It All Comes Down to Time (and Energy)!

How there never seems to be enough of both!


It’s a conundrum that I’m sure we all wrestle with from time to time. Figuring out how to fit in everything we want to do and what we should do within a week. For myself, this comes in the form of my list of explorations and projects that continues to grow which is a good thing except the time to get everything done, finish or start projects, get organized, get going or get through seems to go by faster? It seems strange how when we put more on our plates there seems less for ourselves or maybe this is the way it’s always been and I am just now noticing…

The more I explore possibilities the more I wish I could take them on, all of them but light_bulb_clip_art_7801have a tendency to forget that there is only so much time in the day to get things and prioritize what’s most important. Whether it’s my writing one day, spending time with friends/family, relaxing or learning. This faces me with the very possibility that I may not get to do everything, or do it when I feel is best. Perhaps, this is part of me proving that in order to keep up with the world I’ve had to find a way of doing as much asfd3639e8f10364d1ae94696105b27f75 I can- even if it’s too much. Balancing what I should, and what I want to do  isn’t easy.

This conflict of interests proves has meant that in order to understand that I have to chose wisely how I use my time it’s also meant accepting the fact sometimes I’ll have to sit out some experiences in order to enjoy others, and that no matter how hard I try to extend the day or “cheat the system” (which to me means working against what you are capable of or trying to change that), the fact remains it’s still twelve hours and sometimes we can only do so much without making it too much. This much I have learned and each week I am discovering that the only real way we can optimize ourselves is by doing everything we can to be well rested as well as simply by being selective with where we spend it. Instead on a bunch of little small things or distractions that aren’t really benefical to our happiness it’s much better to spend that energy in concentration on something that won’t just be rewarding in present but future too creating a much more lasting happiness.

Good luck, and for now:

Introverted Butterfly

On Learning…

My thoughts and experiences on it as a perpetual learner

If there is one thing I know for certain, it’s that we really should never stop learning. In fact, recently I’ve learned it can be quite dangerous to become complacenet in life or at least this is what it’s felt like for me.

The moment I discovered how stuck I was from not growing or moving forward in anyway I became dissatisified. Suddenly, the feeling that something had to change occurred and I took action. I needed a challenge that would feel good for me, not overwhelm or overly frustrate me but something I would enjoy being challenged at and could handle. Hence, I took an online course that reminded me of how much I enjoyed learning something new. It was a refreshing feeling to be moving forward again in a way that was comfortable yet challenging, in a subject that I am passionate about learning. When thinking about learning in this context, it seems that amongst this experience I was learning all along and all it took to find that answer was some reflection. Yes, indeed there is much to be learned outside of school and when you think about learning is taking many forms with different lessons, but to me the most important one is in learning about who we are and that’s what I’ve learned in the process of exploring the world, who I am and what I can handle.

There really is no time like the present to take hold of any opportunities that come our way and experience this first hand when we open our minds to the possibilities and make the “now” matter when we find ways to challenge ourselves, take up a new skill, or explore a new subject therefore making the most valuable time of life (so far) now.   It’s like the saying goes “there is no time like the present that’s why they call it the present because it’s a gift”. Being determined to make the most of it  I always try to either learn from each experience or embrace it,  discovering what I can accomplish, where each possibility can take me, how I can learn from every single experience out there and tackle scenarios I wouldn’t have thought possible. The world is your classroom and has the potential to help you discover where your thoughts, dreams and curiousities can take you so why not make the most of what it has to offer!

Happy Learning, from the Perpetual Student and

Introverted Butterfly


On Possibilities and Balancing Life

 How I’ve figured this out and managed to keep afloat

I believe that when you take chances, especially those outside your comfort zone that stimultaneously you are learning outside that space. The very comfortable cozy place where we never feel challenged, or able to move forward sometimes although feeling stuck, we come to rely on when it just seems easier, safer to stay where you are, without the risks and rewards that come with seizing the opportunities just beyond the familiar.

These are the possibilities that are and are not outside the ordinary, where all aspects of our lives can be included in the explorations, curiousities and endeavors that ensue. Not just happening in the grander scale but in the minute moments, day by day as we take chances with unforeseen risks and rewards. What I mean by this is there are work rewards and risks; such as changing jobs, getting promoted, taking on a challenging project, a new job. The same I believe can be said with individual personal risks– those that require us to make the decision on our own if we are single or that we do for our own well-being; it’s examples are similiar but slightly different to the ones in work rewards, in which you may create yoBlog Logo 3ur own projects, you may be moving because of your job or moving in general means getting a new job in your location. There are those which can be on a smaller scale such as: travelling, trying new things, learning new things, or finally following that passion of yours that you’ve been putting off. These are things, where the reward is great and the risks are hopefully small or easily recovered because yes you’ll learn from them but they won’t have a huge affect on your life in a negative way or another’s life.

Within this category- tucked away from harm or sometimes our awareness is the sub-category o
f “Relational/Relationship”, risks, rewards and possibilities. That can be understood in a friendship, romantic or in it’s early stages through the idea of connections. To me, this is one of the bigger most complicated areas to navigate as it’s challenges interlace within each of the other categories. As the possibilities expand in other areas of life so does that balance and there are to be found with each new change. Some you have to take away from other aspects of life or consider them like personal growth could lead to a separation between two people or perhaps stronger connection, things change in a work role or demands could take away extra time from personal relationships making it imperative to consider that aspect, in what’s best for both individuals in the friendship or relationship. This sense also is where compromise could come in. 

As you can see each comes down to what’s best for you and the real matters of the heart. As I believe it can strongly guide the direction we take in the world… if we let it. The only true difference here- in relationship/connection possibilities, is that your heart takes center stage. At least this is how it’s felt for me, like jumping on a roller-coaster having to brace for and then enbrace each coming twist and turn. As you are not only putting yourself out there for the risks/rewards but your heart as you become vulnerable in a totally new and unpredictable way. Yes, it’s a little scary at times, and uncertain but in the end, it seems most rewarding to me to just get out there and try, rather than the alternative, which is theorizing about these things while not really getting any closer to knowing how it feels. For me I’d rather say I’ve done and tried than not done it at all and stay safe.

How about you? What are your thoughts on possibilities, risks, and rewards? I’d be interested to know in the comments!

P.S. Sorry this blog is a little long, I had a lot to say-apparently-.

For now,

Introverted Butterfly

On Brighter Days

Also experiences, opportunities and connections!

Here is how I see the value in sometimes spending my time or going for opportunities. In that there will be those rare experiences that only happen once or you know will be once in a lifetime. The ones not to miss, sit out on or cast aside. Also the ones you remember the rest of your life long after that time has pasted and you are looking back on it in nostalgia. The only way to get there though, is through an openness to whatever comes your way. For me, I have learned to be open to them, exhausted by the end of a week/time, but glad I was there to be a part of the experience than well-rested and remorseful. That’s just my humble point of view.

It’s also harder to write on such things if you’ve never ventured outside your door. To me- the girl who used to think that life happens when these sorts of experiences find you- now knows that the opposite is true. Indeed, that happen when you chose to participate in them and life, putting yourself out there and trying new things. Be prepared to be tired at the end of it all, learn things you didn’t know before and as always more about yourself. As I believe that each opportunity holds those three things or one of those three things for us to find within it. All you or I have to do then is go for it- with little hesitation, some openness and acceptance for whatever is meant to happen. That’s all.

To sum up, although I may be tired at the end of this crazily busy week and have felt like curling up in my sheets and sleeping through the weekend. I donot regret planning the things I did because luckily this time I survived being on the go, had a blast doing so and finally felt like I had great chances to connect with close friends of mine, and build on those connections. These are the things, that make life interesting, full of colour and writing on as I mentioned. Much more so than sitting at a desk, waiting for these chances to come and magically appear.

Confessions of a Curious Mind

Signs we might be a…BOOK ADDICT!

Do you ever wonder into bookstores and/or libraries, finding yourself ogling at what lays in front of you like a kid in the candy store? Or on casual visits, where you are convinced that you are “just there to browse” find yourself at the checkout with another two or three books in your hand? Even though, deep down you know there’s a bigger stack at home, still waiting to be read!

book_guide_hero_booksIf so, you might be a book addict. Don’t worry, though, I believe or well I know I am one too. Reluctantly, I’ll admit that in the last little while I’ve gotten carried away with my book buying purchases and reading list. In fact, its happened several times while perusing the bookstores and library. It seems that us traditionalist-active-learners (or book addicts as loving family and friends may refer to us in an intervention-type manners) cannot help ourselves but be amazed at the very expansive array of information out there to be read, discovered and absorbed. For someone, who not only thoroughly enjoys the written word; is enticed by new ideas; but writes herself this can be a particularly dangerous outing for me. As I’ve developed a deep appreciation for those who have been able to pursue my craft and achieve my dream of getting published as an author. And I
suppose, that appreciation somehow made it’s then to their works the books themselves. For I am well aware of the time-consuming process that goes into crafting the perfect book or novel. Adb504395-c20f-4146-a191-f9a34eb5f69bs a writer I can appreciate the process, and as a reader the art of story telling. On that note you could consider it a sort of homage to those who walked before me or a justification for my own growing library and longing to be like them through reading. Which to justify further, by collecting these works one can choose to see it as one aspiring author-to-be supporting another.

To conclude, I’ll say that  although the library is great for and certainly more convenient at times. I am a sucker for buying my own books, as is my preference for the bookstore. My wallet may not always agree or bookshelves packed with books, but in the end there is no beating that new book smell and feel.

So, to my fellow readers, writers and book addicts: You are not alone. Read on my friends, and know there is nothing better than the smell of books at night!


Introverted Butterfly

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The “Everything Happens for a Reason” Theory

And My Theory on it:

Blog Logo 3So, here is the thing. As the saying goes, everything happens for a reason. Whether we know that reason or not; have chosen the “why” or “how”. Things happen anyways and often we may never know why. In these cases, the recommended advice is to accept that as we are changing and our perspective widens on how we evolve into who we are there will always be those times that completely flumix us. For no other reason, other than that “well that it happened”, not much we can do. Coincidence or not, a stroke of luck, some important insight or the awareness of getting through after a particularly stormy patch all lead to where we need to be now. To understand that nothing comes into our lives for no reason, other than to test us on this theory is one of the wonderful ways life can be interesting (yes), and challenging at times (definitely). So we can show exactly how accepting we are of what is going on. After all, the best test is one not on theory but in actual practice. It can be all well said and done, but until we truly have the experience of knowing; guessing means nothing and gets us nowhere.

Yet still sometimes it seems quite challenging to do when things get rough or rocky. As best I try to embrace that, with the best of my abilities in situations which are new to me, or it’s circumstances way WAY beyond my control it can be really difficult. I can acknowledge that there is no point in fighting this fact, but end up trying to go against it anyways, not quite ready to let that next step of awareness go.


This is where I’ve been. Somewhere stuck in the middle of trying to figure things out meanwhile putting my best efforts forward to move forward day-by-day on my own while in the process of waiting for answers. Which really comes down to needing coIMG_0336ntrol. A tricky habit-let’s say- I’ve been working on loosening for most of my life.

Knowing reasons, and explanations has been particularly helpful coping strategy to have in my back pocket. I’ve always figured that by doing so I’d have some control over what is happening and assured that everything is alright.  Whether it’s who I chose to let in my life, where it goes, how I handle things and even how to cope in certain uncertainities. This not so “helpful” strategy has gotten me through, but at a cost. Like many things, it’s taken a while for me to realize where my anxiety was hidden, which was within that need of control/trying to control outcomes. I am willing to work on this, though, because spending any more time theorizing the “what ifs”, the “whys” and “how comes” has gotten me nowhere. That’s not entirely true, it’s actually set me back quite a bit from where I once was. Therefore,  I need to break up with needing too many answers, carry on without my anxiety and take everyday for what it is, as it is, without looking back in the wrong direction.

Hope this helps you, as it has helped me!

Truthfully Yours,

Introverted Butterfly