Finding Inspiration

It’s funny how inspiration often finds us when we least expect it to. In the shower, on the road, the middle of the night, while doing dishes. I believe that is  what makes it such a special and rare experience.  Whether we realize it or not; the right message finds us often in a state of searching for clarity or desperation during which  these occurrences can be most felt. I’m sure we have all had those moments in our lives when nothing is quite making sense, and suddenly some well constructed advice from friends, or an interview, or passage in a book we’re reading hits us and encourages one to take a step back  or sometimes see things clearer.

As I have experienced this for myself recently while flipping through a favorite quote book of mine titled “Brave Enough” by the wonderful author Cheryl Strayed. I was incredibly inspired by a quote I came across that seemed quite fitting for what I’ve experienced that reads:

“Believe in the integrity and value of the jagged path. We don’t always do the right thing on our way to rightness.”~ Cheryl Strayed, Brave Enough, pg. 25

It seemed to nicely remind me that the best lessons are from the most challenging experiences because to me “the integrity and value” comes from the lessons that the path holds for us. I also thought that perhaps, she is right in too in saying we won’t know what the right thing to do is or always do it but eventually we will gain what we need from where we went wrong.

This is just my humble take on this thought though…

I’m interested to hear your interpretations as well, feel free to share in the comment box!

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The Intrigue of Synchroncity

It seems to be such a strange concept that lies in the depths of our everyday, sometimes  mundane lives. Hidden amongst all the hustle and bustle of what’s happening in our lives, we often miss the opportunity to question further the connection and underlying message of certain synchronistic events. Consider this though, that it seems in these moments of uncertainty there in the end always seems to be a valuable lesson to be learned…   Sometimes, it takes a different perspective or deep reflection to realize this as it happens when we least expect it.

I’ve been desperate to grasp this myself and after much deep thought am finally starting to understand how accepting things as they are is crucial to synchronicity. When we are in doubt, it seems to be that point when things start to turn around and we realize “It’s simply the great mysteries of the universe working to teach us another important lesson”. To which I occasionally respond, with a sarcastic “Thanks a lot. I get it now, can we move on?”


With that said we can begin to realign with positive energy and work from there. Not necessarily for a fresh start as it’s hard to start from the beginning without realizing the value of what we learned. But to move forward in a good way, keeping in mind everything one has learned and trying to apply that in our future situations. That shall be my aim moving forward, just to know that some things were meant to happen and it’s far easier to accept, learn from them and work with them as they are.

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Looking Inward and Growing

I’ve been thinking a lot lately on how our experiences can cause one to look inward and reflect on ourselves.  It seems that the truly pivotal ones can open our eyes to what we’re really feeling and thinking as we process those thoughts and experiences that reshape our perception of self or who we thought we were. You know the groundbreaking ones that take more than a day to come to terms with. It all seems to be essentially a process of learning and looking for meaning. As we are faced with either tough choices or new revelations on who we are. Our progress than comes in working through this time as each new day arises with a clearer idea of where we are standing in our own lives.

From what I’ve experienced there are two important notions to keep in mind. The first is time, just as in anything it takes time to process what is happening and it’s impact on us. Thusly, it is important we give ourselves this simple gift in order to recover or move forward in a positive way. The  second is patience, because these things take time we need to be patient with ourselves- which is hard to do during these times of awareness but by knowing that it might be a while before everything makes sense and we feel more like ourselves we allow the real work to begin- the true reflecting and learning in our growth to take place.wonderfully-inspirational-thoughts-for-the-day-19 Not in experiencing something and automatically moving on but in sitting back and reflecting on the way in which things unraveled and wondering “was this meant to happen for a reason?” and “why?”, “is there something I could have done better?” all valuable questions, and essential when in an uncertain place to get clarity on. For it is often in those instances, that reveal the most profound truths about who we are or what we are truly feeling about a situation.

Yours Truly,

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There’s Always Tomorrow

Another lesson on Being Gentle

Life can be a rather interesting journey, with it’s many ups and downs of course but it’s all in how we can chose to look at it. When things are going our way, and everything seems to work out it seems that there is a bright side to life, and we’re fine with the way things are.  On the other hand  when  we’re going through trials, getting stuck in the same spots and progress doesn’t seem to be happening. Nothing in our minds is going our way or we see things as the absolute worse they can be, next to impossible.  This is when the “why bother” thoughts tend to pop into ones head, the “this is getting no where” or time to move on sometimes unnecessary conclusion…

Consider this though, that it having these challenging times allows us to appreciate when things are coming more naturally and give us clarity on direction and purpose. After all as I have heard nothing worthwhile comes easy. I get it though, that it can be tough to grasp this in the thick of confusion and uncertainty. If why we’re  seeing stars and going in circles how can this be the right thing. The answer is:  that feeling in our hearts,  knowing the coveted endeavor is a worthwhile one that can give us great satisfaction, and it’s something as much as one curses at it we couldn’t give it up.  I’ve experienced this myself through writing- the frustration of getting no where and wondering what’s the point. In instances like this I’ve found it helpful to consider taking a step back, re-evaluate your approach and remember there is always tomorrow. By doing so you may find whatever may be puzzling you  that the next time you go back to it, you are one step closer to sorting things out, discovering a solution or accomplishing a goal.

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The Notion of a New Year

A fresh start for the lessons we’ve learned

This is an interesting idea, if I ever realized one. That at the beginning of every year we are back to the beginning -at January- and  hopeful that the lessons and pitfalls of last January to December won’t bare repeating on this brand new year, making it that much better than the last. It has been for many-including myself- a fresh start, a blank slate and a way to celebrate enduring through or thriving through a whole year. That’s twelve months, 365 days of doing our best, learning from our mistakes, celebrating our accomplishments and thriving through! So of course, there is reason to celebrate and create a better year. We all long for that brand new start. What if we embraced who we are and have become from our experiences we’ve gained throughout the new  year? Taking all that into being present and our true selves, as well as  the lessons with us and not dwelling on the tough experiences that may have lead us to those discoveries?

This is our time to become even more present and focus on finally accomplishing those resolutions- the ones we’ve ever so enthusiastically put down last December going into January, and attempted to stick to (if only successfully for a month) but what if we use the lessons from last year (now a little wiser) towards this years fresh slate. If we do that and apply what we’ve learned about ourselves and harness all that towards our goals perhaps we can reach them goals at newer heights… what do you think? 

What lessons have you learned from this previous year that could help you positively this year?

Let me know,

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