A Lesson on Choices

How to be Comfortable Making Tough Decisions

When it comes to decision-making most of the time it seems we can figure out what to do with some careful thought and reflection and get a good sense of what feels right. Every once in a while though there comes along an opportunity or decision that challenges that and causes us to rethink our initial approach causing us to question our gut and ourselves. These ones are often the tough decisions. The ones that may not be your first choice but somehow you feel obligated to make regardless. At this point no longer is one making more sense over the other but it seems to be “six of one and half a dozen of the other”. If you’re unfamiliar with this expression, it simply refers to the fact that there can be as much evidence pointing to one choice/thing over the other, making them both equal in terms of value or in this case… equally tough.

Let’s face it, if you chose what seems to be the unpopular choice in your heart, it seems to be right in your mind. Or you could chose the popular choice in your heart, even if it may not make a whole lot of sense, it through a logic perspective seemed right for you but maybe not necessarily in the long run. So those are the two tough routes. Go against the grain or against your heart.

So what can you do? What should you do? 

You could be rebellious, sticking to those guns of yours and following the path of your heart into doing your own thing. Mine often encourages me “this is where the fun will be, so we should go there!”*Note: you should know that it’s very easy to tempt me with fun things, fun experiences, or activities*. You plan it and I’m there. Less so with not so fun responsibilties/obligations that at times I’d rathefd3639e8f10364d1ae94696105b27f75r avoid but understand sometimes work has to come before play.


Make the tough, unpopular choice anyways knowing that you may have to bear it now but there will hopefully be something fun to do later. After all I ,like anyone else, would love for my life to be filled with nothing but fun things, decisions and activities but if we all followed this path then nothing would get done (or nothing necessary would get done). Sometimes we have to make unpopular choices in order to move forward or make progress and sometimes we get to chose to do something fun and spontaneous that makes everything worth it in the end.

Yes, it going to be tough and the “right” decision may not always be the one with the outcome you wanted but either way you will have to live with one choice or another- good, bad or indifferent- that’s the beauty and curse sometimes of having choice.

So which are you most comfortable living with? That’s the true question to be answered in the end. It may be tough but sometimes it’s helpful to consider 8ba8ba23c5c41649d489c666dd87b3f4when making tough decisions and deciding if there is a way to bring our best selves/most prepared selves into a situation, even the ones we might not have wanted to do.

Introverted Butterfly


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Images from: Pinterest- Pins of the Week



7 thoughts on “A Lesson on Choices

    • Thank-you. I worked hard on this one, but I wanted to make sure the wording was as close as it could be without leaving anything important out. So thank-you for appreciating that.


    • Thank-you. I appreciate you stopping by and leaving your thought/commenting. I worked hard on making it so. Hope you have a good day. 🙂


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    • I’m glad. It was an important one that I felt was a good reminder. We always learning I find, and that was a great lesson.


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    I made this post on choices, accountability, responsibility and making ones that aren’t so fun a while ago while the toughest then was going to a meeting or not going to a meeting. Today the decisions have become much tougher. It seems as we grow older our decisions only get tougher. I’ve discovered that sometimes we’re the ones making the tough calls, calling things off and cancelling plans our younger, more ambitious care-free selves would have liked to do. In my case it was cancelling a trip with my travel buddy upon realizing the reality of going away this time vs. the last trip and that things have gotten quite a bit different. I’ve always that it’s important learned to take a step back from big decisions or situations and really look at what it means. Whether it’s spending our energy and selves wisely or discovering that going away and having to return can be a huge strain on our bodies. There are limits after all. As much as I would have liked to travel again I knew that to readjust after being away for so long and so far would be too draining and too much. At that point the choice was clear, at the time it was best to cancel this trip until it seemed right to make it out. The lesson: Sometimes these aren’t the funnest decisions, but in the end they make the most sense.


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