When in doubt… knit it out (or whatever works)

A look inside creativity as a helpful outlet

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about creativity and how it’s helped make the everyday routines, structures and schedules of life more interesting, especially as I’ve been taking a gentle hiatus from writing and focused on other creative endeavours. Whether it’s been more baking, or in learning to knit or most recently in pastel work I’ve come into great insights on how pursuing these interests has helped add something to look forward to in day-to-day life and how each endeavour is it’s own creative adventure.

There are two main thoughts that each experience seemed to have in common for it to be helpful and worth continually pursuing. The first is it simply has to inspire me, and somehow aid in my curiosity to learn and explore as a outlet but with that said it also has to work for my own individual purposes and makes sense to me. Which varies depending on how I chosen to approach it. These are the initial thoughts I had going into each new month and being open to what it’s brought. Upon closer look I’ve discovered that diving in these creative projects there’s a third bonus and that is taking up any of these; whether it be knitting, planning next baking days or finding my confidence in using pastels; has not only given me new ways to be creative but acted as incentive to get through the week.  I can go into work knowing that my reward for getting through is awaiting me at home. Almost like my own version of saving and planning for future trips, only instead of trips it’s projects to look forward to and plan.

This creative adventure has led me to some wonderful pastimes and ways to cope when things get long, tough or tiring without going far from home.  I’ve gotten a new lease on my life and found excitement in what I do everyday to help make it more exciting when at the moment I’ve felt unprepared to travel far again. Keep in mind, that it doesn’t have to be creative adventures for you that’s just what worked for me. It could be anything you are involved in whether once a week, or twice, everyday or every few weeks that helps make where you or I are at more interesting, manageable or fun while we wish and dream for grander adventures far away.

That’s it for now,

The Curious Creative and Introverted Butterfly (P.S. It’s good to be back!)

Following Your Heart and Doing What Inspires You

Insights from a Creative soul, her journey so far and tips for starting a new endeavour!

In reflecting on my year and it’s exciting start- the Creative Challenge (2017) I’ve learned
a lot about what it means to be creative, how to become inspired and essentially make the best out of our lives. To name just a few thoughts on how overwhelmingly successful the process has been but none ring quite as true as the thought “Do img_1953what inspires you”. After all this idea has been the catalyst for this whole journey and beyond as the endeavours a part of it all have come from that search for inspiration and taking on interests that I’ve always wanted to try but have let my own fears- of failing- and perfectionist instincts take over.

When I’ve gotten out of my own way, and let my heart vs. my head led the possibilities became endless. Case in point: Half of leading up to trying baking I was making assumptions that working in the kitchen would be too scary or I’d burn it down or even trying would lead to disaster. Before eveimg_1948n beginning at that point in my mind it would not work out… until I did it. Which lead down a series of discoveries and realizations all starting with “I can and I will”. When we follow our hearts, and choose endeavours that inspire us nothing can become a disaster. I’ve learned this through the Creative Challenge, these experiences are what we make of them, not what they make of us.

Here’s something else to keep in mind…

You will know by the feeling in your heart and if you put all your heart into it there’s no for it to not be a success. For me this translates to butterflies in the stomach, a sudden burst of energy or confidence, curiosity and most times when I can’t stop thinking about the experience then I know I’m on the right track. It’s that meant to be feeling that makes trying all worth one’s while.


The best way to approach such experiences is not through planning, plotting and prodding every last detail (although some planning may be involved) but to plan some and let the rest work itself out. Be patient with the process and TRUST that in time everything else will come to be. By doing so you end up stressing less, being more open to other possibilities and enjoying the journey many surprises. It’s made creating more of a adventure than and an openness to try many other experiences.

Stayed inspired and curious,

Introverted Butterfly

Broadening Our Horizions

Experiencing New Things and Learning

There is nothing quite so inspiring and refreshing as venturing into new opportunities- whether it’s in business, travel or personal- and as timid as one may be (because I too have felt this way) what is most rewarding and greater than that is going for it anyways, despite the hesitation and finding out how exciting, thrilling, lively and powerful it can be. I’m sure we all have these preconceived notions in our heads about what it may or may not be like, whether we’re be good at it (or not), and think to ourselves how can I possibly take on something new? Let me tell you something though, more often than not the one thing that allows those thoughts to be let in is not doubt, or rational justification but FEAR- of whatever-, that tells us maybe now is not the time for this- but if not now, then when? As the known philosophy states. You could say “when I’m ready”, “when things aren’t so this or that”  till the cows come home but the adventurer in you or one’s curiosity often pipes up and replies “if not now then when?” knowing that there may not be a when. Sometimes if we’re lucky opportunities come around twice to our doors, but most of the time it’s only once and once their gone, their gone. There is no “when”, just like there is no “sometime” or “in the future” or “someday” or even “next time”. You get the point- though- don’t you…

As I’m learning through the great spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle, there will never be the future. All we have is the present, right now in this moment. So one better make the best of it and learn as much as we can, expand our understanding, the human experience and try something new. For me, this was playing on the Jumbay drums for the first time- creating music- or more importantly creating something which was a whole lot more than I’d be doing sitting at home wondering what it be like to play the drums!

So ask yourself, what’s stopping you from trying something new? You never know… you might just be inspired when you do try!

Introverted Butterfly

Dreams and Goals

Do you ever find yourself day-dreaming in those quiet moments of reflection or mundane tasks of life about what it would be like achieving your wildest dreams? I do-often-, it’s the motivating thought that keeps me plugging away when I feel like giving in, the extra fuel to my fire of dulled embers when I find myself uninspired- that passion for achieving it and love of what I do (writing).

For as long as I’ve remembered becoming an author has been a huge dream of mine. Of course, as with all fantasy lives we pretend to live or are currently living what we initially pictured it being like is sometimes far from what it’s truly like-in real life-. Example: When I brush away images of the revered and solitary (yet successful) writers, those thoughts of self sustaining with the single career of writing, which is far fetched (unless you plan on becoming the next big writer) and celebrating our huge success (because face it in our minds success is always HUGE and never small) in come the reality- the dream is still there but more practical and with the conclusion  it will take some time to get there. The reality often is holding down a steady income job as well as the pursuit of the passion. This will mean split time, effort and energy but it can also mean possible and an more focused and determined use of time- as I found-.

What is the most important here is never letting that vision slip from your day dreams and thoughts pursue it with every ounce of your heart -and this I’m just now starting to believe for myself- and the energy will find you in the moments you  least expected it to. Like a light turning on for the first time with a fresh light bulb. The “aha’s” sudden solutions or simple first then next steps will find a way to bring you closer- it may not be as close as we’d like but it will be closer than before- to your dream and the dream just might seem more attainable, that vision more real.

So, dare to dream, and believe and work towards the seemingly impossible.

Introverted Butterfly

Celebrating Victories- #2 A New Awareness

A New Awareness going into a New Month

Normally, I don’t like to brag about myself a whole lot but believe that today deserves a victory recognition. This past month in particular has been on the challenging side for me- between balancing schedules, dates and getting accustomed to new stages in transitions it has been full of ups and downs, fun and some not so fun days. This had me in a tailspin for most of it, trying to figure out where I’d land or how/when things would settle down. There was an ever hopefulness that one day all I’ve come through would make sense and  then the realization came it that might not have been within that month. Now, I know why though- because much like the success of finally trying to balance on the surf board- I am coming into a place of not NEEDING it’s going to be okay but knowing. Having endured those waves for this place of new calm and awareness is what’s exciting. Also, this is what I look forward to in the coming month, and what I hope will be like moving forward- but we can’t predict the future,  we can-however- look forward to it with optimism and awareness.

It’s exciting, awesome and empowering to realize this, even more so to share this with all of you. I hope this helps inspire you to keep pushing on and moving forward. There is no looking back, only forward and present!


Introverted Butterfly

Revisiting Your Sense of Adventure

Sometimes being stuck in the same routine and places can be tiring. You find yourself in somewhat of a groundhog day routine, longing for something new and out of the ordinary. Whether it be some sort of adventure or a simple escape that allows you to IMG_2044reflect on your own thoughts can bring in a welcome REFRESHER to our lives and allow us to get out of our routs. For me, this was going somewhere at a completely DIFFERENT pace than I’m used to, giving me the chance-once I returned-to appreciate how lucky I am that mine is so simple and laid back (compared to this pace). One thing, I must say is that after returning from my adventure is that I’m still readjusting to the routine back home in disbelief that A) the trip happened so fast B) how exciting it was and C) that I’ll be forever grateful for the experience. I always enjoy going places that are outside my comfort zone to see how well I do and what I can learn from venturing out into the new and different experiences it might bring, but I always come to appreciate even more so the comfort of home and familiarity of my own routines that much more. IMG_1950So, not only do you end up un-sticking yourself from ruts but coming to appreciate the familiarity of routine that much more. To sum up, it’s good to get out of your comfort zone every once in a while and expand your world- in the end, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to LEARN and GROW!

Introverted Butterfly