiousity, but it’s totally worth in the end. After all, this is your time to claim the future and continue to grow even greater on our own. Final advice: The best way to know and begin is to take small steps- in a positive direction-, after all you may never know where they lead and the only way to find out is to try!

So all the best out there, to anyone transitioning into whatever next great endeavor it may be! Keep on, keepin’ on!

Introverted Butterfly (always transforming and learning)