Musically Inspired

I am often inclined to pay extra attention to songs on the radio in the car or in the music I chose to listen to (which either has a powerful message to it or tells a story through lyrics). Listening carefully to the lyrics, and picking up a certain theme or story from what the artist/group is trying to convey. There is most likely a certain reason the artist has chosen to record or write the song a certain way- perhaps, as it resonates with us, it does the same thing for them. Elicits a certain experience or memory (again this is just my own personal take). One song in particular that has stumped me (as for it’s meaning- and maybe it’s meant to be more elusive), is NICO and Vinz’s “Am I Wrong”. In particular the part of the chorus that they sing

“Am I wrong for thinking out the box from where I stay?
Am I wrong for saying that I choose another way?

I ain’t tryna do what everybody else doing
Just cause everybody doing what they all do
If one thing I know, I’ll fall but I’ll grow
I’m walking down this road of mine, this road that I call home”

“Walk to walk and don’t look back, always do what you decide
Don’t let them control your life, that’s just how I feel
Fight for yours and don’t let go, don’t let them compare you, no
Don’t worry, you’re not alone, that’s just how we feel” ~ NICO and Vinz

It wasn’t until now that I realized the power those lyrics held and had my revelation moment. As I interpret them as we each go about our own journey- there is no wrong or right way to follow your path. There is only YOUR WAY and it’s your own journey!

You can check out their official music  video here:

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Be you!

Introverted Butterfly

Treasure the Moments

Answer this question for me (even though I know the answer already), but “Am I the Only One” who is learning how to appreciate the special and valuable time, experiences and celebrations when and as they happen. I have found myself, looking back on the past remembering how lucky I was to have those experiences and moments- with family, friends and others-wishing I had enjoyed them then instead of desperately trying to relive them now (if only in my mind)… There is a perfect quote Doctor Seuss says to remind us to appreciate those moments and it goes like this:

Sometimes you never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.~ Doctor Seuss

For the longest time I had this quote on my mind, but it’s message didn’t really sink in until I was reflecting on last summer, wishing I had appreciated the excitement, adventure and fun it brought- from travel to a new and exciting type of friendship to precious time with family at the cottage- all wished away for days of more fun, and grander things for the future (of which I couldn’t predict). Now, after really thinking about that I get the lesson and meaning of appreciating and living in the moment, rather than wishing for the future. I am appreciating and doing my best to live fully in the moment.

Introverted Butterfly

True Insight- In Being Me

A Message for all Introverted Butterflies,

This post is more for me, as a way of remembering this realization for the future. Looking back on who I’ve become and those who have come through my journey thus far. I am coming to the incredibly powerful conclusion that although I would have liked to believe I’ve been my true self through all this time but chances are and reality is- I really have not-. How can you be your true self when you don’t even know who that is? Am I “introverted”, “could I be extroverted?” “is it okay to be me” “how come I’m trying so hard to become more like the people in my circle”. It has taken me this long (which is a semi long time) to realize, embrace and be okay with my true self. Now as I revel in being totally comfortable as myself, and know who the true me is I’m letting that me shine through in the newest connections I’ve made. No more trying to be “Little Miss Outgoing” or feeling the need to constantly say something. I know what I say has value, and there is value in choosing my words more carefully. Yes, I may enjoy the occasional gathering with friends but I also enjoy quiet afternoons at home- and that’s O.K.

It’s okay to be you. The true friends in your life will encourage that in you and inspire you to grow. I am always searching to discover more about myself- as I go further into my journey- and who and what has brought me to this point is equally important in shaping how I see the world. Look closely, each interaction and experience brings with it a lesson for both the good and bad, and remember to always be YOU!

Introverted Butterfly

Welcome Message

When debating what to call this blog, I came up with a couple titles that I thought would be interesting but couldn’t really decide on one  as my love for words and putting words together got in the way (new combinations of words and ideas kept coming up in my head). One of which was “the Introverted Butterfly”, I was fascinated by the idea and definition of “butterfly”- aside from the commonly known reference to the winged flying creature, butterfly as it turns can also describe a person who is social and outgoing- flitting from group to group or interest to interest. This I thought isn’t quite me, but I am introverted (somewhere along the scale anyways), and so I came to the conclusion of being an “Introverted Butterfly”- interested and curious about being social and social life but dreaded the work (time, energy and effort). It seemed that the contradiction of opposites drew me to this idea, and added a new interest to my understanding of butterflies- coming into myself, and accepting and understanding that. Thus the beginning of realizing that I can only be ME! Hence the self discovery begins, and embracing changes through essentially inspiration and the many new interests and insights it brings! So you have “Insights, Inspirations and Interests”! To celebrating these changes and learning from them!

. . We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.~ Maya Angelou

Introverted Butterfly