Observations on Happiness

How Gratitude Journalling can help you realize how lucky you are.

So for those who are curious, it is a month and bit more since I started my Gratitude Journal challenge (which was to write something I am grateful for everyday), and thought this would be a good opportunity to let you know how it’s been going/my progress. Throughout this journey I’ve noticed a few things that I’ll touch on now, and try to explain. In the hopes that it might be helpful for you to keep in mind- gratitude journalling or not-.

The first is: more often then not it’s the small simple things that are contributing to my happiness more then the big eventful things that lead to my overall happiness throughout this past month so far. It could be something as simple as getting a good nights sleep, spending time with friends/family, baking time or when there isn’t much to be thankful I found just being thankful for getting through the day was enough. It’s been these moments, that’s helped me realize how lucky I am to have the people in my life and appreciate the simple things with.

Secondly: The more I became grateful, the harder it was to dwell in the negative (except on the off days, or when I didn’t get enough rest). In taking up this challenge, I didn’t know how well it would work or whether it would be worth it at all, but in sort of a negative place I thought it would be worth a shot. After all, the one thing I found myself more in need of was an attitude/gratitude IMG_1404adjustment. At the time, nothing seemed to be enough for me. I was never happy withmy place or what I had constantly in search of more it seemed I was always at a loss for what to do and found it easy to pick out all the negative in any situation.

Through doing this, I came upon a conclusion of unhappiness and what it’s cause might be. Which seemed to be the “not enough” formula. Put simply it’s the feeling that “once I get to this point” or “once I find these answers I’ll be happy”, the constant searching for more than never leaves you satisified. What will? You ask. Is being grateful daily for the things you do have. By pointing out these blessings to yourself, you’ll quickly realize what you have can be more than enough. By doing this, I find you’ll be bringing in abundance before you know it, and won’t feel the need to look for it in external/materialistic things as much. At least, this is what I’ve found.

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Springtime- A Poem for this Season

Oh how excited I am for all that you bring

The sights, and the sounds the activity and energy

Happening all around, the new life that is allowed

To peek through the earth, signalling a time of rebirth

Rejuvination, new possibilities and imagination


It’s a time to awaken, to realize these things

Time to take charge, and take hold of the

Blessings they bring, So I open my wings


Blog Logo 3I’m so ready for Spring, and all the adventures it’ll bring

As I look up to the sky ready to fly

Spreading my wings wide, heading towards the light

This is my chance, as now is the time to take flight

All just seems right!

Introverted Butterfly©  April 2016

Thoughts on Spring/Springtime

So I’ve been thinking about the Spring, and how it’s supposedly coming closer- even though according to the calendar it should have arrived a month ago, but that’s a whole another story-, and what it represents for me. To me, this seems to be a time of renew and rebirth. The sun is shining brightly outside our windows, the robins start chirping, and the springtime seeds start to poke up from the ground when it seems the most safest to do so without freezing up again. All around us, there is this awakening and so I’ve thought to myself “Hmm” what if I take this wonderful season as a way to renew and reinvent myself? magnolia-806881_640

With the winter slowly winding down-hopefully- and April on it’s way out there is no better time to think Spring and grasp such a fresh perspective on life. To really appreciate the season, as well as ourselves. My new start I’ve decided to try a few things new, for me this would be baking (a new hobby I am learning to enjoy), as well as having a more optimistic and appreciative outlook on life. I find in the Winter it’s hard to remain positive when all one sees out the bedroom window is greys and whites- how gloomy is that after 4 months-. When Spring comes though, there’s whole bursts of colours, fresh air and music from our friends the robins. It seems not just nature is waking up after hibernating but we are too. There’s a new energy and excitement to the world that is contagious, as people embrace the weather and venture further from their homes. It is with this that I am chosing to take hold of life, the promise of Spring and be more adventuresome. Here I am Spring and I’m willing and waiting for everything you have to bring, looking forward to trying some new things!

What about you? How are you inspired by the Springtime? I’d like to know…

Introverted Butterfly

Going Away to Return to You!

A Lesson on Self Discovery and Being Open to New Experiences!

It is so interesting when you chose to go away somewhere-whether it’s through travelling to another place or country; taking a short trip or retreat- that you can learn so much about yourself and how comfortable you are of stepping outside your comfort zone. Just that alone can teach you about who you are, what you are capable of doing and how far you can grow, just from one or maybe more than one IMG_1392experience.

And this is how I felt having set intentions before going out on my own retreat hoping that I could realize them or even better see them through to come to some sort of understanding about why I needed to set those ones specifically. At the same time I was open to whatever else came of this journey that I agreed to go on knowing this was one of the experiences I decided to gift myself with- stuck in a rut and in need of a way to get out-. What happened following then surprised me (but pleasantly). I discovered so much more about who I am and who I am becoming throughout the course of this journey, but more importantly how much I had grown throughout the seasons (not just during but before). That I needed to give myself credit for that, and embrace this new exploration into who I am. Almost like a reclaiming of the self, amidst this discovery of believing myself as a worthy person and special enough for this journey. I became even more in tune with my inner truth and what makes me special by finding out who I am. With that in mind, I now believe the trick is-whenever you are going away or trying a newoman-570883_640w experience- is to be open to where it can lead and what you can learn from. Some times stepping outside or inside places (as it turned out for me) that aren’t in your comfort zone can teach you so much more about yourself then you’d ever believe. So not only by setting intentions on what you want to get out of a particular experience you can make the best of it, but by being open to anything else that might come up in the process it can surprise you and allow you to grow even more. Or as I discovered sometimes the true you just needs to be rediscovered in the process of going away to come back to oneself.

Truly Yours,

Introverted Butterfly

The Fun of Trying Something New

Adventures in Baking

Have you ever thought to yourself, while admiring someone’s elses creative efforts “Man, I wish I could create like them?” Often I have. A creative person myself, I am well aware of the dedication, and energy that goes into creating something from the heart. As well as the skill and practice it takes to be able to recreate what you see. I know I’ll never be the next great Picasso, or as great as Hemingway but one tasty venture I had been longing to try was baking. Which I had been a little intimidated until I decided to simply try it and see. Sure, there were a lot of steps involved but as I discovered all it took was a little bit of reading and measuring along with the courage to try.

I wanted to start simple so my first couple recipe was simple Sugar Cookies. In deciding I wasn’t ready to bake on my own for the first time I thought it would be less intimidating even more fun to have an accomplice with me to give it a shot together. As we planned our day to bake and coordinated ingredients, location and recipe I grew excited, andIMG_1391 anxious for the day. Uncertain to how this crazy idea would turn out but ready to have fun when it came time to bake, I decided to turn those nerves into excitment and be open to whatever came of this adventure, as we went ahead. With that said, I thought our main objective then was simpy to have fun and that the cookies would be edible- otherwise there’s not much point in baking-. This way no matter what shape they came to in the end, it was still a success.  The result of baking then: we were pleasantly surprised. Not only did the baking turn out great but we had a lot of fun that day. With that in mind, I decided to try it on my own next time. To the right, is my second attempt, oatmeal raisin cookies. Really all it is, is following directions, and most importantly having fun.  As I learned, that’s all that matters in the end.

I think the objective in any new adventure is just to be open to whatever happens, how it happens and most importantly be willing to try and have fun.When you are open to the experience, then whatever you learn from it, accomplish from or get from it is a surprise- for me that was the fact that I enjoyed baking, and realized that this activity is something I could enjoy doing on my own or with help.  So be open, have fun and you never know till you try.

Bye for now,

Introverted Butterfly- blogger and now potential baker-.

On Being Authenic- Part 1

The Authencity of this Butterfly

Being authenic and figuring out who I am is something I have been striving to embrace for most of my life. It’s helped me realize  how important it is in accepting who I am and how far I have come and celebrating my uniqueness (yes, flaws and all). I’m still learning about who I am but the more I explore and learn the easier it is to remind myself of this when I feel I am feeling down on myself. With each new situation I am learning something new and therefore discovering something new about me. This also takes courage and lot of it, perhaps this is where to begin taking that first small step of self exploration.Blog Logo 3

It’s not always easy to let your true colours shine. No matter what anybody says, or how confident we are that it’s okay, there always is some reluctance in the beginning. Which is probably normal, but often for me it can take a little extra longer, especially if I’m feeling uncertain about who I am- still in the midst of figuring it out I guess- that’s most likely because I’ve struggled at times with who I am. As the name implies, “Introverted Butterfly” that’s exactly me. Quiet at first but once I am assured that it’s okay to be me- to be authentic- then I’ll let my guard down.

There’s been a lot I’ve had to figure out in the meantime on my own, that only I could have discovered. It would have been nice to have someone say “this is who you’ll be”, but I wouldn’t have been as rewarding if they had given me all the answers. I wouldn’t be the person I am now. I think that’s one of more important points, sometimes though it can be tricky not to “call74a469f67cbc03ced97d6b19b132fa4b a friend” to the question “Who am I?” or “What should I do?”  but often those are the things you have to figure out on your own. Sometimes you just have to be brave and do what feels right for you.

I’m willing to admit that I’m still figuring some things out. It has been an exciting discovery, it’s left me open to more exploration and into trying new things. Who knows I may have misjudged experiences that were actually fun (or not). All I know is that it’s quite exciting and worthwhile to start this exploration, this process of being authentic!

*Stay tuned for more on this subject*

Introverted Butterfly

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Word Challenge- Thirst

That need, that thirst it’s constantly there
When in the midst of doing something
Fulfilling that need is all I care
It’s like a desert in my mouth
Like a dream/destiny that can’t be figured out

An annoyance of sorts
An un-relieving itch
Want to attain more
Be like the rich

Thirst can be of liquid
Or it can be of fame
The desire
The feeling
It seems all the same

Thirst is a dry spell
One you can’t figure out
When the words don’t flow
And you just want to shout

Ahh! from the rooftops
Why can’t I figure you out
It’s a craving so primal
A craving so raw and real
Anyone and everyone at some
Point has known how I feel
What’s the deal?

Thirst is what drives us
What moves us forward
A thirst for more
A thirst for knowledge
A thirst for it all
Is a thirst, never to be attained

Done as part of a word from the blog unbolt. Here are the instructions and next topic:

1) open an ms word document (or any other editor)
2) set a stop watch or a mobile for 5-10 minutes
3) your topic is at the foot of this post.
4) fill the word document with as much wordage as you want, once you start writing, don’t stop
5) DO NOT cheat by going back and correcting spellings and grammar with spell check (this is only meant for you to reflect on your control over sensible thought flow)
6) you may or may not pay attention to punctuation and capitals
7) at the end of your post write down the number of words
8) do not forget to copy and paste the entire passage to your blog post with a new topic

New topic: Springtime

Finding Happiness… :)

I’ve been thinking about happiness recently, in many different scenarios and like a good detective investigating moments in which I’m more and less happy than others. Looking at when I’m most happy, what makes/made me happy and lastly who makes me happiest. I know this may seem silly to poke one’s head behind the curtain, trying to discover the magic behind the magicians’ tricks but I believe it’s important to ask ourselves these questions once in a while. When we are at a loss or have taken a wrong turn into negative thinking and happiness seems nowhere in sight you can look back on any answers you may have and say:


“Ah. Yes, that’s right. I enjoyed doing this, at this time. It brought me happiness before perhaps it can help now.” Here is what I’ve learned though, that “yes” it is important to do the things we enjoy or spend time with people that bring up happy moments can set us back on track. Yet, you have to feel like getting out of the rut and embracing those things, feeling happy can only work if you’re feeling you deserve it. I also believe that it’s impossible to know what it is and truly appreciate it unless you have felt the other range of emotions, to compare to. Almost like realizing “Hey. Okay, I’ve been down before. This doesn’t feel like being blue. In fact, it’s pretty bright, optimistic and uppity it must be happiness.” For it is only after experiencing such opposites can happiness work its magic. Like working towards other goals like success, fame or fortune, you’ll never appreciate what it truly feels like if it always come easily or have taken it for granted. To me, it’s the reward for getting through a tough week to realize you’ve done it- it’s right there alongside relief congratulating you on a good job. Or finally allowing the sun to shine through after a couple of cloudy days (could be figuratively or literally). What makes it so special is the very thing that sometimes keeps it out of our grasp- for a short while-: it’s elusiveness. Always not far away, yet far enough to allow us not to put our finger on one thing it may be. It’s everything and nothing, because it begins with us and how we feel about ourselves, or whether we believe we deserve it. I’ll now leave you with a quote from one of my favourite artists:

My experiences remind me that it’s those black clouds that make the blue skies, even more beautiful.”~Kelly Clarkson

Introverted Butterfly