Creating Goals and Working Through Them

Reflections on Changing Directions and Setting Goals!

I’ve really been thinking about the courage it takes to pursue something new or start a new project and how to move forward from there. You know the necessary steps it takes and the hard work involved that mainly seem to stump me up from the beginning. I’ve also realized that there’s a certain courage it often takes in the doing but firstly I believe it must come in deciding to do so and following through. Without that it’s as the quote says:

A Goal without a Plan is Just a Wish

So I admire others who were able to follow their plans while I still struggle in sorting mine out. Occasionally comparing my first ch
apter to their middle or end which is in how they’ve been able to pursue their passions or take those next few steps. While not  giving credit to how far I’ve come and the progress I’ve made.

With that said, here is what I learned about creating and pursuing our goals:

  1. Sometimes the only way to figure out what works for us; what we can do and even what our goal might be is to try. It took me many attempts at writing before I figured out that blogging is for me, and I’m still learning from it and figuring out what specifically works. There’s a lot to be learned through trial and error. Even the simplest experiences are great guides in showing us what works for us, what doesn’t and what is most important. BUT it is only throu72e8ca0e9b0dcfe9befc65c80a36ad41gh these experiences that we gain valuable insights.
  2. Each new step to that point seems to be built upon the last. The more you put in and work towards that goal, the clearer it will become. You may also find what isn’t working for you anymore, but even those steps will bring you closer to what does.
  3. With each step there is room for further inquiries and also setbacks. Both allow us to reflect on our choices and adjust the direction of the sails. One important point is being gentle with ourselves if we come into tough times or make mistakes. It’s just a lesson that perhaps it’s time to reevaluate and reflect on where we went wrong and how to move in a better direction. Reflection is good, dwelling not so good.

It can be tricky feeling ready to take on change especially if we are uncertain how. Hopefully thinking of each decision simply a step or way to try something helps us be more open to it. It’s just a step for us to see where it may lead and it’s a way for us to move past the hypothetical “ifs” or “what ifs” we often get stuck on in between deciding whether it’s something we want to do or not. I’ve embraced many new experiences this past year and learned great new skills simply by deciding to go for them and seeing how it goes, figuring things out along the way. When you decide to try and see what happens the possibilities are endless. Who knows you might end up surprising yourself.

Best of Luck, and Great Steps,

Introverted Butterfly



When in doubt… knit it out (or whatever works)

A look inside creativity as a helpful outlet

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about creativity and how it’s helped make the everyday routines, structures and schedules of life more interesting, especially as I’ve been taking a gentle hiatus from writing and focused on other creative endeavours. Whether it’s been more baking, or in learning to knit or most recently in pastel work I’ve come into great insights on how pursuing these interests has helped add something to look forward to in day-to-day life and how each endeavour is it’s own creative adventure.

There are two main thoughts that each experience seemed to have in common for it to be helpful and worth continually pursuing. The first is it simply has to inspire me, and somehow aid in my curiosity to learn and explore as a outlet but with that said it also has to work for my own individual purposes and makes sense to me. Which varies depending on how I chosen to approach it. These are the initial thoughts I had going into each new month and being open to what it’s brought. Upon closer look I’ve discovered that diving in these creative projects there’s a third bonus and that is taking up any of these; whether it be knitting, planning next baking days or finding my confidence in using pastels; has not only given me new ways to be creative but acted as incentive to get through the week.  I can go into work knowing that my reward for getting through is awaiting me at home. Almost like my own version of saving and planning for future trips, only instead of trips it’s projects to look forward to and plan.

This creative adventure has led me to some wonderful pastimes and ways to cope when things get long, tough or tiring without going far from home.  I’ve gotten a new lease on my life and found excitement in what I do everyday to help make it more exciting when at the moment I’ve felt unprepared to travel far again. Keep in mind, that it doesn’t have to be creative adventures for you that’s just what worked for me. It could be anything you are involved in whether once a week, or twice, everyday or every few weeks that helps make where you or I are at more interesting, manageable or fun while we wish and dream for grander adventures far away.

That’s it for now,

The Curious Creative and Introverted Butterfly (P.S. It’s good to be back!)

Being Ambitious…

And What It Means…

To me, It has always meant that there are certain things I wanted to accomplish in my lifetime, experiences to have and goals to set that at times may be out of my reach or  are very, very important to me. These are the things, that drive me (and probably you) forward into new endeavours, help me grow and are good ways to spread my wings and limits.

The experience seems that during those times, it’s a relentless search to attain goals just out of reach and often for me leads to some sort of unfulfilled feelings and desires. Deep down, I always seem to believe there will be something better out there, or more to do… but that’s as far as ambition often carries me. So, yeah it can be challenging but I also believe that it is key in moving forward and seeking out new opportunities. It’s job seems to be each time a welcome catalyst for change, a way to possibly embrace it and continue the daydreams, of bigger futures if only in my head. Continue reading

Question: “How do you know when you’re ready for change?”

My thoughts on it based on past experiences

It seems from experience,  you may never know how ready for change you are, until the day it happens. This is what can make it challenging, to prepare or plan, even in the most obvious of circumstances there is still something to that change out of our control. So the only way to be ready then is to look back and realize that what made you ready was getting through the change and being brave enough to take on more endeavours in the future.

Continue reading

It All Comes Down to Time (and Energy)!

How there never seems to be enough of both!


It’s a conundrum that I’m sure we all wrestle with from time to time. Figuring out how to fit in everything we want to do and what we should do within a week. For myself, this comes in the form of my list of explorations and projects that continues to grow which is a good thing except the time to get everything done, finish or start projects, get organized, get going or get through seems to go by faster? It seems strange how when we put more on our plates there seems less for ourselves or maybe this is the way it’s always been and I am just now noticing…

The more I explore possibilities the more I wish I could take them on, all of them but light_bulb_clip_art_7801have a tendency to forget that there is only so much time in the day to get things and prioritize what’s most important. Whether it’s my writing one day, spending time with friends/family, relaxing or learning. This faces me with the very possibility that I may not get to do everything, or do it when I feel is best. Perhaps, this is part of me proving that in order to keep up with the world I’ve had to find a way of doing as much asfd3639e8f10364d1ae94696105b27f75 I can- even if it’s too much. Balancing what I should, and what I want to do  isn’t easy.

This conflict of interests proves has meant that in order to understand that I have to chose wisely how I use my time it’s also meant accepting the fact sometimes I’ll have to sit out some experiences in order to enjoy others, and that no matter how hard I try to extend the day or “cheat the system” (which to me means working against what you are capable of or trying to change that), the fact remains it’s still twelve hours and sometimes we can only do so much without making it too much. This much I have learned and each week I am discovering that the only real way we can optimize ourselves is by doing everything we can to be well rested as well as simply by being selective with where we spend it. Instead on a bunch of little small things or distractions that aren’t really benefical to our happiness it’s much better to spend that energy in concentration on something that won’t just be rewarding in present but future too creating a much more lasting happiness.

Good luck, and for now:

Introverted Butterfly

On Learning…

My thoughts and experiences on it as a perpetual learner

If there is one thing I know for certain, it’s that we really should never stop learning. In fact, recently I’ve learned it can be quite dangerous to become complacenet in life or at least this is what it’s felt like for me.

The moment I discovered how stuck I was from not growing or moving forward in anyway I became dissatisified. Suddenly, the feeling that something had to change occurred and I took action. I needed a challenge that would feel good for me, not overwhelm or overly frustrate me but something I would enjoy being challenged at and could handle. Hence, I took an online course that reminded me of how much I enjoyed learning something new. It was a refreshing feeling to be moving forward again in a way that was comfortable yet challenging, in a subject that I am passionate about learning. When thinking about learning in this context, it seems that amongst this experience I was learning all along and all it took to find that answer was some reflection. Yes, indeed there is much to be learned outside of school and when you think about learning is taking many forms with different lessons, but to me the most important one is in learning about who we are and that’s what I’ve learned in the process of exploring the world, who I am and what I can handle.

There really is no time like the present to take hold of any opportunities that come our way and experience this first hand when we open our minds to the possibilities and make the “now” matter when we find ways to challenge ourselves, take up a new skill, or explore a new subject therefore making the most valuable time of life (so far) now.   It’s like the saying goes “there is no time like the present that’s why they call it the present because it’s a gift”. Being determined to make the most of it  I always try to either learn from each experience or embrace it,  discovering what I can accomplish, where each possibility can take me, how I can learn from every single experience out there and tackle scenarios I wouldn’t have thought possible. The world is your classroom and has the potential to help you discover where your thoughts, dreams and curiousities can take you so why not make the most of what it has to offer!

Happy Learning, from the Perpetual Student and

Introverted Butterfly


On Brighter Days

Also experiences, opportunities and connections!

Here is how I see the value in sometimes spending my time or going for opportunities. In that there will be those rare experiences that only happen once or you know will be once in a lifetime. The ones not to miss, sit out on or cast aside. Also the ones you remember the rest of your life long after that time has pasted and you are looking back on it in nostalgia. The only way to get there though, is through an openness to whatever comes your way. For me, I have learned to be open to them, exhausted by the end of a week/time, but glad I was there to be a part of the experience than well-rested and remorseful. That’s just my humble point of view.

It’s also harder to write on such things if you’ve never ventured outside your door. To me- the girl who used to think that life happens when these sorts of experiences find you- now knows that the opposite is true. Indeed, that happen when you chose to participate in them and life, putting yourself out there and trying new things. Be prepared to be tired at the end of it all, learn things you didn’t know before and as always more about yourself. As I believe that each opportunity holds those three things or one of those three things for us to find within it. All you or I have to do then is go for it- with little hesitation, some openness and acceptance for whatever is meant to happen. That’s all.

To sum up, although I may be tired at the end of this crazily busy week and have felt like curling up in my sheets and sleeping through the weekend. I donot regret planning the things I did because luckily this time I survived being on the go, had a blast doing so and finally felt like I had great chances to connect with close friends of mine, and build on those connections. These are the things, that make life interesting, full of colour and writing on as I mentioned. Much more so than sitting at a desk, waiting for these chances to come and magically appear.

My “Swinging” Observation

How I found comfort and clarity on a swingset

I have found myself with a lot to think through recently and some unexpected insights to wrap my head. This has really brought up some interesting questions and experiences, of course one can’t get away scathe free from these insight… On one hand, with each new decision and day I am feeling more certain that there really is a great big world out there ready for me to conquer. On the other hand, there’s still much navigating left to do especially in terms of connections and friendships. As it seems, many elements remain behind unknown doors, and the learning… well it never ends. Which is good, but also quite challenging. There are times where I wished the answers were easy to decipher, having already come up with the questions myself, and finding that both take bravery, and great deal of it.

It has been exactly these kinds of thoughts that left my head spinning and my emotions frazzled along with shot nerves. Exhausted from the tremultous back and forth, on one of my walks I found myself seeking out an old strategy from mBlog Logo 3y past. As a child, I spent hours here, going back and forth trying to calm myself through whatever had jarred me of the day. At the time, this was one of the few ways that helped me coping with a very overwhelming world- at the time-. Since then, I’ve tried a few other strategies, a bit more complex or in need of more practice but none did the trick as simply or easily as the swing set. Magically, my thinking would be clearer and nerves in tack after trying many less successful strategies. Funny, isn’t it that the things we found self-soothing in the past always seem to work well then and now. For me, this has been the swings. There is something about the up and down momentum that helps calm my nerves; and leads to clearer thinking. Perhaps it’s the altitude, periodical
ly feeling like I’m elevated from all that plagues me on ground level or the repetitiveness of going back and forth acts as a form of meditative activity to bring upon a focused mind. Whatever works I guess, and that it gave me some of the clarity I was searching for.

This is what works for me. I’m curious as to what you’ve tried/what strategies work for you? Feel free to add in the comments below.

Simply Yours,

Introverted Butterfly

Making it Through the “Wait”

More on Practicing Patience: How I’m told it helps in particular situations…

In full admittance, this isn’t a forte of mine. Possibly because patiences isn’t even my middle name- it’s a normal name don’t worry-. Regardless, I find myself tirelessly practicing patience in some of the most tricky situations. As if that’s become my test. “Well, let’s see. She believes it’s gotten easier for her- let’s just test that and why not throw some interesting emotions into the mix.” This is what I picture whoever or whatever brings these situations upon me says as things are finally going well and I’m finally feeling good about the place I am in my life.

Haven’t you felt this way before? Or is it just me?

It seems that anytime things remotely start to line up there is another wrench thrown into the kit/plan, or another hurdle to get over. And this is where my patience or lack there of it
have-patience-withcomes into play. There’s not much to do other than to try and work through whatever obstacle or test in unforeseen circumstances comes our way, and sometimes it takes time- and a lot of gentleness and understanding towards oneself. The kind where we must take one day at a time, see how we feel and find a way to best get through. Which is sometimes stepping back while other times taking steps to correct our action or re-evaluate the situation without acting too fast. Otherwise, the less appealing option is rolling up into a ball of disappointment, frustration and exhaustion after willing oneself to move forward. Trust me this isn’t always the greatest as it gets you nowhere and solves nothing. As simple as it sounds, though, it can be quite challenging. Each day you may find has many twists and turns that yes lead to different revelations- sometimes ones you don’t really want to accept. Ones such as decisions to either move you forward in a situation or perhaps find it’s time to collect yourself, be grateful for all it brought and carry on in the hopes that one day it will work out differently. I know I’ve been on this rollercoaster several times before trying to figure out my way of a situation, and somehow I’ve also managed to get through- and if I can so can you!

Best of Luck, and Well Wishes:

Introverted Butterfly

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How to Believe You Deserve Everything Good!


My Own Inner Wisdom:

Have you ever wondered to yourself “How do I deserve this good thing?” or perhaps thought that you didn’t. So you intentionally sabotage your happiness, luck, fortune or the experience/relationship in order to feel better about having it or believe you’ll be better off without it? Thinking it somehow gets to decide what you deserve or don’t…

I know I often have and what’s interesting is I’ve believed it many times and let it dictate how I go about or feel about a situation. For instance, sometimes I’ve only seen the negative qualities in it that make one think “This really isn’t worth it” becoming blind to everything else there that is good. It can be difficult for us to see in ourselves because so much of what is actually happening, happens to us. This has taken me a lot of reflection to realize where those thoughts came from and how they affected my outlook on what I deserved. What’s been interesting is I’ve realized it really doesn’t take much to convince me (or perhaps you) to start acting it out, believing it’s true and finding ways to ruin what I have or throw it out. As it turns out, it only takes one setback to return to the lowest of the lows when it comes to believing what I deserve. One “critical” error to send us back into the pits of being undeserving and self sabotaging.

At least, this is how it seems for me…happy-quotes

Yet was can enough to change my entire perspective and stop me from forgiving myself. If you’ve experienced this, I’m sure you are somewhat aware of the type of thinking that precedes wanting to quit/give up. It falls under the self sabotaging category.These are the thoughts that can easily rule our actions and chances at happiness or moving forward. For me I often thought that quitting was the right thing to do, giving it all up and starting over, in the end
would mean I’d be happier without all these good things. I’d believe I didn’t deserve them.   Which are probably more common than you or I realize. Until  it occurred to me that it all was self inflicted. My thoughts were changing my beliefs and dictating my actions in a way that wasn’t helpful. Realizing this was a huge turning point in my life. Suddenly, everything I had struggled with, put myself down for and situation that caused me grief made sense. Sure, at first it was the incident that had caused the stress or upset but consequently after the initial shock had run through it was ME making it harder for myself, not anything or anyone else. Every situation then ran into my mind, and the answer was simple, it all stemmed from the “I don’t deserve to…/am not good enough…” train of thought. Unconsciously or not, I was finding a way to make the situation NOT work or HARDER on
myself instead easier. Rather than finding solutions I was just causing more problems because of my own belief of not deserving a second chance or understanding. What it then comes down to is these two things:

  1. Starting believe that you and I along with everyone else does deserve everything that brings us happiness. You know why, because saying we don’t is a limited belief, one we shouldn’t always and don’t have to listen to. If it is really difficult to believe perhaps we can start with simple affirmations, that create small changes in our thinking. Giving ourselves a pat on the back- even if it’s just getting through another day.
  2.   Also the more you do start believing in the good  and it becomes easier to realize when we were letting that limited belief guide us in that self sabotaging direction, and redirect it into positive thinking. Bonus, you may even find it’s easier to appreciate all the wonderful things in your life if you actually believe to be worthy of them.
  3. Finally, make the most of the situation/situations and be easy on yourself. It will help  boost your self worth rather than decrease it!

Keep believing positively, (because you deserve all the good that comes your way!)

Introverted Butterfly