Sometimes Things Don’t Go as Planned

Writing on figuring it out, the good, bad and all things in between!

Well it’s been an interesting few weeks and months of self reflection, analysis and figuring a great many things out as my intentions of doing two blogs this year consistently keeping up with and track of each has gotten ahead of me. It has turned out to be quite the challenge to keep up with both. Also quite a bit of what my own life looks like has changed in the last little while- as I’ve been busy trying to figure out and figure my own self out. I’ve had to make tough decisions, some good decisions and some in between as circumstances have changed. Also my Creative Challenge has become the biggest source of inspiration these days and such I’ve dived head first into this project with a renewed excitement about creating another NEWish blog. This has meant that Insights, Interests and Inspirations hasn’t quite got the attention it deserves. At every moment I am either working on a creation, brainstorming ideas on how to work on it or learning from it, which has been great but time has been flying by and has left little free time to come up with ideas for Insights.

In the midst of doing there is also a whole lot of connecting, experiencing, living and in the process growing. Which is a whole lot of what this journey has been for me. I’ve been learning that in order to truly grow from our experiences- the ones we put out for ourselves and the ones that happen by chance- it sometimes takes some figuring out. It’s all a process of learning and growing in the end that takes some time and reflection. That’s life… apparently.

What this means for this blog:

Who knows? I am still figuring out. This has been something rolling around in my head for quite the while too. Is it the right decision to continue doing both? If not which one would I want to put more of my time into? And am I okay to worry less about one? Honestly starting this year, the Creative Challenge and blog I’ve been determined to make both work. Sometimes (or most times) the challenge of writing for both has got ahead of me and I’ve been more inclined to write for the Creative Challenge rather than try and think of insights I’d be comfortable sharing. There’s something about writing about a particular subject or experience that makes the writing easier. I’ve realized this too from past experiences.

To sum up here are my three thoughts:

  • Leave Insights, and post on a less frequent basis, taking the pressure off failing to post weekly
  • Merge Insights into the Creative Challenge, so it stays the same but with an updated focus
  • Lastly, try posting on a biweekly basis and see how that schedule goes.

At least for now this makes sense, for me at this time. Maybe later I can committee more to Insights again but for now my inspiration and curiosity is leading to further exploration in creativity. You can see what I’ve been up to there through this link: Creativity at Play Blog

Thanks for listening (and hopefully understanding), for now: Introverted Butterfly

On Brighter Days

Also experiences, opportunities and connections!

Here is how I see the value in sometimes spending my time or going for opportunities. In that there will be those rare experiences that only happen once or you know will be once in a lifetime. The ones not to miss, sit out on or cast aside. Also the ones you remember the rest of your life long after that time has pasted and you are looking back on it in nostalgia. The only way to get there though, is through an openness to whatever comes your way. For me, I have learned to be open to them, exhausted by the end of a week/time, but glad I was there to be a part of the experience than well-rested and remorseful. That’s just my humble point of view.

It’s also harder to write on such things if you’ve never ventured outside your door. To me- the girl who used to think that life happens when these sorts of experiences find you- now knows that the opposite is true. Indeed, that happen when you chose to participate in them and life, putting yourself out there and trying new things. Be prepared to be tired at the end of it all, learn things you didn’t know before and as always more about yourself. As I believe that each opportunity holds those three things or one of those three things for us to find within it. All you or I have to do then is go for it- with little hesitation, some openness and acceptance for whatever is meant to happen. That’s all.

To sum up, although I may be tired at the end of this crazily busy week and have felt like curling up in my sheets and sleeping through the weekend. I donot regret planning the things I did because luckily this time I survived being on the go, had a blast doing so and finally felt like I had great chances to connect with close friends of mine, and build on those connections. These are the things, that make life interesting, full of colour and writing on as I mentioned. Much more so than sitting at a desk, waiting for these chances to come and magically appear.

Introverted Butterfly’s Feature Blog

According to Greta (

So not too long ago I got noticed by another fellow blogger, who just like me is being brave and putting themselves out there ,in the world wide web, in a positive way. It seems that in a world where positivity is rare, but all the more important to spread whenever we bloggers can, it’s good to recognize those who are making an good impact on others through what we share online. Which is why I always enjoy checking out the author of According to Greta (Greta) or ATG, as she sometimes puts it. Whose goal is to:

“Bringing inspiration and motivation- connecting the world! © 2016”

In particular, I enjoy coming across interesting inspirational quotes on her blog that give me something to reflect on throughout my day or that are true to what I’m experiencing. Here are a few of my favourites, amongst many more profound quotes on her blog:

“I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.”~ Pablo Picasso.

For anyone feeling intimidated about trying to do something new can look-up this quote on ATG’s blog and also find it amongst interesting information on the person who said it for further understanding on the meaning of a particular quote.

A second favourite is from Oprah:

“Breathe, let go. And remind yourself that this very moment is the only one you know for sure.”~Oprah Winfrey (from According to Greta)

I particularly enjoyed the write-up to follow this one that the author included on how to appreciate the moments which gives readers something more to reflect on with regards to the quote and suggestions on how to do just that- appreciate the moment-.

Don’t be mistaken though, According to Greta/ is a lot more than motivating quotes. She also writes about inspiring individuals, articles on how to live positively, and my favourites on how to blog right- Blogging 101 articles-. As someone recently new to the world of blogging who wouldn’t want a helpful resource such as advice from someone more experienced then you.

So whether you are looking for inspirational stories, motivational quotes or helpful articles on blogging or other topics. Head over to According to Greta at to find it all there and more positivity!

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Here also is her About Page:

“According to Greta is an inspirational and motivational blog that covers interesting stories, tips, tricks and trends. Greta Lamfel is the Editor in Chief. She is a Freelancer, Business Owner and Blogger. Her favorite quote is one one she created herself, “If there is good and bad in all of us; yin and yang, then shouldn’t forgiveness be the key?” She understands the importance of work-life balance and therefore likes to travel when she gets the chance”

Quote for the Week:

“A person who never made a mistake, never tried anything new.”~ Albert Einstein

I came across this quote while scrolling online and it struck a chord with me. One which rung out “That’s right. It’s so true.”  Even more so as I reflected more deeply into Albert Einstein’s wise wisdom I found this particular one (the Quote of the wonderfully-inspirational-thoughts-for-the-day-19Week) fit in nicely with what I’ve been up to and learning from this week. Which is more fun and experiences in baking.

My aim in baking has simply been to learn and have some fun while doing so along the way. I really (rarely) put any attachments to the outcome -other then it being edible-on my projects when I start because I know it is still somewhat of a new experience for me. By doing this, I have become more open to trying new things and recipes. Embracing my errs into the “So. that happened” category, learning and moving on.

IMG_1443As with anything new, it’s always a bit nerve racking to try for the first time because you don’t quite know how the recipe will turn out but I’ve learned as long as you follow the recipe as best one can, it will be okay. With each recipe, there seems to be less nerve and intimidation- and more trust. I believe this can be true for any new experience we get ourselves into. The more I tried and learned, the more willing I was to try different recipes (such as these Banana Chocolate Chip cookies), even some with my co-chef.

I know we all would rather not have to make mistakes but some are more fun to experience than others, and having an openness towards whatever happens means if something goes awry it’s less likely to ruin the entire experience.  So you make a mess- clean it up; too much banana didn’t ruin the recipe, the cookies just turned out a little differently (although too much of other things might, always try to follow the recipe as best you can). Most importantly have fun and be open to new suggestions and moments of learning. Which is what you’ll find when you let go of the need for things to turn out just so or to turn out perfectly.

Baker’s Best:

Introverted Butterfly

A Lesson in Grammar

So here’s the thing. As I share this, I know that I’m not the greatest grammar expert and perhaps the funny coincidence I’ve come across is a lesson in being clear in what we write, so to avoid confusion. For myself, I know the rules and most of the time can do some editing myself but other times it’s trickier to do and I miss a rule or two. With that said I believe in this day and age is increasingly important not to forget how to properly type/write. As the use of cellphones and the fast paces of our lives make using abbreviations through text an easy way to communicate our messages. I somtimes worry that grammar can take a backseat to other things we find important such as replying promptly or being brief. However, there does seem to be those times when it pops up again reminding us it is always around regardless of whether we need to improve ours or not. If we are communicating with each other, whether in paper or person it is always going to be important to know it’s rules and how they affect what we say.  There is even something to be learned from it day to day. That is what makes our language so interesting.

As writer’s and even people in need of communicating clear messages it’s important to be aware of what we are saying and how we word it. Because unlike in person conversations, there is no tone of voice or body language that can hint at some extra feeling or meaning behind what was said. All there is, is a writer’s word to be taken as is. This is partly why I am so careful andpencil-190586_1280 pecular about what I write here. As I am beginning to understand how important it can be in giving the right messages and clear ones as a blogger but also someone connecting with other people.

When you (as the author/writer) do so it becomes less confusing for readers, and leaves little room for things to get misinterpreted. The clearer you are with your words the less confusing it can be for readers/receivers of messages. As simple as that. For now on, I’m going to be mindful of that. Knowing how important is it to send out clear messages with the right words.

Until we write again (or more so I),

Introverted Butterfly

Reminder of Self (Poem)


Hello Me (and everyone),

Here is a gentle reminder that it’s okay to be you and go at your own pace. After having an off week, grasping for peace of mind and acceptance I’ve come up with this idea to help remind you that it’s okay to have these times, and although you may not understand everything that happens or why eventually you’ll get there when you get there. So be gentle on yourself, as I will be on me and when in doubt take this poem out!


Who I Am

I am kind and caring, but yet still learning

I can be strong-minded but open to different views

I have a voice that I’m learning to use

I will be your most loyalist friend if you’ll choose

I am sensitive and tough all at once

I’ve taken guff and things have been rough

Yet I have chosen to look up

I have had scrapes and scars, wounds that have hurt

But nothing hurts more than an aching heart and cruel words

That tear me apart

I’ve learned many lessons along the way, there’s still many more to be learned today

I’ve come through and adapted to lots, this world is ever changing and my challenges shaped me

To who I am today, so here I am “hey” the person you see

So before you judge me or think that you know me. Consider this lesson in

Reading beyond the first page, cause with me there is always more to me than what you see.

A Gentle Reminder of Self

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The “Off Week”

Do you ever have one of those weeks when nothing seems to come together? From trying to create, think and follow through on certain ideas or work, to where to go next, nothing seems to fall into place.

Coincidentally, that has been this week for me. Normally even after a weekend off or a long weekend, I’m right back into the swing of things (that’s the expression, right), in writing, life and moving forward. Lately, it seems I can’t complete a thought coherently enough to put it out there or am stuck as to where to go next. As much as I try, it seems that the timing isn’t right on this one. Shame, really that my daily intention- which since realizing how powerful it can be in helping one achieve their goals- of writing hasn’t been able to carry out as I would have liked this week. I know sometimes we have to put all our hopes aside of being able to come through and carry on as we would have liked things to be for what was, but this particular time it’s tough. I’ve never quite come across a dilemma in my writing since making it an intention as perplexing as this. This off week has really made me question a lot of what I’ve been thinking lately. Like “am I really cut out for a life of writing?” “is pursuing this the right step?” and most importantly “what if I get stuck at this place in the future or what if it’s already happened”.

If I’ve learned anything about myself through this project though it is that I’m not prone to giving up so easily. Also through I’ve learned from many sources that you can’t think that way either. If you want to move forward in a positive place, you have to think positively. Because if you begin dwelling on negative possibilities, then that’s what you’ll attract/get. Which makes sense in a way, almost as if you’re asking for more of what you don’t want by wishing it away. The solution then is to think only of what you do want. So with that in mind, I shall try to practice and wish for a successful week of writing in the week to come. With this week pretty much behind me, next week I wish for better and more natural writing. I wish for an abundance of ideas, rather than dwelling on the scarcity which seems to have plagued me this time around. More importantly, I wish to have better faith in my writing and trust in my ability when it all isn’t coming so naturally.

With new hope and inspiration,

Introverted Butterfly


Feeling  Connected

It’s an incredible feeling to know that as much as we may feel it, and at times when we’re alone there are people to reach out to. That very human biological need to share stories, experiences, advice and laughs is what makes our connections to each other so special especially in a time where connecting with each other can be done online. Which yes, is connecting in some sense with one another but not truly on that deep personal level the one in my opinion that we may lack at times in our busy and hectic lives.

Why? You make ask is this so important to talk about…making-connections-aaes-400x264

The answer is simple for me, when I connect with close friends and like-minded people my spirit feels rejuvenated and refreshed. It’s a feeling like no other when I’m amongst good company yet quite similar to a good cup of tea that warms the soul and re-energizes the spirit.  Don’t get me wrong, though, connecting with each other through technology is great for long distances or long distance friendships but nothing can beat the excitement and enjoyment of seeing that person in person especially after a long while of being apart.

Maybe, it’s just the time I grew up in when much of this was new and just coming out or a personal preference of mine that I appreciate a little more of the simpler ways before technology took over. When phone and email were the popular choices without social media and there was some mystery as to what our friends have been up to, only to be IMG_1375
sorted out by seeing that person and asking questions. With the really good friends, this feeling is even greater like absolutely no time has passed at all, and starting conversations from where one last  left off is a great joy. These types of friendships and  connections are ever-growing and important to have. Much like a flower might not grow very tall with little sunlight, though,  we won’t be able to learn and grow from each other very much if we don’t think to nurture our connections and allow them to grow in new ways.You can learn so much from interacting in person, not only on how to think of others but gain perspectives that might not have come up in technological conversations…


Therefore, we must appreciate each other, and take the time to stay connected. These relationships are so precious and important to our happiness that losing that connection with one another would be a shame and a loss to what makes us humans special!

So, show your appreciation for those you have in your life today, and every day because a little more goes a long way!

Introverted Butterfly

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A Word of Gratitude

Hello All,

I just wanted to take a moment to tell everyone- whether you’ve stopped by my blog at all, liked it or just passed by, or are going to- that I appreciate and have noticed every kind like and comment that’s come my way and any others in the future. I’ll always appreciate those kind words, or acts of encouragement along the way. It has been a crazy journey so far- exciting, powerful, intriguing but most importantly humbling in that I’ve learned that what I say can have value. There is I’m sure lots more to be learned as I experiment with interacting further on this medium and hopefully tuning into interacting with more of you. As it is so neat to know that I’m not alone in this journey of blogging out there as many of you I’m sure have been at it long before me. Of course, yes, it is true that I am mostly doing this for myself it is also nice to know that I (hopefully- in some way or other) am helping others see the world, think about ideas or consider things just a little differently in a way that it adds value and insights in ways that haven’t occurred to me and possibly do the same in adding value to you. Thank-you again all for giving this fellow blogger a chance, and inspiring me to continue on. (Hope this doesn’t sound like I’m tooting my own horn too much).

Best of luck in your blogging ventures,

Introverted Butterfly

Welcome Message

When debating what to call this blog, I came up with a couple titles that I thought would be interesting but couldn’t really decide on one  as my love for words and putting words together got in the way (new combinations of words and ideas kept coming up in my head). One of which was “the Introverted Butterfly”, I was fascinated by the idea and definition of “butterfly”- aside from the commonly known reference to the winged flying creature, butterfly as it turns can also describe a person who is social and outgoing- flitting from group to group or interest to interest. This I thought isn’t quite me, but I am introverted (somewhere along the scale anyways), and so I came to the conclusion of being an “Introverted Butterfly”- interested and curious about being social and social life but dreaded the work (time, energy and effort). It seemed that the contradiction of opposites drew me to this idea, and added a new interest to my understanding of butterflies- coming into myself, and accepting and understanding that. Thus the beginning of realizing that I can only be ME! Hence the self discovery begins, and embracing changes through essentially inspiration and the many new interests and insights it brings! So you have “Insights, Inspirations and Interests”! To celebrating these changes and learning from them!

. . We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.~ Maya Angelou

Introverted Butterfly