A Burst of Inspiration

I’ve been sitting here, thinking about yet another roller coaster I’ve been on this past couple of weeks. For no particular reason, other than I can only hope it’s come to show me where I still need to grow and how I can take all I’ve been feeling to motivate me in future endeavors. Almost like it’s side of the conversation has been:

“So you’re feeling stuck in life. Let me show you stuck.” Or “Don’t let another opportunity pass you by. Seize them and let them help you in moving forward or being brave.” “Now, is the time to do these things- not 5 or 10 years down the road. Now for heaven’s sake is the time to act on your desires, wishes, passions and explore!”

To which I’ve been in the habit of responding: “What if I can’t figure this out?” or “how IMG_1384am I supposed to find the means or time to do that?”

Its answer is always this message and quote is: “If something is important to you, you’ll find a reason. If it’s not, then you’ll find an excuse.” This is what motivates me to continue writing, and blogging. It helps me come from being stuck, to choosing decisions that are closer to my overall goal. Having this in the back of my mind, and the very helpful framed card on my desk that reads: “Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.” This advice I love from T.S. Elliot, not only for writing but in life- the only way we can find out how far we’re willing to reach and grow is by challenging ourselves. Stepping outside of what we normally would, and taking chances with hopeful minds that it will turn out well.

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Taking Flight- A Letter to My Inner Butterfly

Dearest Inner Butterfly,

Over the last little while, as you can probably tell, I’ve been struggling with how to move forward and take important steps in my own life. So, I’m not just mentioning these thoughts to you but wanting to live them as best I can too. I believe it is one thing to talk the talk, but a whole different one to walk the walk, as I’ve heard. Which is exactly the part that I’ve been trying to figure out- “how can I be brave, and walk the walk in my life?”. One example would be that I’ve been “talking” about is sharing my stories and experiences with others that might be going through similar experiences in letting them know, they are not alone. But I haven’t been very brave in putting my stories out there. I always seem to find a reason to hesitate or not to do it. Either I’d say “it’s too early” or “it’s not ready yet” or “where do I begin?” All answerable questions: “it’s never too early or too late.” “Work on it, one thing at a time.” “Be willing to start somewhere” Lastly “Just write, as easy as that.”

So, you see. It possibly wasn’t the questions but as I found out what’s behind them.  And to me, that came down to fear, as I’ve felt for some time. I just didn’t know of what. “Not being important”- Nope, and if that was it, then I’ve been writing for the wrong reasons all along. “Of what others would think.” Again, same answer as before. “Of failing”- possibly, and we all are at some point.

My fear-unique to me- ended up being was in realizing that I could have an impact on others in a powerful way, and my role in inspiring them. I’ve figured out that I’ve become too comfortable being in the background, and used to my environment changing me rather than me changing it. Thinking it was far easier for me to be inspired by others, and that the reverse was far too out there. Or much like the caterpillar, who is only butterflies_1200pxcomfortable taking small calculated risks from flower to flower. I too have been too comfortable only inspiring myself and others from a distance. I’ve been uncertain of how far my potential can take me and possibly change history that evening take the first steps seemed gigantic and too much. Afraid to open the full span of my wings, and take flight. I realized that I’ve gotten too comfortable in the place I am at. As the familiar provides me with security and safety. While the other option is the unknown, and those things are yet to be realized, with a whole world full of questions. While in the mean time I’ve still been dreaming of what else is out there, and how far I could go. Not a very brave butterfly, after all. I’ve always wanted to explore what else is out there, but have been too timid to take those steps into flight. Perhaps, though it’s time to do so and see how far my wings can carry me. 

Yours Truly,

Introverted Butterfly 

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Reminder of Self (Poem)


Hello Me (and everyone),

Here is a gentle reminder that it’s okay to be you and go at your own pace. After having an off week, grasping for peace of mind and acceptance I’ve come up with this idea to help remind you that it’s okay to have these times, and although you may not understand everything that happens or why eventually you’ll get there when you get there. So be gentle on yourself, as I will be on me and when in doubt take this poem out!


Who I Am

I am kind and caring, but yet still learning

I can be strong-minded but open to different views

I have a voice that I’m learning to use

I will be your most loyalist friend if you’ll choose

I am sensitive and tough all at once

I’ve taken guff and things have been rough

Yet I have chosen to look up

I have had scrapes and scars, wounds that have hurt

But nothing hurts more than an aching heart and cruel words

That tear me apart

I’ve learned many lessons along the way, there’s still many more to be learned today

I’ve come through and adapted to lots, this world is ever changing and my challenges shaped me

To who I am today, so here I am “hey” the person you see

So before you judge me or think that you know me. Consider this lesson in

Reading beyond the first page, cause with me there is always more to me than what you see.

A Gentle Reminder of Self

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Your Own Personal Mediator

I find that perspective is one of our greatest tools to becoming level headed and gaining understanding. Yet when we need it most in the midst of uncertainty and tumultuous emotions it can be tricky to grasp. As our judgment becomes clouded by a mirage of emotions and sometimes the only side we can see is our own, taking a step back is often the last thing on our minds. But is the best thing to do in such cases. Trust me, I’ve been there -many times- and can speak from all experiences. I know the feeling of being torn between what our head is advising us to do and our emotions urging us to act on, immediately you become caught in a tug of war with both sides. It doesn’t matter that the storm may pass or eventually you’ll be able to think more clearly because then and there it seems what is happening is the end all be all. Consider this, though, as my own logic shows during these times, that the feeling of being overwhelmed, stressed or on edge never lasts very long. Before you know it, life and you have moved on. The feeling is no longer, suddenly that reaction wasn’t worth it.


Perspective. When the heart is pulling you one way and your mind the other way. Either willing to back down, it’s the mediator that proves to be helpful in settling many disputes. When all the shots are done being fired and there’s nothing but smoke in the air. It’s there sifting through the rubble finding and allowing you to see the thoughts that still remain, and whether there’s a conclusion still insight.

eyes-with-glasses-clipart copy

Whatever’s left, you should try to follow. These are the irrefutable truths that both head and heart can’t argue, and hold the key to revealing how you truly feel about a situation. Conveniently, though, they have neglected to bring these to your attention. So allow perspective to present them to you by giving yourself the time and space to settle down, and take a step back from the chaos in your mind. Allow it to come into whatever’s troubling you before jumping to any rash conclusions, decisions or actions. You’ll hopefully find the outcome much better if you try this technique first before acting on impulse. Allow your mediator to do it’s job and be open to any new insights that may come your way. Be you, and follow what is right.

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The “Off Week”

Do you ever have one of those weeks when nothing seems to come together? From trying to create, think and follow through on certain ideas or work, to where to go next, nothing seems to fall into place.

Coincidentally, that has been this week for me. Normally even after a weekend off or a long weekend, I’m right back into the swing of things (that’s the expression, right), in writing, life and moving forward. Lately, it seems I can’t complete a thought coherently enough to put it out there or am stuck as to where to go next. As much as I try, it seems that the timing isn’t right on this one. Shame, really that my daily intention- which since realizing how powerful it can be in helping one achieve their goals- of writing hasn’t been able to carry out as I would have liked this week. I know sometimes we have to put all our hopes aside of being able to come through and carry on as we would have liked things to be for what was, but this particular time it’s tough. I’ve never quite come across a dilemma in my writing since making it an intention as perplexing as this. This off week has really made me question a lot of what I’ve been thinking lately. Like “am I really cut out for a life of writing?” “is pursuing this the right step?” and most importantly “what if I get stuck at this place in the future or what if it’s already happened”.

If I’ve learned anything about myself through this project though it is that I’m not prone to giving up so easily. Also through I’ve learned from many sources that you can’t think that way either. If you want to move forward in a positive place, you have to think positively. Because if you begin dwelling on negative possibilities, then that’s what you’ll attract/get. Which makes sense in a way, almost as if you’re asking for more of what you don’t want by wishing it away. The solution then is to think only of what you do want. So with that in mind, I shall try to practice and wish for a successful week of writing in the week to come. With this week pretty much behind me, next week I wish for better and more natural writing. I wish for an abundance of ideas, rather than dwelling on the scarcity which seems to have plagued me this time around. More importantly, I wish to have better faith in my writing and trust in my ability when it all isn’t coming so naturally.

With new hope and inspiration,

Introverted Butterfly


Feeling  Connected

It’s an incredible feeling to know that as much as we may feel it, and at times when we’re alone there are people to reach out to. That very human biological need to share stories, experiences, advice and laughs is what makes our connections to each other so special especially in a time where connecting with each other can be done online. Which yes, is connecting in some sense with one another but not truly on that deep personal level the one in my opinion that we may lack at times in our busy and hectic lives.

Why? You make ask is this so important to talk about…making-connections-aaes-400x264

The answer is simple for me, when I connect with close friends and like-minded people my spirit feels rejuvenated and refreshed. It’s a feeling like no other when I’m amongst good company yet quite similar to a good cup of tea that warms the soul and re-energizes the spirit.  Don’t get me wrong, though, connecting with each other through technology is great for long distances or long distance friendships but nothing can beat the excitement and enjoyment of seeing that person in person especially after a long while of being apart.

Maybe, it’s just the time I grew up in when much of this was new and just coming out or a personal preference of mine that I appreciate a little more of the simpler ways before technology took over. When phone and email were the popular choices without social media and there was some mystery as to what our friends have been up to, only to be IMG_1375
sorted out by seeing that person and asking questions. With the really good friends, this feeling is even greater like absolutely no time has passed at all, and starting conversations from where one last  left off is a great joy. These types of friendships and  connections are ever-growing and important to have. Much like a flower might not grow very tall with little sunlight, though,  we won’t be able to learn and grow from each other very much if we don’t think to nurture our connections and allow them to grow in new ways.You can learn so much from interacting in person, not only on how to think of others but gain perspectives that might not have come up in technological conversations…


Therefore, we must appreciate each other, and take the time to stay connected. These relationships are so precious and important to our happiness that losing that connection with one another would be a shame and a loss to what makes us humans special!

So, show your appreciation for those you have in your life today, and every day because a little more goes a long way!

Introverted Butterfly

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Living Truly and “the Arena”

There is so much said about making the most out of our lives. This idea is quoted many times and we all read these quotes inspired to follow them but sometimes aren’t quite sure what that means for us or whether we’ll even be able to take on more courage to do greater things. We hear advice such as: “we only have one life to live”; “take chances” risk getting your heart broken- at least once-” and one of my interesting favourites “Live a life of no regrets”. Now these are all fine and dandy if your comfortable following them and are clear on how they resonate with you, but perhaps we’re not always comfortable throwing caution to the wind and saying “heck yeah” to many opportunities. For those of us in this category, this analogy might help.

It’s another lovely one from Brene Brown’s book “Daring Greatly” that I might have talked about earlier in relating to vulnerability and taking chances realizing with all the advice of others (referred to as the people in the stands) that we’re the ones who have to face the consequences of our own risks and chances. Now, I’m going to take a different approach and say that it’s not just a metaphor in vulnerability but in participating in life. We don’t have to take the greatest adventures life has to offer- perhaps some aren’t even meant for us or say “yes” to everything that comes our way, but sometimes it’s okay for some. I believe that as long as we try new things, put ourselves out there and are doing something with this marvellous gift we’ve been given, then “Yes” we are truly living.


Moving closer to the arena floor and participating in our own lives from that place is the direction in which we should all, at least, try to aim for. When you think about it the arena isn’t just made up of a top and bottom but many levels closer and further from the main stage. Just like our own comfort zones have different levels of comfort we’re willing to step outside of, the arena itself does too. So, as long as we’re willing to participate in life and putting ourselves out there- whatever that looks like for us in the end that is what matters most, and to me, that’s the simplest definition of living truly, and following our own paths bravely.

So be You, and show the world what you got!

Introverted Butterfly

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More on Enjoying the Journey

Today, I’ve felt myself particularly inspired as it came on the radio by Tom Cochrane’s song “Life is a Highway”. I’ve heard many times before but this particular instance it’s lyrics and melody caught my attention as it reminded me of a previous post I did titled “Enjoying the Journey”on how life has many ups and downs, but that’s all part of what makes it a journey. Tom Cochrane sings about it by using the analogy of the highway to symbolize the path we take on our journeys. He also reminds us that as we are all riding along together, so we’re not as different as we believe. And if we’re going in similar directions, then we might as well go it together than alone. It reminds one to have more compassion towards our fellow “travellers” and rather than focus on differences, we should focus on the one commonality we have- that is we are all on this journey. Lastly, and perhaps most important it’s a great reminder to enjoy the journey. What an incredible message I thought, it seems to be more of the music we should all be listening to that’s less about the “me” and more about the “we” or “us”. Job well done Tom Cochrane on inspiring positivity!

Here’s the official music video- so you can take a listen for yourself:

4:28-Life is a Journey, Tom Cochrane

And the link from my post: butterflyinspiration2015.wordpress.com


Enjoy the Ride!

Introverted Butterfly


Enjoying the Journey

Enjoying the journey is such a simple truth, yet important. When you consider that the idea of a journey occurs throughout our lives. Not just in the sense of going on adventures, or searching for meaning, but in learning about who we are, what we’ve come through and sticking in there when things are rough. Where we grow and rise up from our downfalls by dusting ourselves off and carrying this lesson with us. Sometimes though we forget that there is still learning to be done, and become painfully hard on ourselves when things don’t go exactly as planned.

That is life though, there’s ups and downs. Good and bad times. Things we’ve figured out, and things yet to be figured. It’s all part of this wonderful experience we get to live called: life. Also though, it’s a journey, that grows as you grow.

With each new lesson we’re putting under our belt, it adds to the sum total of our expansive experiences, and the never ending journey that they lead us on. There is always something new to learn, sometimes all you have to do is look a little harder and closer to figure it out.

So, why not explore and enjoy the ride- for all it’s worth-, as we continue to learn more about ourselves and what we’re capable of!

Introverted Butterfly

Quote for the Week

“We Don’t  Attract What Want, We Attract What We Are”~ James Lane Allen

I have spotted this clever and intriguing quote many times through out my journey  without giving it much thought other than my initial impression of: “Hmm, interesting.” It’s message seemed to catch my attention just enough to allow me to read it and move on as I went about my day. Up until recently that is, when out of the blue I spotted it again. As it’s subject was oddly on my mind I couldn’t help but take a second to think about it. I have been pondering this for the past little while- in my own reflection to come up with a conclusion that “somehow I must have been good enough, kind enough and giving enough, to deserve such wonderful things and people in my life.”

Indeed, realizing this has lead me to look closer at how I go about my day but also inspired me to live up to all the fortune I’ve attracted. As I am often astonished about how lucky I am to have the people and experiences I have, my philosophy has become through pure coincidences simply this: Anything good I receive, I shall try (somewhere within my day) to pass it along. You are heading this way, let me open the door for you/hold it; Asked how my day has been and I’ll return the question right to you, along with simply being thankful and showing it. All small things I am trying to do to “pass the good along” and for myself bring out the greater good in me that I attract!


Introverted Butterfly

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