A Word of Gratitude

Hello All,

I just wanted to take a moment to tell everyone- whether you’ve stopped by my blog at all, liked it or just passed by, or are going to- that I appreciate and have noticed every kind like and comment that’s come my way and any others in the future. I’ll always appreciate those kind words, or acts of encouragement along the way. It has been a crazy journey so far- exciting, powerful, intriguing but most importantly humbling in that I’ve learned that what I say can have value. There is I’m sure lots more to be learned as I experiment with interacting further on this medium and hopefully tuning into interacting with more of you. As it is so neat to know that I’m not alone in this journey of blogging out there as many of you I’m sure have been at it long before me. Of course, yes, it is true that I am mostly doing this for myself it is also nice to know that I (hopefully- in some way or other) am helping others see the world, think about ideas or consider things just a little differently in a way that it adds value and insights in ways that haven’t occurred to me and possibly do the same in adding value to you. Thank-you again all for giving this fellow blogger a chance, and inspiring me to continue on. (Hope this doesn’t sound like I’m tooting my own horn too much).

Best of luck in your blogging ventures,

Introverted Butterfly

Magic of Music- Post #1 on Stress Release

Alright, let’s get the started. Here we have the first post (other than the Intro) on music- as promised-. As listed before there are many reasons we may chose to listen to music (and I’ll get to those, eventually) but it’s the 21st century and technology is more demanding, jobs are more demanding and in general the world is a heck lot more busy and stimulating. It can be fairly overwhelming and exhausting sometimes from all that changes around us. As an outlet music is especially great  in allowing many of us (including myself) to tune out and release our frustrations and shattered nerves of the day or simply to distress from the day in an unwinding way.

Enter playlists of good lyrics, melodies and rhythms  and noise cancelling headphones. There is nothing like rocking out and dancing/singing when we think no one is watching, memorizing the lyrics like pros each time we do so or  mellowing out to downbeat melodies. Whatever your subscription or reason for tuning into to tune out, music is a great remedy and reason to take a break from thinking too much and escape into it’s alluring benefits. Consider, while listening or after listening to music how different you feel? And ask yourself: “Now what was bothering me?” “Where did that stress of mine disappear to?” you’d be surprise at how just listening to it can make a difference.   

For me, it’s also much like trying on different outfits in that depending on my mood I’ll be into different artists or on really nerve racking days put on a good instrumental mix for calming down.  As with my sense of fashion there is always that one artist that I return to- like the favorite sweat shirt one wears for good luck-. This artist is a great comfort for me, and someone who’ve I’ve grown up with and know can relate to. An artist that inspires me every power ballad.  Either way, listening to the tunes allow me to feel lighter than before, suddenly forgetting what was making me tense I gain energy and inspiration from putting on those power ballads in tough times.

Do you have that one group or artist that you have been listening to the longest as your favorite? Why do you think they’ve stuck with you? (I’d like to hear below in comments)

Introverted Butterfly




Dreams and Goals

Do you ever find yourself day-dreaming in those quiet moments of reflection or mundane tasks of life about what it would be like achieving your wildest dreams? I do-often-, it’s the motivating thought that keeps me plugging away when I feel like giving in, the extra fuel to my fire of dulled embers when I find myself uninspired- that passion for achieving it and love of what I do (writing).

For as long as I’ve remembered becoming an author has been a huge dream of mine. Of course, as with all fantasy lives we pretend to live or are currently living what we initially pictured it being like is sometimes far from what it’s truly like-in real life-. Example: When I brush away images of the revered and solitary (yet successful) writers, those thoughts of self sustaining with the single career of writing, which is far fetched (unless you plan on becoming the next big writer) and celebrating our huge success (because face it in our minds success is always HUGE and never small) in come the reality- the dream is still there but more practical and with the conclusion  it will take some time to get there. The reality often is holding down a steady income job as well as the pursuit of the passion. This will mean split time, effort and energy but it can also mean possible and an more focused and determined use of time- as I found-.

What is the most important here is never letting that vision slip from your day dreams and thoughts pursue it with every ounce of your heart -and this I’m just now starting to believe for myself- and the energy will find you in the moments you  least expected it to. Like a light turning on for the first time with a fresh light bulb. The “aha’s” sudden solutions or simple first then next steps will find a way to bring you closer- it may not be as close as we’d like but it will be closer than before- to your dream and the dream just might seem more attainable, that vision more real.

So, dare to dream, and believe and work towards the seemingly impossible.

Introverted Butterfly

One Simple Thought/Truth

The One Simple Truth Rule:

It appears all along that as I’ve been sending out this messages and considerations to all of you at the same time there’s been an even more important underlying thought. This idea is usually the last one I’ll leave you guys with as I’m concluding my insight or topic for a particular post- such as “be yourself” “follow your heart” “take chances” or “appreciate life”, those sorts of ideas. Amid, writing and continuing to hopefully to spread positive messages I’ve always wanted to share one of my new truths – this is true, I have a whole page in a notebook with ideas on this- but hadn’t gotten to know how. It’s almost like the tip of the tongue phenomenon where the idea is there I just couldn’t explain it to you (I understood it clearly, but explaining it to others got tricky) until recently (today actually) when I realized that it didn’t need  a big elaborate explanation, since the main point is simply this:

My own simple truth rule is whatever is going on, or whatever your reading, learning, understanding or experience there is always something we take away from it- a lesson, underlying message, experience, reassurance or some underlying feeling. This take away is the simple truth, what we know in our hearts to be right and even as simple as what the underlying message is at the end of a post. It’s as simple as that. No long drawn out explanation or complicated process. What it is, has been here all along right under my nose and has guided me to follow my heart and speak it when writing on this blog- the very question I ask myself of when writing: “What is the main message?”  is disguised as the “simple truth”.

Having discovered this for me I now encourage you to seek it more in your own lives and see what you can find… and what answers one may find right under our noses.

Seek yours and discover how simple following our hearts is.

Introverted Butterfly

Being Gentle and our own Advocates

It is just as important to consider what is in our own best interests as other peoples- if not more so in reflecting that we’re not giving too much of ourselves. It can be a tricky thing to figure out ,especially those of us who like to “people please” and put others needs above our own. When we are just starting to realize that speaking up for us is okay and in those instances the  only “right” is “it’s right for us.” It can be scary or intimidating (I totally get that) but also empowering and appreciated. So I’ve heard and I’m realizing a valuable lesson in self-care.

That by sometimes considering how decisions affect us or by not taking on everything we think we possibly can we’re allowing ourselves to have the needed rest and care to be present to give the 100% we’re capable of, rather than a drained 50 or less percent, that often comes from taking on the world when we may not always be able to give it all. As the type who believes in her mind, that it constantly needs to be rescued I am still trying to learn this for myself.  It hasn’t been an easy thing but slowly and surely I’m realizing that I’ll be more productive if I’m not over booking myself or taking on too much stressing myself out. The world will not collapse if I don’t do this, or pick up the slack (there’s plenty of other people who can fill in and the world  will be fine). “Be gentle” I am trying to remind myself in tough times “you’re still learning and there is lots to be learned.” Such as  that my happiness is an important piece in my outlook and ability to manage and sometimes I need to consider that first before anything else.(*More on this another time).

Conclusion: Allow yourself to be gentle on yourself as if you were your own best friend. After all,  you won’t be hard on your best friend so why be hard on yourself as a  best friend. You might be surprised at how much you’ll learn then and grow!

Be You and Be Gentle!

Introverted Butterfly

Appreciating the Fall and Acknowleding Change

There’s a saying that everyone probably brushes off or grumbles about when we want to deny it’s truth that reads: the only constant is change. Believe me, I’ve done the same thing (more times than I can count), we all do saying “yeah. I get it but how is that helpful?” as we search for more complex, philosophical advice than what really is the one comforting and relying factor in all our existence that things, us or our lives will never be the same. We’re always changing, from one day to the next we learn more about who we are, what we believe and began to know more than the day before. Yet, we deny this saying “yeah, but”- it’s not huge changes, I’m still me, how is that helpful in accepting how things are-.

But are we really the same two days in the row? Even our moods are changing as we gain perspective or come into different situations, the next day there comes new insight into why we’ve felt that way or how things suddenly become too much. If you look see close enough though all the little things are what bring grand change. Nothing is sudden- everything happens through change. As humans we are constantly learning and growing from our world and those around us. An excellent example of change

 is the Fall. For many years, Fall was the time of year I dreaded because it meant returning back to school, classes and more work. So given how I felt with returning to school I never really took much notice of what was happening outside until recently when I began planning outdoor activities and noticing how much I enjoy the Fall air and colors- truly appreciating it’s change and feeling like just as I am changing the world is changing with me. This I found comforting and insightful- if the leaves on the trees (or the air around us can embrace cooler temperatures) can embrace the yellows, oranges and reds they change into then so can I.

Introverted Butterfly

Laughter as Fun Medicine

I have now realized this, but felt all along it’s power in remedying a bad mood, that laughter can be such a great cure for picking us up from a slump, releasing stress, tension, negativity and lighten those days when we feel the world is just too dark, gloomy and heavy upon our shoulders.

For me, I have always seen the magic of it in releasing all heaviness from my mind and tension in my body. Like too much of the build up of air inside a balloon, our stress can pile up bit by bit if we let it or sometimes we don’t even realize it’s happening until it’s too late. Before one knows it we’re spewing out every frustration- whether it’s relevant of that time or not-we let it out if not acknowledged, because we’ve been collecting it gradually practically bursting at the seems until we do and like the balloon POP! It all comes out in one way or form, sometimes in my case in unsuspected way and at an unsuspected victim. So, I admit it’s not always easy to release all that energy (especially when life is getting so busy) but even after the fact it can help to not only IMG_1198lighten your mood more but the moods of those around you too- as they say “laughter is contagious” in the good sense.

By laughing-when the time is right and appropriate-, we invite it’s light, silliness and whimsically into ourselves and everyone else- acting as a reminder for us to not always take life so seriously. Picture, now the balloon’s air being gradually let out the bottom as one loosens the grip and that funny whimsically squeaky sound let’s out as it putters across the room (almost as if letting it out that way is the balloon’s laughter in becoming lighter). There are also other fun ways to release stress and tension out there, most take a little more practice and can be tricky in picking up- such as journaling, meditation, or yoga-, you’re welcome to try those too but why not try something we naturally have within us, no or little practice required. So, literally LOL!

Introverted Butterfly


Finding Our Place (in a Friendship, amongst friends) Part 2

Finding my place as a friend, and realizing that has been a powerful self actualization for me, and can be for anyone tricky at the same time when we are just trying to figure out ourselves what makes us a worthwhile person- is it my listening? One may ask my advice? Showing up? Showing that I care? All questions that make finding answers or certainty in relationships difficult and doubting- some we may never quite get the answers to but if we know our place within it can be to feel more at ease on the outer side. I believe that us as introverts find this particularly challenging in what seems like a world/society that thrives in extrovert and those who pose confidently in who they are. If we don’t know who we are as individuals, it can be tricky to know who we are/what we bring as friends… You can’t be confident in the one without being confident in the first without getting lost in who you think that person wants you to be. And while, we or anyone cannot be everything for one individual, who we can be is our authentic selves the version of us that  our truest friends would want us to be. This comes from firstly knowing ourselves (thyself) and then finding our place(s).

Knowing thyself, allows us to let others know us in a truly authentic way. It may seem simple but it really is an empowering piece in believing your worthiness and the value you have as a friend. So, here’s a couple steps in finding our way:

  • When we truly value and know ourselves it becomes easier to figure out what we bring as friends, in groups or relationships. NO longer will we need to pretend to be anyone or anything else- other than us-.
  • We also by discovering our strengths, may find undiscovered interests and passions- use these to help you become more comfortable being in conversations (with conviction)
  • Lastly, all this is well and good, but only if you’re in the right company (and this most likely varies for each individual) but the underlying message is people who bring out the best in us and know how encourage that (intentionally or not).

Introverted Butterfly

Craving Out Time for You

As introverts we take in a lot within and a part of our world and it’s changing environments; from the people we interact with, to the general vibe of life, how we’re feeling, what’s going on and the list goes on and on. There are so many different factors becoming a part of our outer experience, overwhelming the senses, and demanding our attention pulling us in so many directions it can be tricky to distinguish what we truly are feeling from the rest of what’s going on. This is why it’s important to take the time or space to truly engage with ourselves in a way of quieting the thoughts rushing through our heads- picture it as the dimmer/mute button on a remote to a TV or light fixture, only for your mind- and connect with what we truly are feeling. For me, and perhaps this could be you too, it’s the countryside. There is something so powerful about taking the drive up those windy roads into the vast quiet fields ,when I visit family up there, that instantly mutes all the energy and thoughts that don’t serve me or that aren’t doing me any good.

By looking into this we allow ourselves to reenter our busy lives with a new awareness, and presence for the people and situations that fill our lives with fun, enjoyment, questions, queries and to do’s with a refreshed spirit, and perspective in giving more of ourselves without giving up what would have been the limited energy/effort on our part.

What about you? Is there a space/place that helps you quiet all the thoughts running through your head?

Introverted Butterfly

The Magic of Music- Intro (Part 1)

For quite the while I’ve been trying to figure out how to write about all the magic and powers music has on us (as individuals and us as society). There’s no denying it, music is one of those essential pleasures that makes life more interesting and joyful or even bluer if you subscribe to those types of genre (to that I say “to each their own”). I myself prefer songs/artists that inspire me or have such a relatable story in their lyrics as I’m writing this even more ideas are coming to mind-anyways, let’s continue. I have always been fascinated with music especially lyrics in music. As a story-teller myself that’s where I get inspired, become curious/reflective and find myself wondering what the song means to the artist  and is it the same for them as it is for me. There I realize are also many other reasons why music is so magical that to cover them all here would be a lot and barely touching the surface of each, since I’ve started on relating to songs I’ll go into that area.

b41dcacf39b77ebc26a87e7c1afc5af3Through experience, the right lyrics can really help us in working through tough situations or inspiring us to keep on truck in’ (in simple terms) and as the artist sings about heart ache or rising strong, bigger and better, we as listeners are encouraged to dust ourselves off, learn and grow from our experiences as many artists have of theirs (just listen to interviews of that person and explain why and you’ll see). This coupled with the emotional memory, component that the right song can bring to us can be very cathartic and healing in allowing us to move forward. From this, we learn so much about those individuals right along side ourselves thinking “Yeah, I totally feel that way.” Or on the flip side “I get it. I understand that person’s perspective.” In fact it seems that the perfect combination of lyrics and rhythm (melody) can combine all music’s magic into one neat all-encompassing “that’s it” by allowing our individual interpretation it can be either:

  • Powerful
  • Empowering/Inspiring
  • Therapeutic
  • Healing
  • Fun
  • Connecting/Commonality.
  • A form of expressing individuality


*All of which, I’ll cover in later entries.* For now I’ll leave this thought and let you explore music in new ways!

*Author’s note: It may seem a little funny, all of a sudden there’s a poll in the post but I thought that I’d give you some time to think about the idea of music’s role in our lives while I figured out how to create/put a poll in. P.S. Hopefully, this works.

Introverted Butterfly

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