Back to the Basics

So here’s the thing. Lately, I’ve come to a bit of a road block with my blog writing. In that what I had hoped to write and share with you has either felt like it’s wasn’t the right time to put it out there or I’ve tried to explain it using the right words to convey my message but let fear take over. I know, I have heard that there will never be the “right” words and one cannot control how others perceive how we (as writers) say things, but most importantly I wanted to make sure that what I’ve been hoping to send out reflects as true as it can in my own life.

Alas, this time around it was tough to convey appreciate the moments message when I have my own struggles with it- thusly, writing that would have made me feel like a hypocrite (something I don’t want to be).  In trying several attempts to say that and failing. I decided to turn to a simpler form in keeping up with my writing practice- Poetry-. It was where I first started writing (and discovering it’s power). When I couldn’t quite express so articulately what I wanted to say I turned to paper and poems for a much smoother and easy way of getting it out of my head. I believe all us creative types have our “beginning building” forms of expression. And, often so it is a process of starting small and working towards the bigger heftier pieces before we get our “C” legs and go onto larger things.

As such that is exactly what I’ve been doing. Feeling tongue tied and nervous with the “what” and “how” to say things. I tried a simpler form of writing that allowed me to express exactly what I needed to for my own benefits. Now with that as an alternate tool I’m hoping, as in with this post, that I’ll be able to write more clearly again. It has at least felt good to be able to write something and avoid the dreaded and fearsome “Writer’s Block”. Anyways, that’s it for now-stay tuned.

Introverted Butterfly

When Music Finds Us

Do you find that just when you are in need of a boost or of a melancholic melody that exact song comes on the radio. Weird, right? Even weirder still in the most quieter moments a particular song pops into our heads as we start humming to the lyrics to our mood. This has been the experience that occurred quite a few times for me in the past and present. While getting through a particularly challenging week or a tough time upbeat inspirational melodies come on giving me the extra umpth I didn’t even know I needed or just enough to help me know I’m not alone. What makes the moments of “oh my gosh, this is the perfect song!” so incredible is that I see them as the Universe giving us messages on what it is receiving from us and responding through music. We have no control over when it’s coming on nor do the radio stations realize that a song is your song, but somehow those magical moments still seem to occur. In the moments when we’re reaching our destinations or just as we’re thinking of it- Ta da, the song comes on that seems to capture our changing moods-good or bad- whenever we’re not able to chose the background music to that moment, the Universe steps in. Right on Universe, thanks for the pep talk or consoling me when I am down and out.

So hum, tap on and let the magic of music surround you!

Introverted Butterfly

The Choice is Ours in Friendship

This idea of having the opportunity to choose who we like and dislike, who we want to be around and those we are fine letting pass through our lives is an interesting one. To me, it kind of makes me stop and thinking “hmm” there must be something or some internal-external force that attracts us to certain people (probably the same type of thing that attracts them to us-who knows-). Whether it is a common interest/interests; they have a quality you admire or want; or simply gives one the feeling that “you know what I have a good feeling there is something special in this person.”

Sometimes, we don’t know at first but our intuition is drawing our curiosity to them without reason, telling us “you know what… I like such and such’s energy, check them out for me.” Whatever it is, one always seems to find the right people. It may not be right away but I believe like the old adage proclaims: “Sometimes we have friends for a reason/season” and it’s those who only hold our interest briefly that can sometimes connect us to the right type of friends for us. The ones we find for a reason, stay for more than a season and last for a lifetime. The one in a million type of friends. Past that initial “getting to know” period, into the depths of familiarity and comfortable is when we find the “reason-season-lifetime” friends who we care the most about, can’t forget, are eager to make plans with and again choose to know further. The thought that “I could choose to spend time with others, but I choose to spend it with you” that makes friendship so special- more so then family (often we can’t choose our families, hopefully though one does enjoy spending some time with family.)

*Just remember that it’s a two way street. That person needs to choose and make time to be with you too in order for the friendship to survive and thrive.*

~Be you and the right people will find ways to be in your life~

Introverted Butterfly

Broadening Our Horizions

Experiencing New Things and Learning

There is nothing quite so inspiring and refreshing as venturing into new opportunities- whether it’s in business, travel or personal- and as timid as one may be (because I too have felt this way) what is most rewarding and greater than that is going for it anyways, despite the hesitation and finding out how exciting, thrilling, lively and powerful it can be. I’m sure we all have these preconceived notions in our heads about what it may or may not be like, whether we’re be good at it (or not), and think to ourselves how can I possibly take on something new? Let me tell you something though, more often than not the one thing that allows those thoughts to be let in is not doubt, or rational justification but FEAR- of whatever-, that tells us maybe now is not the time for this- but if not now, then when? As the known philosophy states. You could say “when I’m ready”, “when things aren’t so this or that”  till the cows come home but the adventurer in you or one’s curiosity often pipes up and replies “if not now then when?” knowing that there may not be a when. Sometimes if we’re lucky opportunities come around twice to our doors, but most of the time it’s only once and once their gone, their gone. There is no “when”, just like there is no “sometime” or “in the future” or “someday” or even “next time”. You get the point- though- don’t you…

As I’m learning through the great spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle, there will never be the future. All we have is the present, right now in this moment. So one better make the best of it and learn as much as we can, expand our understanding, the human experience and try something new. For me, this was playing on the Jumbay drums for the first time- creating music- or more importantly creating something which was a whole lot more than I’d be doing sitting at home wondering what it be like to play the drums!

So ask yourself, what’s stopping you from trying something new? You never know… you might just be inspired when you do try!

Introverted Butterfly