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A Book in Review: “My Part-time Paris Life: How Running Away Brought Me Home”, By: Lisa Anselmo

I would recommend this book to anyone who loves an adventuresome read and has an curiosity for travel, because in Lisa’s memoir on transitioning into Paris life it delivers both. As her physical journey from New York to Paris unravels so it becomes an emotional story about letting go and discovering oneself away from almost everything familiar. It was these elements mixed with her incredibly descriptive take on Paris and honest storytelling abilities laying out many of her doubts and fears in the process that made me feel like I was experiencing it all with her and getting to knoppl1w Paris from her perspective.

Set in both cities (New York and Paris)   Lisa further shows you what the real Paris is like- not the touristy experience many of us get who go there- her story also tells of courage, resilience and the importance of embracing things for what they are. All that said,  I was instantly drawn into her story and found myself longing to explore Paris myself or at least learn more about the city that held such a strong fascination for Lisa. There was also more than one occasion through reading her book that a line or two popped out and made me think of my own experiences like “Hey I’ve thought exactly that before!” or “Wow. See feels that too sometimes.” Which is no surprise with such universal messages throughout that we all have experienced, thought or wrestled with; it’s not only a story for travellers but for anyone who enjoys taking on new challenges and discovery new parts of old places.

Finishing it I couldn’t believe came so fast but it also made me long to experience Paris as she had. It’s just one of those stories you have to read to believe (as I did) and find the transformative power of sometimes the biggest risks come with great personal rewards.

To all those in search of self-discovery, more travel or want something that creates a great escape into a foreign city through reading, this book is for you.

Happy reading,

Introverted Butterfly

How to prove others wrong- the right way

So here it is probably the most obvious advice you have ever heard and exactly what I’m telling you now, which is: the best way to prove others wrong is to take away their reason for being wrong, by doing what is right.” For example: if you are accused of not showing up, show up and be accountable. Often find yourself telling fibs or making up excuses- STOP! stop making up reasons that add to theirs and show the alternative outcome, listen, do whatever it is that is expected and what they don’t expect from you. Prove to them that you are capable of change through your actions.

It’s not always easy, and will possibly take great courage on your part. To show up when it’s hard or you don’t believe it will help (even if it doesn’t at first) but consistency is key in this. It’s also what will help it sink in for you (hopefully). I know that’s what has helped me finally understand this tricky truth, is through experience. Enough times I have given reasons out to make them right (without even realizing it), and often enough have got myself in trouble for stubbornly believing that my way of seeing things and therefore assuming my own solution was right. So speaking from experience here, yes it’s not easy but it’s also worth it. When you realize this it will open up a whole new world of awareness and bring a greater undeterred determination to the situation/person. It may take quite a bit of practice each day. When you’re consistency demonstrating to those who challenge you what you are really like it becomes harder for them to argue against that. At least that’s the hope, anyways. *Note: Doing this in a negative or mean-spirited way, really isn’t best. For it to have maximum affects on both sides (meaning you and them) it’s best to approach from a positive, accepting place. Which could catch your fellow doubters off guard as well. 

Final point: Let your actions speak louder than your words. Because they naturally do, and spiteful words don’t do much in helping anyways.

For now,

Introverted Butterfly.