My “Swinging” Observation

How I found comfort and clarity on a swingset

I have found myself with a lot to think through recently and some unexpected insights to wrap my head. This has really brought up some interesting questions and experiences, of course one can’t get away scathe free from these insight… On one hand, with each new decision and day I am feeling more certain that there really is a great big world out there ready for me to conquer. On the other hand, there’s still much navigating left to do especially in terms of connections and friendships. As it seems, many elements remain behind unknown doors, and the learning… well it never ends. Which is good, but also quite challenging. There are times where I wished the answers were easy to decipher, having already come up with the questions myself, and finding that both take bravery, and great deal of it.

It has been exactly these kinds of thoughts that left my head spinning and my emotions frazzled along with shot nerves. Exhausted from the tremultous back and forth, on one of my walks I found myself seeking out an old strategy from mBlog Logo 3y past. As a child, I spent hours here, going back and forth trying to calm myself through whatever had jarred me of the day. At the time, this was one of the few ways that helped me coping with a very overwhelming world- at the time-. Since then, I’ve tried a few other strategies, a bit more complex or in need of more practice but none did the trick as simply or easily as the swing set. Magically, my thinking would be clearer and nerves in tack after trying many less successful strategies. Funny, isn’t it that the things we found self-soothing in the past always seem to work well then and now. For me, this has been the swings. There is something about the up and down momentum that helps calm my nerves; and leads to clearer thinking. Perhaps it’s the altitude, periodical
ly feeling like I’m elevated from all that plagues me on ground level or the repetitiveness of going back and forth acts as a form of meditative activity to bring upon a focused mind. Whatever works I guess, and that it gave me some of the clarity I was searching for.

This is what works for me. I’m curious as to what you’ve tried/what strategies work for you? Feel free to add in the comments below.

Simply Yours,

Introverted Butterfly

Making it Through the “Wait”

More on Practicing Patience: How I’m told it helps in particular situations…

In full admittance, this isn’t a forte of mine. Possibly because patiences isn’t even my middle name- it’s a normal name don’t worry-. Regardless, I find myself tirelessly practicing patience in some of the most tricky situations. As if that’s become my test. “Well, let’s see. She believes it’s gotten easier for her- let’s just test that and why not throw some interesting emotions into the mix.” This is what I picture whoever or whatever brings these situations upon me says as things are finally going well and I’m finally feeling good about the place I am in my life.

Haven’t you felt this way before? Or is it just me?

It seems that anytime things remotely start to line up there is another wrench thrown into the kit/plan, or another hurdle to get over. And this is where my patience or lack there of it
have-patience-withcomes into play. There’s not much to do other than to try and work through whatever obstacle or test in unforeseen circumstances comes our way, and sometimes it takes time- and a lot of gentleness and understanding towards oneself. The kind where we must take one day at a time, see how we feel and find a way to best get through. Which is sometimes stepping back while other times taking steps to correct our action or re-evaluate the situation without acting too fast. Otherwise, the less appealing option is rolling up into a ball of disappointment, frustration and exhaustion after willing oneself to move forward. Trust me this isn’t always the greatest as it gets you nowhere and solves nothing. As simple as it sounds, though, it can be quite challenging. Each day you may find has many twists and turns that yes lead to different revelations- sometimes ones you don’t really want to accept. Ones such as decisions to either move you forward in a situation or perhaps find it’s time to collect yourself, be grateful for all it brought and carry on in the hopes that one day it will work out differently. I know I’ve been on this rollercoaster several times before trying to figure out my way of a situation, and somehow I’ve also managed to get through- and if I can so can you!

Best of Luck, and Well Wishes:

Introverted Butterfly

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Noticing the Little Things- Appreciating the Monarch Butterfly

Have you ever stopped to think that certain coincidences happen around a particularly meaningful or at interesting times of our lives? When everything that’s happening seems to be spinning around you in a mess of moments? Or perhaps- as it commonly is- you find yourself inside your head and this occurance acts as a way to bring you back into the present? Or give some sort of wonderful reassurance?

I find myself becoming even more tuned into these little signs (you could say) as time goes on. Barely noticable at first, yet if I look just a little closer they appearing at interesting moments, events or intersections in life. It’s a tricky balancing act we must be aware- and Blog Logo 3although I say “look closer” it might not always mean “look harder”. For, searching too hard may lead us in the wrong direction or may seem too desperate/particular for these messages, but going out there and just having an awareness that there’s much more happening around us in this world is a good place to start. An interesting discovery leads me to marvel again and again at the natural world along with wanting to explore even more of it when I get the chance.

There is so much out there, living and interacting among us that’s more than just us. Animals looking for lunch, places to rest along their journeys, preparing for the coming seasons. Plants changing stages, or wilting or sprouting up just in time for their own season in their time, as a reminder to have patience, and that it’s okay to do things in my own time. Another favourite reminder of patience, process and transformation of mine is the butterfly. This beautifully winged creature is a wonderful reminder to
enjoy the moments as they are fleeting, drink in the sweetness of life and most importantly of embrace our very own transformation- both mine and others-. As nothing or no one really ever stays the same. Change is inevitable, especially in nature amongst the butterflies who have their own IMG_1667timely process of change- which takes a great many days to occur. This is why the butterfly is a special symbol to me. As wherever, these flying winged creatures are I am reminded to be patient, that sometimes it takes a great while for the bigger picture to unfold a part of our plans; and even though it may not be precisely when we want things to happen, it always is  when they are meant to be. With that said, there is no greater honour than to encounter a Monarch. A rare species itself I know when I come across it that is the best sign for me to receive. As it lets me know: “My dear Kylie. You are doing the right thing, at the right time. Your patience is rewarded and this is where you are meant to be.” For that I thank the Monarch and let it be and carry on, as I know even the Monarch has further to go still and a hard journey ahead of it, as do I.

Be on the lookout then, because you never know when inspiration and insight will strike you out and about!

Much inspiration and learning,

Introverted Butterfly

Photo an original Introverted Butterfly, photograph- August 28th/2016© (Monarch on Milkweed plant).